Model: RC Boeing 747-400 from Adi Pitz
Wingspan: 4,95m
Length: 5,43m
Weight: 68 Kg
Scale: 1/13
Turbine: 4x IQ Hammer 140
Pilot: Rainer Kamitz
Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany July 2015

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Hiren Bagga says:

Well drones can be bigger sooo

Clavell Coleman says:

Does it have a camera where you can see where you flying

Adriana Flowers says:

So cool

Muslim bomber 3000 says:

The actual boing 747-8 has autopilot so that would be incorrect

RC BUDDY says:


Pushpendra Kushwaha says:


dgunn4fun says:

Best landing I’ve ever seen.


Make a concorde one

Clavell Coleman says:

What’s the price on that

Yusuf Khan says:

Are those turbines, compressors real??…I mean how the hell this thing is flying so well…

Michael Brown says:

Dis would be the ultimate prank if you lit one of its engines on fire and got it to fly a fair distance from the empire state building making it look real… Yah I’ll be leaving now.

Monika Ciegowski says:

very impressing!

Nathan Countryman says:

Okay now throw a seat on the sob fly your self around

Kamil Kamil says:

How much this boeng?

Clavell Coleman says:

Complete with sound effects man

sanket shinde says:

Did you the crab maneuver during the landing approach ? Very scale!

2KGrafix says:

I want one.

Yuri Plisetsky ツ says:

Dear Santa…

Victoria Andreeva says:

Wow, it is great, truly✈

Stay in the Light says:

I so want a full-scale replica.

CJ says:

Everytime the plane got closer.

*clap clap clap clap clap W O O H clap*

Galactusz007 says:

Wow, it even sounds like a big plane. says:


Chraosulus says:

I can just imagine scaring the crap out of people with this thing lol

HipHopCantSaveMe says:

They applaud lol that’s so funny.

They clap each time it makes a round

Big Jay says:

I’ll take 2 for my birthday

Lloyd 그린닌자 says:

That’s very biggest!!!

RBTheOne says:

That is soo cool


9-11 was done by R/C planes

Rajendra Gujar says:

Landing is incredible

Ada Ada says:


Urho Drinks Water says:

Why virgin? Why not some real and historical Airline

Alberto Rodríguez says:

How do the engines work ? What kind of engine are they ?

life Hobbies says:


aionzuke says:

Do they sell this?!!!!??!!!!????

Clavell Coleman says:

Hey that is so cool but I bet you can scare the s*** out of somebody with it

User Terminated says:

I can sleep on that

lucas Drumond says:

Cadê os br

Fluffy Pup says:

I don’t know why but I find a bunch of people clapping together satisfying

Trucker Gray Fox says:

Be careful not to fly that thing above russia those cocksuckers will shoot anything down

Mike will says:

i want that shit

SerideDemirel says:

God çab

I traveled through time just to post this comment says:

Now we need an RC WTC.

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