New Dynam Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Review

Here is a detailed review from Antonio on his new favorite plane to fly.
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Chris Rudek says:

Is this a good beginner plane?

R. Michael Pitman says:

I clicked on here reading New Moth. Its a toy airplane. Why not say that to save actual pilots time okay?

toose70 says:

Great plane. Love the Aussie RAAF livery.

Tyler Tovar says:

I have the GWS Tiger moth and I like it but this one totally blows mine away

seanys says:

Interesting choice of Registration number. Why did you use VH-FAS?

Shane vanWinkle says:

What is it with Nitro Planes…for the past several years…they are out of stock on most trainers?

Grahame Pearson says:

Really good vid, as Alfredo says, so nice to see a guy who knows how to fly a scale model in a scale manner. Beautiful take offs and landings. I have sent off for this model on the strength of it. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

BOKI797 says:

Hi Antonio Or Tony; Nice video & a good review! Nice flying & nice plane!

BOKI797 says:

Tony; You are a real good pilot & you do a nice job on all your videos!

mmlund2 says:

Maiden’d my dynam tigermoth from nitroplanes on Saturday, loved it! I’m partial to vintage scale bi-planes so I may be biased, but I flew it in windy conditions and it handled great. I really enjoy the dynam models set up out of the box with 4-cell power, like my dynam focke-wulf also. I agree with Tony that using rudder pays off. I do like dynam, have several models from nitroplanes, scale but not hyperscale or too expensive so you’re not afraid to take risks.

Mike Nix says:

Well done my friend!

Sandy Scott says:

I am in love with this plane!

A Nice Guy says:

Is this recommend for beginners?

kaputmonkey says:

my favorite plane, but I can never ever find one in stock… getting the Waco instead (dynam)

john covington says:

Boo ti full flying! Perfick! It’s on my list as next plane. Tnx.

Michael Kanzia says:

Can’t wait, mine comes today….

Gil Blue says:

Always fun and great slow flying.  You manage to stay humble and yet have all the skills.

trublu2nu says:

Very nice flying! Does this have the 500kv motor like the other warbirds?

Thanks for sharing 🙂

blancolirio says:

Great flying review vid.

A couple of points on terminology:

The taildragger landing technique you talk about is called a “wheel landing” vs. a “3 point” landing (full stall).

“windmilling propeller” when the plane is gliding at idle power and the prop is producing no thrust.

“Glideslope” refers to instrument procedures; you are demonstrating the models’ “glide path”, or “sink rate”.

I would call “half stick”- half throttle, even though it’s electric power.

Great job, keep it up!

Anthony says:

The last MONTHLY GIVAWAY (which was a brilliant idea by the way, i love Corsair’s) was 2 months ago.
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase do more.

mozzy viator says:

R. Michael Pitman you post the most hilarious comment i ever see on youtube!!!!!!! You make my week lol.

cowboy6591 says:

Link to buy provided is a dead link, it’s discontinued model.
Here’s a substitute:
This is a great backup plane, It does slow flight, 3D flight, faairly fast flight, all in one package, plus it looks scale, WTF,
Couldn’t ask for more accept the landing gear needs more “Spring” to it and bigger tires would make grass landing a charm.
Nothing my man cave can’t fix up in a couple of hours.
This is a great second plane to fly out the rest of a Saturday afternoon after I smash up my big planes and helicopters.
The link I provided is 170 bucks, instead of 200!!

James Down says:

I have just started r/c planes and I have a hawk sky. I am quite comfortable with the system and believe im ready to move up to something more intermediate would a tiger moth be an ok idea or too difficult to fly?

Amar Chan says:

When will this be in stock?

James Youngblood says:

Great job,thanks for the demo flight.

IAmNikolasDiDomenico says:

is it an art tech plane because it not on the website

THESANDMANxxxxx says:

still waiting

cell pat says:

so im I! the piper cub yellow paintjob is kicking! the quality of these models is outstanding! I hope the build commercial airliners next.

jmpdgs says:

Great demo Antonio. TM’s look great when flown properly and you did a great job showcasing a very nice model.

Cheers and happy flying.

Sudipto Dasgupta says:

can somebody tell me if this plane is balsa or foam

Larry Hughes Jr. says:

how did you enjoy your plane? I want to set one in a few weeks and was just wondering how was your experience? Thanks.

Emerson Horton says:


Isolde Marangelis says:

Great reviews , enjoy your work

Anas Falah says:


Ben Presten says:

You only wheel land because it takes less skill to wheel land. 

Norm Cutter says:

I’ve never flown an RC plane but I am so wanting this Tiger Moth for Christmas, wife’s been calling me down for breakfast but I couldn’t take my eyes off this memorizing biplane video,..I hope it doesn’t end up in the closet with all my wrecked RC helicopters.

Rick Lattimer says:

Can you tell me if you can bind a Spektrum DX6i to this Tiger Moth?  

The Captain says:

Price on your website should be updated. The plane usually goes for 180$, not 330$.

James Olson says:

A very well done presentation.

warrhead71 says:

Love the scale details like the working landing gear and scale oil reservoir which most foamie Tiger Moths are missing. No pilot(s)? Would love to see specs in these videos: material, wingspan, weight, motor, prop…. and where is the battery hatch. I bet it would easily run on 3S. I think this will be a hot seller with many customers doing custom paint jobs, so I hope it’s also available in plain white. And please, please, please make a float kit for it (I’d also put floats on the Dynam Waco).

nitroplanes says:

We generally don’t recommend biplanes for beginners.

craig leitner says:

Hi. i have a dynam tiger flyes great i fly it on the slow side and i just love it.garry from vancouver canada.

John Cirri says:

1 on the way!!!

Mark Harrison says:

That’s beautiful rising off the ground and going through the sun. Great scale flying Antonio!

stewjw says:

Nice flying. For a very scale plane it flew better than I expected.

Tony Harris says:

Ordered mine in the ARF version today! To bad I missed out on the discount code. Mine expired. Guess I waited to long to make up my mind. Was hoping they would get some more Airfield Giant scale Gliders [with prop and duct fan systems included] but the ARF and Kit’s were OUT OF STOCK. With Nitroplanes you either “Make Your Move or Lose”. LOL!

mojo5904 says:

Do you not have a max ceiling in California? In the rest of the 49 we have to stay below 400 feet. Just curious.

Alfredo Arbe says:

Finally a guy that knows how to fly a scale model!! congrats!!! very scale like take off and landing,loved it!

Ruben Dam says:

Great review! Just ordered one. Can’t wait to fly it. Thanks!

John Wedrall says:

I’m lovin them tiger moth’ and great flying by you! 🙂

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