RC Reviews: Durafy EFXtra Acrobatic FPV Plane

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Tyrone Roberts says:

nice video. looks like a nice model that could like its on rails

Airwaves Ted says:

I’d suggest using APC props rather than the HK ones as I’ve found that these are much more resilient.

4FunRC says:

Thank you, fellas! 🙂 Snazzy plane for sure. Right size, streamlined, great colors and such…
I’d get one, but I’m pretty confident I’d fly that bird straight into the ground with my current flying skills. lol!

Jason Franciosa says:

Why can’t you use 4s with your FPV setup? You can simply pull the red and the 3rd black wires and you end up with 12v on a 4s pack. No need to use all 4 cells if using the balance lead for power. This plane seems to be much more fun on 4s from all of the reviews.


yay fixed wing LOS-ing 😀

Daniel Simpson says:

I have been look for the 7×6.5 prop, but cant seem to locate any, can you point me in wright direction

sqwert says:

I used to use folding props, probably save a heap of money in the end

Soulcommander says:

Nice video but for a beginner I was lost on a few things like servo talk and flight controller. I know you must have a vid on an explanation of these somewhere.

AndyRC says:

great vid cheers

backyardbasher says:

could you use folding props on this ?

Francis Rohan John says:

I got a question. Do motors get burned if I put in full throttle without a prop?

OLD DUDES Building NEW toys says:

glad to see your doing videos again

Ground Control RC says:

Very nice looking plane and not a bad price either. I love the fact that FPV was included in the design. Happy Flying!

Sergey Pavlov says:

Thank you for the video! It’s nice as always 🙂

Since you’ve mentioned that due to the smaller plane size wind affects it noticeably – is using a 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer seems like a good idea in your opinion? Also is there any room somewhere in the plane that flight stabilizer can fit in?

Buddy Martin says:

Hey fellas, How hard is it to learn to fly an airplane if you have only been flying a quad? I mean this thing makes me want a plane, of course not something like this but maybe eventually… thanks!

Juho Pulkkanen says:

really!? i was just looking at this on hobbykings website when i got a notification for this video

MyLife-MyRules says:

Great Video as usual sir, may I ask you a question concerning afhds 2a protocol? Does any afhds 2a receiver work with any transmitter that uses this protocol? Can I say buy a afhds 2a receiver of any type for my TX? I’m just getting into the hobby (33 years male) but know myself enough to say it’s gonna stick with me. Any help is appreciated. Cheers

James Carroll says:

I still don’t understand why you would want to put an FPV on a pylon racer

Chris Brennan says:

Does any one know if the fpv pod fits the original efx racer V1?

CORZER0 says:


revo russell says:

Great review, Thank you.

dutch fpv says:

use motor brake will help with the prop issue

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