Remote Control Quick Tips – Considerations when buying a radio/transmitter

In this video I share my thoughts on buying a radio and what you should consider when you start out. Usually the first radio is a simple, low cost modal that comes with a plane, quad or helicopter.

The next radio you buy can be expensive and is an investment in the hobby. I’ve finally bought my next radio after 7 years with the DX7 and wanted to share my experiences.

I am sure that there will be lots of ‘this radio is better because’ and ‘that radio is rubbish because’ comments but this just proves my point perfectly. Everyone’s experiences are different so do your own research and explore the options with people you can trust before making your choice.

For information my Dx9 was purchased form Steve Webb hobbies –

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Happy flying.


Tunnnnes says:

do you no where barnstormers in painless

vejas butkus says:

heeeey! can i use it for cars and helicoopters?

liambowers666 says:

Great video, you kind of brushed over receivers but a huge thing is receiver cost and availability! Also the benefits of the radio protocol you choose. IE for fpv spectrum is only reliable out to 100m-ish, FrSky can go a lot further. Those are huge things I wish I had thought about when buying my first radio

Paul Thomas says:

Hi All.
Like your vidoes thats why I subcribed, My 2 pence, I used to live in Hyde so not so far from you. Now I live in Thailand (9years +) hear the locals all buy cheap copy wifi sytems, baby alarms and cloned phone to name a few items, so DSM2 is useless here without a satalite receiver, this as well adding to the cost. I started with a DX7 had 2 9330 as well, now I must admit I use a Futaba 14SG Fasstest system, receivers are expensive but I found the FRSky clones work well and relieablely, here.
I would recommend bying the best radio you can afford, with the most channels, and they usually have sd card slots now to enable programming software updates, language and extra model profile saving and backup features.
Please remember like you flight controllers, Esc’s and other FPV gear, update to radios are important.
Acro, Glider, Heli and now added Drone profile, to name but one usefull update.
So to conclude, as your videos are wathched all over the world, As Stated in the video local knowledge is very important.
The DSMX system from Spectrum has no problems here.

Sorry could go on all day about radios, But it is called RC hobbie so make sure you have Radio controll.

On a side note I followed all your Multiwii videos from start to finish adding little bits my self, and they ALL worked bluetooth, Gps etc. Then when I finished I saw the one where you explain about interferance from a quad 450 with onboard power distibution, Yes you quessed it thats what I had built, so a thought know all the vidoes are done, make a foot note telling people to watch the final video before starting as it will save having to do it all over again, especially as in my case I cut all the leads to minimul lenth, now need to extend them again, my bad. This is not a complant just a thought I would have not got it going with out you videos, as I had done the Naza then the Naze boards first which are much simpler.

Have a great new year
Happy in sunny Thailand.
Did not use spell check as on a linux machine keeping it simple, enjoying the hobby, thanks again for you great work.

space1188 says:

do you know of any really cheap 4ch radios that i can bind to a receiver

Julien Gucci says:

Do the radios come with a receiver and bind plug?

Eslam El Said says:

how long

Jacob Porter says:

Could I use a airplane controller for a car? I want to make a remote control power wheel.

Boss Man says:

Congrats at the dx9 have fun with it

Brittany Gould says:

Hi, I purchased a flysky fs t6 transmitter. I have everything set up already, but I can’t get my drone to fly. How do I unlock the motors?

mitropoulosilias says:

always buy FUTABA!!!

hobby pro says:

hey is buying second hand transmitter

Ankit Sikder says:

Teal me Price please.

PHeMoX says:

Please o please do not recommend Spektrum radios without reservations or warnings, they are really quite unreliable in the big scheme of things (ie. underpowered compared to more or less all other brands really making for a weak signal reliance). Spektrum might look ‘cheap’ or even a good value to beginners, but there are countless amounts of people who ran into brown-out / interference issues where mostly the radio system was to blame (and then I’m not talking about beginners who won’t admit pilot-error crashes, I’m talking models dropping from the sky for no apparent reason which later turned out to have the brown-out light burning). The signal’s strength with Spektrum radios really is just very weak. Interference in DSM, DSM2 and even the newer DSMX can knock your expensive planes, helicopters or quads out of the sky. I would honestly recommend saving up more money and buy an Hitec Aurora 9, extremely easy to program and excellent value in terms of channels, model memory, features and so on or when on a budget go with the Taranis or Turnigy 9X (yes, it has incomplete software and has a cheap build quality, but at the very least the signal sending / receiving will always be flawless because of frequency hopping). Other radios will last for ages as well, assuming you don’t literally throw it around.

Don’t take this personal, I’m sure you’ve had good experience with Spektrum over 7 years, or at least I’d hope so. But I’ve seen Spektrum planes go down way too often. At some point it’s not a matter of bad luck or chance anymore if all the planes were flown with Spektrum radio gear. In all cases the problems disappeared with buying new radio gear as well and most crashes did not have broken electronics apart from impact damage, battery still with enough juice to fly. I respect your opinion and people should make up their own minds, but my faith in Spektrum is exactly zero. 🙂

All Music Free Music without copyright says:

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TheEPROM9 says:

I got a DX8 for my first radio yesterday, currently gathering the bits for the quad than my next model will probably be an AXN. Being able to play with it in my local shop and compare it with cheaper systems allowed me to see how good a high end radio felt in the hands. Plus the DX8 is an old model so I got a good deal on it, still it was expensive, but I would rather get a radio that is decent and will last me than a radio I would out grow within a year.

pMustangw says:

Ok First i just got back into the hobby this year and before that i was on 72 so 2.4 was new to me. I was considering a d6x but then happened on the Taranis and decided to go down that road. The decision was easier for me because it was like i was just starting out where you had to factor in all the spektrum gear you had on hand. Now i am sure the thought of a taranis came to your mind at some point just wondering what your thought process was and if you gave the taranis much thought? Thanks for all the videos they have been helpful

Aleks Cortez says:

Hi. I am a bit struggling to set up my Fly sky fs-t6 radio with my quad copter. Problem is that it doesn’t wanna arm quad. But on Gui it shows that radio is connected and all controlls working. Have you had any experience like that? And what could be the fault?

Yi Luo says:

Hello, thank you for the great videos! Is it normal that the receiver gets warm after a few minutes of use? I have the Flysky FS-I6A receiver. Thanks!

mohammed shameem says:

please give me your contact, i want to purchase one transmitter with receiver

iJazz says:

Hi, grate youtube channel, im new into drone copter flying, I hace a question I have an old JR 5 channel XF421 Radio with a JR R700 reciver could I use it as a beginner radio or do I need more channels, what do you recommend I plan building a quad copter with pixhawk, hope you can help, greetings from Mexico.

Ernest Ginter says:

Great Channel, had to re-subscribe for some reason. You didn’t mention range. Which transmitter would you think has the best distance, ex. 2km?

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nicholas griffin says:

Good video very helpfull but to be honest dsm and dsmx are old tech and not that reliable when compared to frsky acct

Gatakari Manojkumar says:

Can you plz suggest me a 6 channel radio under 60$

jameshone1000 says:

I have a turnigy 9xr with a fr sky module in the back and find it really easy to set up and run it of a turnigy 3s 2.2mah lipo

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