My first RC flight ever with Dynam Spitfire 1200mm (Its also the maiden flight of my spitfire)

Hello people,

About a month ago, I’ve decided to buy an RC aircraft and learn how to fly it. So I read many reviews and messages in the forums about what to buy and how to start. Almost all people were suggesting stupid looking trainers. But like all newbies, I also wanted to have a scale airplane. I keep searched and saw that those stupid looking trainers and the warbirds have almost the same prices. Therefore I bought a spitfire to start with.

I found Dynam Spitfire in a domestic hobbyshop here in Turkey. I bought it, build it myself and made a few changes on it.

1st change was the colors of Dynam Spitfire. They were not so good, so I painted it with airbrush and transform it to a Turkish Spitfire. I decided to do it after I watched Mr. Teoman Özbelli’s video. He was suggesting to paint it with acrylic paints. That is how I did too. 🙂 Thank you, Mr. Özbelli.

I also made the gear mod which I saw it in one of MrRCflying’s videos. I used different materials but the idea was the same. I want to thank him about that video and the others as well.

Although Dynam Spitfire has a transmitter. I ordered Turnigy 9XR and FRSky DJT module from Hobbyking and I used it during the flight.

As most of people usually do, I recorded my first RC flight and wanted to share with you guys. It may be last time to see my spitfire as a whole, so I wanted to document it and save it. I also wanted show to the experienced pilots that we dont have start with ugly planes. We can even fly warbirds after we make some practice on simulators which was what I did. I trained about 4-5 hours on a simulator before I try my first flight.

During the video I’ll be talking to my father in Turkish but I added English subs for international viewers. Sorry for my english, please excuse me for my mistakes. 🙂 I dont think you can learn something from this video but at least you can see a father and a son having good time together. Thank you again dad. This was another enjoyable time to remember which I shared with you.



Nicholas Bobel says:

Very nice job. It can be very difficult to properly trim your aircraft in very windy conditions. Keep this in mind when using a flight simulator also. If you fly without any wind in the flight simulator, you will not know what it feels  like when you actually fly a model. Also, I recommend that you always take a first time flight on a very calm (no wind, or as little as 5 MPH), day. Here’s a video of my latest practice on the Real Flight 7.5 R/C Flight Simulator:

Jeff RcRc says:

Awesome ! What are flying now? Hope you stayed with it. The subtitles were great.

Cerus98 says:

Why is a dumbass kids 4yr old video on my recommended list?

Belated congrats on becoming yet another RC warbird pilot who can’t fucking fly warbirds.

Shitty over-controlled flight and a craptastic landing. Just like every other warbird pilot.

Newsflash kid (and any other newbie watching this and thinking they can do the same) who probably crashed it into million pieces years ago. Trainers are designed the way they are for a reason. They’re gentle, easy to fly and cheap. They teach the basics, how not to over control and how to advance into flying skills that I’ve personally spent 20 years developing.

Had this not been an easier to fly foam plane it would have been destroyed on that “landing”….try that with a real balsa and ply plane and you’ll be carrying it home in a garbage bag.

You know what full scale pilots learn on? A high wing, tricycle gear trainer.

Pure dumb luck is all you had on your side.

something else says:

Thank you for your video. And thanks for the subs, so much more entertaining knowing what you are saying. Nice flying and the interaction with you and your dad – priceless.

Trap Nation Ball says:

LOL YOU HAVE A SPITFIRE MK 2B get a Extra 330Cs aerobatic plane cause its really good for aeros

Rui Chaves says:

nada mau , pra o 1- voo , e este aviao rc nem será dos mais faceis de aprender, mas é sem duvida um belo modelo e econtrei num site versao pnp por 99 euros , acho que vou mandar vir um pra mim !

Jake Woodall says:

Well done they are hard to control

The troll face says:

you deserve much more subscribers you have great vids

mountainmanws says:

Superb job!

Kanari Mentos says:

my god this guy put me on sleep for ever are you flying real plane dam

Black Sheep says:

Great job! Low wing warbirds are some of the hardest planes to fly. I still think you should have stuck to the ugly trainer. 🙂

Jeffrey Brown says:

If this was truly your first flight you should probably start playing the lottery! Simulators are great, and a great asset, but this as your first plane, add it working out like this was about one of the most lucky things I have seen.

wilmracer says:

First flight ever and with a low wing warbird… I did the same thing years ago but my flight was MUCH shorter and ended much less gracefully. Congrats!

emprivate says:

That’s just funny. Well done mate.

Stuart Perks says:

was that your very first time flying ? if so you did great especially with a spitfire

Yasser Masood says:

Beginners luck there. I suggest get a trainer first, it is lovely plane don’t break it

The DUDE says:

You should not start your first flight with an warbird, these things are hard, even for me, suggesting you to fly a trainer plane

ALoonwolf says:

You don’t want to do it like that, you want to do it like this….

Triston Webber says:

old video but its still good to see father and son doing things , probly the best thing about the video although I llike rc planes and jets myself

Van Hanz says:

almost hit the pole man… anyway good start

rk stone says:

very nice I like it.

edwen303 says:

Wow I was thrilled that your very first rc flying started with a warbird… It is so great your dad being your support and gave quite some good advice during your taxiing and flying. Overall you did great as first time rc pilot; the simulator really helped you. Hope to see more of your recent flying video! Cheers!

Tomas Proudlove says:

Fly with a trainer! They are best to start off with!

QualityFoamyShows says:

Good flying, but starting with a warbird is never a good idea.

Rory Young says:

This was great! i fast forwarded till you took off and were porpoising like a dolphin, and then at 7:26 when you had a vertical stall and landed vertically like a chopper…

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