RC plane wireless navigation lights Review and bonus Unboxing by Captain Blaž

Ebay light link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263659561757
Ebay cleaner link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173322278888


RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Hey you two, I have a problem and am wondering if you have any advice for me. Heres my problem. My battery on my Apprentice is fully charged, no problem there. My motor seems to be working just fine. I have a well groomed lawn to take off from, yet even at full throttle on my transmitter, my Apprentice refuses to lift off the ground. It travels the full length, but still refuses to fly. What is wrong with my Apprentice?

Ivan Bersamin says:

Aloha, Pilot Robert and Captain Blaz! I just bought 2 sets of these navigation lights after watching this review. Will you be reviewing the Motion RC F4 Phantom in the near future? Much Mahalos and Aloha……Ivan from Maui

A Spacetoy says:

fly the sonic cleaner, just needs an edf

Matthew Brothers says:

Very cool! I like that cleaner unit!

Joeyou rock Putin Loreto says:

This is it o yeah another great video from the boys

Joeyou rock Putin Loreto says:

Captain blaz this is it o yeah another great video from the boys

Nanoo says:

Too much echo in your workshop…spoiling the sound. Great Video though…Thanks

Mahlon Beeler says:

Love the lights, great review. Will be buying some of them for sure. Thank you

Graham W2000 says:

Fanstastic Capt. just ordered 2 sets right now . If you used strong velcro you could move them from model to model .

Pavlos Constantinou says:

@8:37 Now I will…–>”VOMIT?” hahahahahahahahah

michaelj4729 says:

I like

Frankie NV says:

holy shit, thank you so much Robert. You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a good set of wireless navigation lights! I tried so many wireless lights and they were all dull, these are great looking. They look like Strobe lights, Thanks so much for the link I will order them right now !!!!!!

LouisH says:

These lights are cool!! The solution if wiring is not possible or to difficult. Would be great if one can use a RX channel with blue tooth to turn the lights on and off at your TX…then you only have to turn them on manually before the first flight, and off when you are going home!!!! An uptapped market for the makers; FMS?

Hal Roofner says:

Thanks Robert, just ordered the lights. Your link on the video was very helpful. I will be putting them on my modified e flite apprentice s-15. Converted the bird into a tail dragger, and painted it in a desert tiger stripe pattern. About to order decals from calliegraphics.com. They have an outstanding selection of scale or custom graphics. Oh yea! Love the videos, keep them rolling.

Donatillo Arteaga says:

Like always, Funny and quality videos of my awesome Pilot Stars !!!  Thank You !! I would like to see the Shop outside and the area..  it was fun to see a peak of outside !

John Kelinske says:

Maybe you can put the lights on the Punkair Wilco, on the “pod” perhaps?

Raphael Cintra says:

Very good Robert and Blaz…i use this lights in my FW Jets such as Mig21 and Sabre.
This lights are very bright even in the daylight.
I use all fixed below the plane.
Cheers and good flights

Michael Helfand says:

Captain Blaz, you will love the ultrasonic cleaner. And pilot Robert, the navigational lights are good for the RC boats also, when its to dark to fly at the local airfield, there’s ALWAYS more available light over and on the water. So fly the planes with floats. Of course it helps to have a larger body of water, like lake Huron! inland lakes won’t give you that kind of light!

JetTech Don says:

Those lights look pretty good for $19.99,I think I will get a couple sets of those! Captain Blaz that ultrasonic cleaner looks like it should do a great job on your engines.I used one of those to clean fuel nozzles on real turbine engines and it works great!!Cheers guys 🙂

seemedoseemedo says:

For the first time 1st time 1st 1st 1st time, great video those nav lights are very bright even in the daylight. Like the baby motor fryer should work well for cleaning engines, Great going Pilot Robert and CPT Blaz the Slovenia Marx Brothers or RC Aviation, Jeff in LA USA

k k says:

Awesome video. Is it “HAY” or “EY”?

Ronster says:

Hey Pilot Robert and Captain Blaz! You have shown me the light! Now I must go and buy for the 1st time Hey

John Kelinske says:

The trick to using antifreeze is to use a cheap crockpot. Put the parts in it and fill with antifreeze. Set on low and let it sit at least overnight. It will take the warts off a frog. Be sure to remove any plastic parts as this technique will destroy them. Only for metal items.

TripleThreatRC says:

Great job boys, the video was very entertaining!
Thumbs up! ❤️

michaelj4729 says:

And all that first-time could be redundant

Conn653 says:

FYI – Green is on right wing, Red on the left wing & white is at the back of the plane.

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