New 2.4Ghz 4 Channel Dynam C47 Transporter Brushless RC Plane Review

The Dynam C47 Transporter is a 2.4Ghz 4 Channel plane with the wing span over 57″ and powered by 2 brushless motor w/ 1100 KV. Comes with a 11.1V 2200mAh Lipo Battery for extra flying time.

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Horacio Monterroso says:

For God sake, When you have seen a C-47 with floats?

John Dwyer says:

Great preview. I was umming and erring about buying this but you have convinced me to get it. Thanks.

Asura Pain says:

Do you know where I can find a 2.4 Ghz battery for it.

Haytham Alqasmi says:

I wish these weren’t so expensive and complicated

Jonathan Reichert says:

as long as they don’t go below voltage and become un-chargeable, i don’t see a problem personally 😉

Jonathan Reichert says:

Don’t be fooled, this plane lands extremely easily with no power. I always fly it until its dead and have no problem, i’m surprised how many people don’t practice landing with no power. What are you going to to when something unexpectedly happens and you have no power? Bring ‘Er In and Get Er Done, no sick passengers 😉

I’ll post a video response of some powerless landings!

maddasher1 says:

It’s ez to make hookup tail wheel just run extra linkage from tail servo to wheel and mount a servo arm on top of tail wheel befor putting tail on. Great review antonio and tony dose a great job also, I have dynam C-47,Grand cruiser, Turbo jet and now P-51. Still need to maiden P-51.

sirlordwhitman says:

how does this plane do in wind.  Say 10-15mph

Jonathan Reichert says:

i would consider that a bit of an exaggeration, as i’m still using the original battery i got with this plane, 4 years and 300+ flights later, and i don’t have any trouble. i dead stick every landing on every plane i have, no matter what, unless i need power at the last minute, that power is just a luxury to me 😉 This goes for full scale too, when i pilot, i come in high, and cut the throttle 1km early atleast, then i don’t touch the throttle, until the next flight or take off hehe.

Skymax says:

Very good review, great to see a Demo Pilot that is not afraid to use the Flaps lol!

Lewis Johnson says:

I had a lot of bugs on mine. I mean real bugs on mine. The bugs got in my box. Kind of like crazy ants but bigger and not quite so crazy. Actually I don’t think they were ants at all. More like not so crazy and just look at you little roaches that leave little specks. I have them in my room because I like Ho-Ho’s. I like the chocolate ones and I buy them by the box full from the dollar store by my house. I did get the bugs out of my airplane and now I’m fogging the box. I think I should have taken it outside first. My Ho-Ho tastes funny. I don’t think I will keep them in my room anymore, just Fritos. I have a bag clip I got from the dollar store. Three for a dollar actually. A red one, a green one, and a blue one. I am trying all of them to see which one I like best. They keep the bugs out too, and air. I have always liked and loved Fritos and chocolate Ho-Ho’s but I will wash my hands before I play with my plane again. I know better now and these fumes from the fogger is getting to me I think. I should have left the room. What’s the number for 911?

chris geller says:

huge mistake not to make tailwheel usable out of box. thats going to be pain in ma assss

modshaman says:

Very informative video …..quercky at no throttle Eeeeeeeks , likes to drop like a stone . ………that’s why you are PILOT 🙂

Courtney Egan says:

When you are taking off can it like flip over or does it just take off smoothly?

RakinBill says:

I’m surprised it doesn’t come with counter rotating props. Nice bird and that tail wheel would drive me nuts. And no retracts? Or did the full sized plane not come with them originally?

Brandon Cope says:


Paul & Kathy Short says:

Great review. So good I just ordered one 😉 nice flying.

