RC Enterprise D Review and Maiden Flight

Watch the Night Flight video of the RC Enterprise with 351 LED lights at this link.

This is an exceptional RC airplane modeled after the iconic star ship Enterprise D, NCC-1701 D.

It is a fully functional RC airplane. Be sure to watch the entire video for close up shots of the Enterprise and see the great detail it has.

Thanks to Dennis for making such a great looking and flying model.

Visit the builders YouTube channel to see this plane and the other Sci-Fi RC models that he is working on.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the Enterprise D Plane. Buy Direct from Dennis the inventor and see his other great ideas!


You can buy this kit on ebay also using the same user name “SGTALON’ or search for “RC Enterprise”.


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Eric Jordon


arne poulsen says:

it would be nice with a jet engine 🙂

Sinbreaker says:

I can’t believe this flies!  Who cares about aerodynamics!

crabtrap says:

ducted fans would have been cooler

Lewis Johnson says:

Man that looks like a cheap piece of crap but probably beautiful to a Star Trek nerd.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

So much negativity,so much bad terminology. Its not how it flys people,its the coolness factor. If you aren’t into Star Trek then just leave the room ok? Simple. If it were an X-Wing, people would be like” Oh Cool” Those things fly like shit,I know I have one. Next time I sell a lawn mower or whatever,my hobby money is going for this model. Yes its weird and wacky,everyone loves the witch or lawn mower that flys,yet this is junk…oh really. And to the guy knocking US built models, no one told you you had to buy one. In the good old days,we used to buy a handfull of balsa and a sheet of paper with a skeleton that you pinned and glued the balsa to,when it was done you skinned it with fabric covered it with dope and mounted a motor to it,then you hooked up some wired to a bell housing and flew it round and round. Spoiled kids now days. Everything comes almost complete,just add batterys and bitch because it wont fly its self. This was a fun video,intended for fun people…like me…go away…

kross natan says:

enterprise… recordando os velhos e belos tempos… os classicos nunca morre, se eterniza…… parece tão real….

pepe lopez says:


marco pasqual says:

grande !

ReBootEnzo says:

If the Enterprise could move like this the Romulans would be fucked.

Vorn Field says:

Explain yourself Mr Data……..

InNeed OfSpeed says:

that looks like one OFU!..

B.j. Surfdog says:

Don’t know how much weight it would add but….some motors / device to allow it to hover…then fly forward would be cool.

Harvester Forwarder & More says:

I miss the Warp flash 😉

Gil Sanders says:

I may be a little late viewing this but it was awsome!! would love to see a bird of prey rc.

Doug Kubash says:

That is really cool!!!!

Eduardo Riv says:

Captain Kirk is crying.

宗本勉 says:


elpoty1 says:

Hate it, sorry

Steven Spicer says:


William Flynn says:


Alex Pereira says:

Does it shot proton torpedoes as well?

rocket9244 says:

for $75.00 I’ll buy a real drone instead of a piece of Styrofoam.

Callum Wearne says:

WTF if an enterprise D can fly why is it we haven’t been building a whole bunch of Enterprise D’s for air travel rather than conventional airliners? Not to mention the amount of passengers you could fit on one of these!

john halamka says:

the floors are not put in correctly

Base 330 Films says:

My one complaint: The Galaxy C lass never handled that well during my stint as an ensign, mate 😛

potatochip says:

Id love a larger model with 2 70mm EDF in the warp drives, and the battery, reciever and wiring in the saucer part to balance it out.

Horace Johnson says:

Awesome videos bored day

modelleg says:

Uhura, distribute distress bags.

Master Chief says:

beam me up scotty!

Jorge Robson Andrade says:

They messed up the Enterprise!!

Don farlan says:

for real ok

Caleb Lea says:

Absolute shit, can’t go warp speed

javon Henderson says:

father god and Jesus loves us

crabtrap says:

saucer separation achieved with box-cutter! (not included)

Quiet Wyatt says:

Requires Di-Lithium Crystal batteries for Warp Speed

monitorangel says:

By the amounts of comments and views! You succeeded immensely with this video! Nice Job!

Will Orum says:


Darryl6636 says:

Very cool rc 1701D I also like the T-shirt and the communicator nice catch at the end

craigslistrr O says:

Flying compressed packing peanuts.

Tom says:

Cool but I would have placed the props on the front of the cells.

99rsk says:

next challenge, how to make a borg-cube fly……….

demonocus drumocus says:

looks like it flies pretty good

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