RC GPS Smart Plane Hubsan H301S Spy Hawk – FPV & Return to Home Airplane – TheRcSaylors

Buy this Smart Plane here – https://goo.gl/fZy4Kx
If you are an extremely new RC Pilot wanting to learn how to fly but are limited with instructor availability, this might be what you are looking for! There are so many functions packed into this small plane, it will take a while to learn all of them, as this little thing will completely fly itself after takeoff! Nate and Abby show you from start to finish how simple this RC plane is to fly! There are limited quantities of this, so pick one up now and thank us later!

Buy this Smart Plane here – https://goo.gl/W7MdjN
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Onesh Morris says:

Great video you guys are awesome

feimrse says:

Love this video cause i grew up going to the RC plane air field with my dad and I would love to be able to see what he thought about the technology today. Keep it up

killer kid says:

You guys should do landscape with it I will be so cool

Neal Jag says:

can it work with any FPV GOGGLES

Nancy Lyons says:

How can I talk to someone that speaks English? I cashed the plane it’s back together but it will not start

Mark B says:

This is my favorite video because I was looking for an affordable fpv plane for beginners.

Spear Shaker says:

I was looking up my old high school and ended up finding a fellow RCer

Mirko FPV says:

great video 😀

garrett christian says:

This is my favorite video because this plane is Awesome! At least it looks awesome, haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. You guys do a great job, I think the eBay option is great for everyone. You all get some money back for your channel and people get a chance for cool rc stuff at a cheaper price.

Brad Miles says:

Brave move switching to RTL over those power lines.

Robert Walley says:

You two work together great, it has been a while sense I watched any of your video’s.

Rusty Grill says:

i hate to add a sort of negative remark to a great review, you two were so excited and having fun, but we do have a problem, how many people are going to go out and bust thru the 400ft legal altitude limit? EVERYBODY!!!on a warm sunny day this efficient light weight glider WILL THERMAL to cloud base, one hour+ flights very doable, you see this is what the general population dosent grasp, all the hysteria over quads, a quad flies what? 15 min? thats a pricey one, when the battery is done your coming down, not this glider, i can spy on my neighbors high up with moter throttled back quiet, they wont even know im there,,im getting one of these for sure, stipid people, i was verbaly threated,,my quad will be shot out of the sky,,while flying over a friends rual horse farm,,,,oh,,,see that wing rocking going on? pretty sure i know what that is, airspeed too slow, your near the stall, gps is actualy over controling with less control authority, lots of non fixed wing pilots will be learning new skills real quick, altitude is like money in the bank, you can use it to buy airspeed, golden rule flying fixed wing,,,altitude and airspeed, the less you have of one the more you want of the other, im getting the white one, better stealth,,,,

Elvis,david Buljubasiç says:

The view is beautiful and so real in hd wow I’m so jealous lol that’s so awesome basic mode and advance mode with video flight omg that’s what I need to save money for my dad will enjoy it so much he got diagnosed with cancer stage 3 and hasn’t left his house for over 2 months it’s not fun to be depressed and this is something I need to get him. 8 min and 13 seconds felt like 20 minutes I’ve been into the screen without blinking lol

ecd14u says:

Thats a nice flat horison you got on your video there! love the flying!

Rusty Grill says:

call this plane a drone now, thats what it is, great flying nathan, you just demonstrated the VERY LIMITED flight time of a multirotor(drone) versus a fixed wing(drone)

The Modell Collector says:

I also have one and I really like it. ! !

Chitraksh Bhatia says:

How much does this cost?

Sam DeSenti says:

Excellent Channel ! You guys made me buy a husband spy hawk h301S. It flies well.
How ever i  managed to crack the prop. it comes with a spare, but I have no idea how to put it on.
The instruction manual  mentions nothing. I would appreciate your help. Keep up the great videos ! Thanks, Sam…..

ReVo says:

I had this it’s pretty cool but not strong when crashing

Matthew Brothers says:

seen a video they got 3.3KM with this plane out of the box.

Gary Cline says:

This is my favorite video, I have always been a RC plane fan but have not had one for many years this video has inspired me to go out and buy this GPS plane. It seems very user-friendly and your informative videos on all things RC are always fun to watch. Keep up the great work !

Neo Daneium says:

Gorgeous video! Great job!

Mike Neuzil says:

I though it was going to hit the power line

Kenneth Mixson says:

Have you checked the center of gravity on this bird. It kind of looks to me like it is tail heavy in some of these shots.

Sylvain Arseneault says:

Very cool , nice job , thanks a lot

Xcube colt says:

I love this video because its my favourite product yous reviewed

Bryan BryanT says:

My favorite feature: the GPS return!

Nelson Jimenez says:

A love this airplane

Todd Speck says:

Super awesome fun! Abby is getting really good at RC! Keep up the great work!

marjamada says:

Great review and flight. You can put a H501s battery in for longer flights by trimming out a bit of foam.

John McCarthy says:

Great Video once again guys. Once those stickers become available, will they stick to Metal surfaces?

TheRcSaylors says:

This is out of stock at Gearbest. We found it available here: https://goo.gl/HNvnQh

1000frolly says:

Time to assemble, glue together and solar-film cover the plane and install the R/C and engine, 6 months. How long it took to get my R/C glow-plug engined plane trimmed, tuned, radio-checked, started and up in the air; 3hrs 25min (with the help of 3 experienced assistants).
Flight time was 1min 20sec, digging the engine out of the hole it made in the ground after it’s vertical dive took 3min.
Time to recover and clean the dirt out of the engine & remove radio/servers from the wreckage and dispose of the broken air-frame was 35 min. Time to get back to my car to drive home was 10sec. Time to resolve never to do this again was 1sec.

Elvis,david Buljubasiç says:

10 to 15 minutes to set up that’s legit. Lenses cap on front 1080 p wow amazing technology especially 30 min flight time I’m amazed. And the transmitter gps is out of the world looking so cool

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