RC Airplane Review – XK A600 Brushless

Pricing & Specs: https://goo.gl/PhHHDt
Coupon Code: Xmas023 (40 units limited)
Coupon Price: $69.99
We chased this RC airplane with a DJI Mavic Pro drone and had some close calls in the air! The XK A600 fixed wing radio control airplane is a 5 channel model with built in gyroscopes and a powerful brushless motor. If you have ever wanted to try flying a fixed wing radio control airplane, this is a great one to learn on. And it’s a great price. I comes almost completely assembled and bound to a remote control, so you can have it out of the box and in the air in less than 5 minutes! Flying fixed wing radio control airplane is fun and challenging, so if you want to get started or practice your skills, check out the XK A600 brushless motor airplane!


DRONE review man of all drones says:

Yeah that was cool i like that little plain

Drones i View says:

Pleas come check out my channel I just started my new channel

Unbox Gaming says:

Yeeee fifth

R L says:

Catching up on my subs’ videos after a bout with the flu.. Enjoyed the flight! Thanks for posting!

James Chastain says:

Hi, this is James Kenley Chastain, your my hero man!! Your the first person to send me stickers out of all the other channels, and I sure do appreciate it, you have my word I won’t be caught dead doing something wrong with your stickers on my equipment, I haven’t put them on anything yet, but I plan to put one on my professional DJI Phantom 4 Pro +, wich now I am saving for professional videos or videos of stuff that I want to do for a business when I build up to having one, the other one I want to put on my new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, wich hopefully Santa has brought me, also I will have my part 107 license before I start using my p4p + for professional jobs, so I’ll be rocking your sticker on my p4p + when I become a professional by the states standards and mine, but I can’t thank you enough for sending me those stickers. I’ve wrote to all my other channels, but they never send me stickers, not to mention, your channel is the one channel that has taught me the most about aerial photography and videography with drones, so I couldn’t be more thankful. Anyway I just wanted to protest my gratitude, I was so excited when I saw the stickers I had to apologize to my father for jumping out of my chair and ripping them out of his hands when I saw what he was holding. So I can’t Thankyou enough, and your show really does teach people like me a lot, and watching your show provides knowledge that I use every time I operate any of my drones, and I believe it’s that knowledge that has kept me from breaking rules or crashing, although I did have my fair share of crashes with numerous toy drones, you have help me a lot, and for that I am forever grateful, and I await to see what you have to show next, your show is my one of my few favorites that I eagerly wait to see the new! Thankyou sir!

Matthew Davidson says:

4th comment

Val Rigoli says:

I have this plane, and Ready Set Drone, come on guys, if you are going to do a review you really should read the instructions, and review all of the plane’s features and capabilities, please!!

Alan Savage says:

An awesome fun plane to fly. Excellent video Kelly!!

Leo Martinez says:


Big drone flyer77 says:

2nd my brother, nice fixed wing

Kimberly Bruner/Actilabs says:

I love the plane! Looks super fun!

Gaston G. Loperena says:

I used to love RC planes (had some of them), but, with the advent of drones, they are part of the past for me… Cheers from Argentina

Skyking 317 says:

Excellent video. If you push the right joystick down you can switch from 6G to 3D and fly without the self leveling and do loops and rolls. It’s all in the manual on how to do that.

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