New Brushless P-51 Mustang War Plane w/ Retracts Flight and Review


Alison Press says:

i like the mini pilot inside

Wolfpack1254 says:

Flies pretty slow… weak engine because the foam wing is so weak. Probably can’t do a loop with that engine and a stronger engine would warp the wings and make the plane fly erratic. Foam is hard to repair, especially crushing breaks. I’ll stick with balsa, ply, and monokote construction. Easy to repair…

Issac Soar says:

Even sounds like one love it

TheAirsoftlover2 says:

Would this be a good third plane my second plane was a parkzone Stinson

gradius02 says:

@famousstunners HobbyZone Super Cub LP RTF

AgentMorris94 says:

ATTENTION….To everyone that sees the DO NOT FLY sign, I’ve seen this field in other flying videos and the it reads; “DO NOT FLY AIRCRAFT OVER RIFLE RANGE”. If you don’t believe me look in some of Banana Hobby videos.

Trondyne says:

No flaps????? Who’s idea was that?

mybluebelly says:

It sure handles very nicely!

Rafale Forenzeno says:

There is a Depron or EPP version? I hate polystyrene.

cessna1er says:

can you fly streamer combat with the 1100mm p-51

Twig West says:

Popping stupid auto correct

TheSniper1918 says:

air raid sirens go off

windridr66 says:

Great video and a great looking plane!

Roee Aviv says:

I had the same exact plane and I loved it. Too bad an idiot crashed into me. I miss it

ابو حمود المطيرى says:

I’m from Kuwait how much the price of the plane

Milan Rúfus says:

STOP at 2:11 😀

Mojo Nixion says:

Hey Tony witch plane is better P51 or the p47?

Gary Flymore says:

hi, I have a Foremost 150 Jet and need a canopy. do you have one I can buy. please lmk thank you. Gary Troutman

Jasper Middelbos says:

@Nitroplanes Does FMS have the same products as Airfield? Is it the same brand with another name?

Odee Dillon says:

4th Fighter Group Pony FTW! _4th But FIRST_
No flaps? Hmmm….

nitroplanes says:

@52kyt we got easily 5+ minutes on a single flight


ThatOneEpicGuy says:

that’s a p51d it,has 6 50 cals not 4 hispalano cn

Pink Pink says:

Looks very under powered as it dopped in most of its turns!

Adrian Alpay says:

how much that RC plane?

BuffaloWarrior7 says:

Think I should pick up the smaller sized ARF 4-Ch P40 800mm 31.5″ first? I have plenty of experience with helis, park fliers, and gliders but not much with faster larger planes…

ابو حمود المطيرى says:

I’m happy as I watch

Jas0392 Gaming says:

@52kyt if the plane is electric it sholud be doing 5-8 minutes from what ive heard. but my uncle has a nitro P-51 and it flies for about 10 minutes. supposedly if you change the propellor it should get more flight time due to less wind resistance

nitroplanes says:

@52kyt we got easily 5+ minutes on a single flight


KirreX says:

Whats with the DO NOT FLY sign there? 2:11

KirreX says:

2:54 another plane?

gradius02 says:

@ShakoSaber18 Yes, you can rechare li-po batteries. BUT DO NOT GET THIS PLANE!!!! you will crash it. Some one who has never flown before should get a Super Cub LP RTF from Hobbyzone. hope I could help.


This is one of my favorites video. Thank you for your sharing!

Confederate Texas says:

you like saying nice alot, i want one of those RCs how much is it?

eggplantparrot says:

@jonathanjhl yes it does

Ken Tan says:

glare ! new camera man please .

getFlushed says:

2:07 !!!!IT SAYS DO NOT FLY!!!!

stustockwell says:

@jojel333 Tail wheel doesnt retract. You can make your own though with a servo and a free channel on your radio

nitroplanes says:

@52kyt we got easily 5+ minutes on a single flight


Ryan Nickell says:

Hey im new to this whole thing and i think its awesome. Just one question, are you able to recharge the batteries for more flights?

dojmike says:

Hi Tony, Love your vids. How would you rate this P-51 against the Airfield F4U Corsair 1430, in terms of performance and ease of flying. I’m going to get one or the other very soon. Would appreciate any help in making my decision. Thanks! Mike Case.

Andrue Bickler says:

@jimbo4261 there good just busy sometimes

Jim eri says:

So nice to see someone use appropriate power inputs that emulate real flight characteristics. So sick of seeing other videos with full throttle from start to finish

River Wake says:

what other motors will fit in this?

Jel Ecat says:

why the rear landing gear retract is not functioning?

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