W1Ck3DFPv says:

A lot of bugs on mine when I pulled it from box. Did the tail wheel mod, a must need. Very hard to take off from any grass, plane is way to low. I glued pieces of EPO I cut from a junker plane under the landing gear to put a 3/8″ rise to lift the plane. I have 3/8″ of height added and the grass has to be really short, almost like a “fairway”! Has thrust issues, it wants to turn opposite of motor rotation. Trim was not enough, I had to actually set the ailerons a few mm of right aileron. Then a few clicks of trim and it flew level finally. Once you work out all the bugs the plane flies really nice, and sounds beautiful. I am waiting for props to come in, one motor will be reversed and I will add a pusher prop to it and they will work opposite which should fix thrust issue. Also has weight issues, need to add wait to the nose for the tail is heavy in this bird so adding a servo in the back will not be such a good idea. I just used a control surface wire, with a servo horn screwed to the tail wheel (before you glue down the horizontal stabilizer) add the servo horn. Then just add it to your rudder servo and voila. Otherwise, I like the Transporter. Very nice plane….I seen a couple people with the issue, wondering if Nitro and all these other business’ have had any issues because to me, you guys get all the good planes and never say anything about any issues. . haha

RisingStar says:

When (if it will be) will this be back in stock?

deverrefietser says:

Ze germans are shooting at it. :))

W1Ck3DFPv says:

funny how it has 40A ESC on the box, but when you buy it and put it together it has 30A ESC. Someone tell Dynam to package these better. China is a long way to travel.

Infidel Infidel says:

HELP I HAVE Dynam 4-CH SkyBus 58″ what size is the propeller? THANK YOU

Acro Wot says:

ANOTHER ELECTRIC model shown under the heading NitroPlanes

Flights Worldwide 〈 Videos says:

great video!!

silenthunter90125 says:

nice plane

Courtney Egan says:

Is this a good starter plane

Richard D. says:

Why is the centerline of the engines different from the wing? The engine cowlings look like they are tilted down w/ the engine?

Jason B says:

I bought one of these and I love it! Lands pretty good in grass but not on take off. Excellent hand launcher though.

Courtney Egan says:

Where are good places to fly a rc plane

John D D says:

Warning! One does not “cross-control” an aircraft unless doing serious acrobatics. Does he not understand coordination of rudder and aileron?

mopar31 says:

Antonio seems to be a much more daring pilot than Tony. Tony likes his altitude where Antonio likes to fly on the deck 24/7. I like Antonio.

James Preece says:

Does this plane come with that remote control

Pastor Paul Hicks says:

I have the white C-47 Airbus. I love it. It fly’s beautifully. It is not a beginners airplane, but, it is pretty easy flying for an intermediate RC pilot. The only negative comment I have is that it came out of the box with a bad dent in the right wing. Someone was careless when packaging it.

Nate Green says:

Nice looking plane wonder how hared would it be to convert to Puff Magic dragon gun ship Veitaim era. Maybe Ca mo paint. Guns in window.  Unless they sell it already. 

Ayden O'Shaughnessy says:

Is this plane good for advanced beginners because i LOVE IT!

Ed Berberich says:

one of the best vids i have watched!

Some Ray Guy Who Plays Drums says:

does this included floaters

Splendens Regan says:


aXBlackDeathXa says:

I agree whole heartily – keep this format! Very informative and useful when it comes down to flight characteristics and purchase decisions! Best and most through review I’ve seen so far from nitro planes.

ctrcflyin2011 says:

Airsoftmuffin, The civilian version was indeed a DC-3. This is the military transport version, and was indeed the C-47

Superb Media Content Creator says:

Is this model available in civilian trim such as the Eastern Airlines colors? I’d love it in Hawaiian Air lines colors!

Switchblade46 says:

Great review. Confident flying.

sailrjim says:

do you always stand on the runway and fly over the pits? 😉

Paul & Kathy Short says:

Could I use a 2200mah 40c 3cell battery in this bird?

mightymouse1204 says:

DC-3 civilian. C-47 military designation

Gregory Arnone says:

Shouldnt you be standing on the flight line and not in the middle of the runway???

brendan says:

Wrong that is a dc-3 not a c-47

Jackson Hastie says:

dude before you go correcting people learn your stuff

MrMirekCZ says:

What video with cross control?

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