Powerup 3.0 Review – Fly a Paper Airplane with iPhone or Android Smartphone Control

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/zrfrx (affiliate link) This is a neat Kickstarter that I backed a few months ago that delivered!

Powerup Toys has been making kits that add a battery powered propeller to paper airplanes. In this new 3.0 version, they have added the ability to control the plane with a smartphone!

Just about any regular paper will work – I followed some instructional videos on Powerup’s YouTube page and built myself the ‘invader’ from standard copy paper. The engine clips on to the paper airplane and very quickly paired with my phone.

Powerup includes a 1200 mah lithium ion battery pack that can charge the plane’s motor in the field. It’ll also plug directly into a computer for charging.

Controlling the plane takes some practice but I was able to keep my plane aloft for a significant amount of time. The Bluetooth range is limited but this isn’t something you’re going to fly for long distances. I do recommend flying in fairly large open spaces with minimal wind.

What I like most about this is the experimentation that can come from the very open nature of the product. Tweaking different paper airplane designs will result in different flight behaviors. The fast charge time makes it possible to do a lot of trial and error to find the perfect design. Great for kids to learn about the physics of flight.

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burak ayverdı says:

how can take thıs paper airplane buy if ı give your mail adress i can buy power up when is coming to turkey feedback me happy my e-mail: burakayverdi07@gmail.com

NIKON says:

not getting what you have taken for fly can give the link of take

dupontwins says:

How much is it

Au Andrew says:

if it carries a camera and controllable flaps , it will be more fun.

Blayde Stone says:

Excellent Ron !1 We can tell you enjoy doing your videos!! Keep up the good work!!

Susan Malaga says:

como puedo comprar uno de esos y cuanto cuesta y donde venden

bwcpublishing says:

I can’t seem to get mine to fly very long any suggestions?

Cacing Naga says:


JJ Lai says:

I’m late…

Kazi Rashid says:


CammyG says:

This app was supported in Android

free4logix says:

It’s time to go outside 😀

brock miller says:


Renee adonia Eazuranay says:

how much was it ???

Leon Maes says:

must I guess really ubeu seriously

jack ibanez says:

nice and cretive

Nuclear System says:

i must get it

Simran Sidhu says:

from where i get the engine

Simran Sidhu says:

from where i get the engine

storyteller Lyndon says:

wow!!!!! interesting i watch it full video and put a big like and subscribed

Manjeet Singh Saini says:

hlo everyone.. please help me out where i can buy this product ie this Bluetooth device..

Inse van houts says:

Great product and review! Don’t care about the down votes

Malinda Wickramasekara says:

it’s cool where did u get the power up

Michael Mileham says:

really liked your review on the Powerup 3.0 just got one myself today and your video was helpful, will check out some of your other videos. Michael England.

Oscar Navarro says:

I don’t think that the app is compatible with android tablets but actually for iOS users I have good news or bad news for some people or for some other people simply the same but actually you can download the app on the iPad, you only need to go to the App Store and search the app and in the upper left corner it will be saying “only for iPad” touch that and it will show you an option that says “only for iPhone” click that and download the app I hope this was helpful

Sorry for my grammar or my mistakes but I’m Mexican and actually on 6th grade 🙂

galaxes says:


Richard phillips says:

These are shitty. will fly 15ft at most them come smashing down hard.

wooz hacker says:

how much for one

Liam McKenzie says:

that is epic

Mel Suarez says:

I bought one of these. Awful waste of money. The rudder is totally flimsy while activated – no way it could control anything. Don’t recommend this product.

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