Parkzone F4U-1A Corsair Parkflyer WWII Warbird RC Plane Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Flight Review

This Parkzone F4U-1A Corsair parkflyer WWII Warbird RC Plane Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Flight Review video review contains an unboxing, maiden, and review to show what one should expect if they purchase this PNP (Plug-N-Play) RC model. I am very honest and have no bias since I paid for this myself.

This RC Plane Park Flyer is brought to us by RC juggernaut Horizon Hobby. This is also a favorite of many WWII Warbird fans and may be one of the better PZ Parkflyer options they have ever released under their Parkzone brand, though it is debatable if this plane is in fact an upgrade over the previous version for fancy flaps and retracts.

My review notes for the F4U-1A Corsair Parkzone, which is the newest Parkzone F4U Corsair are as follows:

– The paint is very fragile
– The bomb drop fasteners are weak
– Landing gear hardware could be better
– It needs a lot of trim out of the box

– Nice looking Parkzone Corsair RC plane
– Upgradable
– Flies nice once trimmed
– Takes off on grass with stock landing gear

Takeaway: This is a very nice RC plane in the Parkzone Corsair, but it is not a T-28 Trojan! This plane was flown 100% stock with the exception of flying with a Gforce 2200mAh lipo battery.

Note: This is NOT the Hobbyzone Corsair S with SAFE. That is considered a trainer plane and this was in NOT considered a trainer plane.

Remote Control Planes like this are one of the main reasons why I have become so addicted the hobby. The advent of the BNF (Bind and Fly) and PNP (Plug and Play) makes it easy to become addicted to Horizon Hobby brand products such as Parkzone, E-flight, and Blade. I can fly all of their planes and Heli’s with my trusty DX6i 6-channel transmitter radio.

Here is some history on this plane via Wikipedia:

Operational History

The performance of the Vought F4U Corsair was impressive. The F4U-1 was considerably faster than the Grumman F6F Hellcat and only 13 mph (21 km/h) slower than the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt;[28][29][30] all three were powered by the R-2800. But while the P-47 achieved its highest speed at 30,020 feet (9,150 m) with the help of an intercooled turbocharger,[31] the F4U-1 reached its maximum speed at 19,900 ft (6,100 m),[32] and used a mechanically supercharged engine.[33]

The U.S. Navy received its first production F4U-1 on 31 July 1942, but getting it into service proved difficult. The framed “birdcage” style canopy provided inadequate visibility for deck taxiing. Even more seriously, the machine had a nasty tendency to “bounce” on touchdown, which could cause it to miss the arresting hook and slam into the crash barrier, or even go out of control. The long “hose nose” visibility problem and the enormous torque of the Double Wasp engine also created operational problems.

Carrier qualification trials on the escort carrier USS Sangamon, on 25 September 1942, caused the U.S. Navy to release the type to the United States Marine Corps.[34] Early Navy pilots spoke disparagingly of the F4U as the “hog”, “hosenose” or “bent-wing widow maker”.[35] After all, the U.S. Navy still had the Grumman F6F Hellcat, which did not have the performance of the F4U but was a far better deck landing aircraft. The Marines needed a better fighter than the F4F Wildcat. The type was declared “ready for combat” at the end of 1942, though only qualified to operate from land bases until carrier qualification issues were worked out.[36]

The US Navy did not get into combat with the type until September 1943, and the Royal Navy’s FAA would qualify the type for carrier operations first. The U.S. Navy finally accepted the F4U for shipboard operations in April 1944, after the longer oleo strut was fitted, which finally eliminated the tendency to bounce.[40]

The first recorded combat engagement was on 14 February 1943, when Corsairs of VMF-124 under Major Gise assisted P-40s and P-38s in escorting a formation of Consolidated B-24 Liberators on a raid against a Japanese aerodrome at Kahili. Japanese fighters contested the raid and the Americans got the worst of it, with four P-38s, two P-40s, two Corsairs and two Liberators lost. No more than four Japanese Zeros were destroyed. A Corsair was responsible for one of the kills, although this was due to a midair collision.

I am also happy to report that I did not crash on my maiden. That is always a nice feeling, especially when it is being used for an unboxing and review video 🙂

PS: This one is a cool airplane in a line-up of other cool planes like the WWII Warbirds such as the P-40, P-47, F4F, F4U, and P-51 Mustang Parkzone Warbirds. Hopefully they will add in a P-38 or a B-17 in the near future.


Lightningbolt008 says:

Sweet plane. I am thinking of getting a corsair someday. Love the classic WW2 war birds.

Keith Whisman says:

Put your back to the sun and don’t fly in the direction of the sun, you flew a bunch of times towards and coming from the direction of the sun. You might not lose it now but you will lose an expensive airplane from sun blindness.

bucky bowman says:

i am thinking of getting one with the safe fly (panic button) to start with , how do you learn about trimming in the controls etc.?

RC Maniak says:

I wonder when this plane will be made as light as possible (without flaps and landing gear servos, drop tanks etc.) can be flown with parkzone wildcat 480 960 Kv motor and parkzone radian 30 A ESC? I want to make it belly lander becouse i dont have runway at my flying field…

Callum Ballantyn3 says:

I promise you u this is my last question wear did you buy yours plus what controller do you recommend that’s all thanks again for answering my questions

rodpolice says:

Hahaha I did the same with my super cub’s wing!

Chill376 says:

Were did you get this

Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

Very Good Crack 😉

William Shaker says:

I really hope they rerelease this plane like they did with the AS3X Mustang and now the new Thunderbolt…  I can’t stand the current Corsair S model and want to see it with all the equipment built in like the other two warbirds.

Samuel Hunt says:

She hit me and yelled “HEADSHOT” and ran away laughing

Allan Miyamoto says:

You sound like your gay!!!

K V says:

Thanks again for another review. It is nice to have someone take time to actually do a review with good information. I had to chuckle about the fragile paint. It will be a great day when a foamie comes with paint that halfway sticks.

Keyon Vossough says:

Great video! You made me want to buy one and I will love it. Thanks for pointing out everything!

Lukeybalukey says:

I love the way you did the video thanks for sharing.

Callum Ballantyn3 says:

I’m getting one soon do the wheels work

Zappala Hodu says:

How does it fly in compare to T-28?

Tran Quy says:


Jim says:

you should see my wings I have mashed them so bad but still flys I have owned it since first release and now theres no parts and mines beat to hell it still Flys but pulls to the left no matter where the trim is awesome plane it’s almost industructible good review and do u recommend the new e flite p 47 or the e flite mustang

Andrew Jackson says:

Check out this guy’s BARBIE DOLL Collection review.  He sounds way more serious in that one.  Ye.. real men have more than one hobby!  It’s really pretty! 

Gregory Vaskovsky says:

beautiful take off sound. I have one too but weather isn’t letting me fly it

Dookie 19 says:

Does it come with a radio transmitter

AndroidGuyPro says:

What you youse to make plane goes left and right? Rudder on the left or ailerouns on the right?

Jack Crenshaw Vlogs says:

i could never fly a plane that well!

hamburi nanntiii says:

Thanks! Just bought one

Samuel Hunt says:

It took me 48 minutes to build it and I had the same problem with the drop tanks

mpenrose says:

I just subscribed, excellent video and review of this aircraft. Very impressive. I wanted to see a good review of this model before buying it and you did just that, off to Hobbytown!!

Bicc OG says:

I have the tower hobbies corsair and I’m afraid to fly it because the first time I flew it , it banked very hard to the right and almost crashed then I flew it later it was fine then flew it few weeks later and did a hard dive to the right its all good but the cow is abit banged up any one know why it did that

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