Powerup 3.0 RC Paper Airplane Review (R/C 101)

I really enjoyed testing the new powerUp 3.0 bluetooth controlled paper airplane.
It was a lot easier to control then I expected and it is a very well polished nicely built product.
You can try it out on all sorts of aircraft, stay tuned for more.
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Ten Box says:



How much does it cost to buy

hernando bolaños says:

perdón donde fue que conseguiste el motor


i hate your voice man

The Unprofessional Transcriber says:

Just saying, when you are putting the elevators up more than 75 degrees, it creates more drag and is less efficient  :), Cool review tho

nadjib lhrachi says:

ana najib 3wYra

brett cheeseman says:

30 second flight time was a instant turn off, are they all like that?

Casey V says:

for AU$70 I rather spend my money elsewhere. that is a big ripoff

Dave Woomer says:

Very cool! Thanks for the review!

Minh Vu says:

thank you for listening to my idea to do this

Kush Patel says:

what is its range?

uploads says:


Will this work on a tablet with Bluetooth but no internet? For my boys to use on thier tablets

/Nick Stick says:

Name of the song at the end?

R/C 101 says:

@Ten Box $49.99

Mel Suarez says:

I bought one of these. Rudder wags uncontrollably. No resistance. I Do NOT recommend this product.

Blue says:

And where do i get this?

Shubham Agnihotri says:

Just a piece of shit guys .{ _ } …i do not recommend this product .

shein lay says:

available in unight kingdom of bahrain ?

Alfredo Montes says:

Well, but where can I buy this model or machine? I’m from Mexico.

qadir jalpari says:

i want to make rc remote device because ve have no easily availble all items so plz help meee anyone

Free rides for gas money says:

Absolutely insanely overpriced! TRASH 3.0

Edward Brown says:

Everyone that gave a “thumbs up” has never flown one of these. It’s a total CROCK!!!


very costly 7500 RS

Ezzat Khan says:

from where to buy it

Deepak duke dazz says:

Where i could buy this Powerup 3.0 device . will you please send the procedure

cardonescarlson says:

Will someone please put one of these on an Omni Wing E1? I just ordered mine, you’re almost out of time.

Alan Elanggo says:

awesome tool

Nagamani Hegde says:

i want one

Binh Phuong Do Ngoc says:

Can you please help me to explain how to lift this up.I tried so many times,also lift up the elevator already,but whenever i launch,the airplane always head down.yeah,i know that you need to lift up the elevator,did already but 10 out of 10 my plane dive down whenever I launch it.Can I have a details instruction how to adjust the throttle and how to launch it?

Stonemonkey says:

Cool, I can’t wait to see what kind of aircraft you come up with on your own for this propeller.

Эльза Этингер says:

This is awesome!

hernando bolaños says:

puedes decir donde compraste el metorcito

Nabeel Khan says:

Does anyone think or know if I can make this kind of product on my own and what information/ materials I would need

Sony Abraham says:

it is too costly


how much it will cost and where can I buy it?

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