Mustang Test Flight

This is my first RC airplane. It is an electric P51-D Mustang from Harbor Freight. They sell for $99 complete with the remote. The planes go on sale sometimes for $85 and if you use the 20% coupon that comes in the paper you can walk out with this plane for $67. I have never flown an RC plane before and I know this plane has a bad reputation for being an underpowered piece of crap. This film is from my first flight ever with this plane. After I crashed it I fixed it and got a better prop from the hobby store for $2.50. After that it took off easily at half power and flew awesome just by changing the prop!
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pcgeekish says:

It’s slightly nose heavy though, other than that it’s an awesome plane.

woodstoney says:

The music actually detracts from what otherwise might have been an enjoyable video. Sorry!

TheVerdad says:

what a piece of junk!  no power what so ever!

Steven Bowman says:

I know this is an older video, but i just recently bought this one as well. $89 + 25% coupon = $71 out the door! Not a bad price, plus I have all the supporting parts to swap to a brushless motor and esc. I have not maidened it yet, but hope to have success as you kind of did..ha! I’ve been flying scratch built DTF planes from Flite Test for over a year now, so I hope I have enough skill to get this one in the air. Quick question, what prop did you end up buying for this one?

Sam Shyu says:

Did the propeller did it like stop once a while

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Not arguing with you on your flight specs EXCEPT the fact that it DOES fly fine with a different prop. I have done it. IF you actually take your time and read my FIRST response to you then you will see you missed the point about buying a first plane with little money to see if you like it or not. Obviously you have flown a while and put time & money into flying. This video is for FIRST TIMERS with little money trying to decide what plane to buy.


I got my prop at the hobby store. You can look it up online but the prop is an APC C-2
229×152 (9×6). They have some on eBay and online stores. It has a wicked prop pitch but what a difference! It took off smooth like a jumbo jet at just over half throttle! These planes don’t need bigger motors just a higher pitch prop for $3 each.
Thanks for checking out the video and good luck!

SanDiegoHotRod says:

I crashed because I have never flown an RC plane before and didn’t use rudder to correct. Do you understand the difference between “power” and “thrust?” The point of this video was to show how cheap you can go fly. I have a DC 3 with 2 brushless motors, etc.. and yes it hauls ass but it also cost 4 times more. The reason I crashed at 4:57 was because I cut the power. When I put a higher pitch prop on for $2.50 it had more “thrust” and took off at half “power”. Lots of power and no thrust = crash

Trumble Research says:

Way more sturdy then the yellow bee

Focus Cardona says:

Get a sim and then

SanDiegoHotRod says:

I totally agree. My friend started with a cheap Cessna model and like the real plane it “mostly” self rights and is MUCH easier to fly.

rich buege says:

Just a few comments, less than 35 inch span, might as well say “no wing area”.  Then, with all foamies, the trailing edges are drag incorporated.  Cox baby bee would be better for power, P51’s need to go fast.  Won’t have throttle, would have to land deadstick, but performance should be better.  Advertising ignored, a P51 is not for beginners.  And electric foamies suck.

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Sorry. I was signed in on my other account but that is the prop I got.

spdwebdotnet says:

For everyone who has one of these and is having trouble getting it off the ground. Chances are you are stalling the plane as in this video. Set the elevator trim about 3/4 to nose down. Then try a hand launch, full throttle and toss it at a very slight up angle fly it straight and level. Build up some air speed and the plane becomes a lot more stable and responsive.

robo tiger says:

that song drains my will to live!

Kevin B says:

Please Email me at Thanks.

Sam Shyu says:

no like did the prop ever stop

Kevin Kurz says:

Just got one from my job with employee discounts and 25%coupons I got it for super cheap.

Kenny Johnson says:

I’ve seen one of these go for around 200K but never heard of one selling for 2.5 mil

Tommy Sands says:

did you use a 20% off coupon my son?

sam Costin says:

ya, of course it doesnt work, you didnt pull the throttle down!!!!!

K V says:

Nice first time flying. Hope you enjoy the hobby

Focus Cardona says:

Not bad for first time

Joe W says: for the same money gives you better faster stronger cooler with airframe parts in stock. You get spectrum like radio, Lipo and brushless motor. Comparing the Nitoplanes warbird to Harbor Freight is like comparing a balsawood glider to the space shuttle.

Sam Shyu says:

Thaxs for reply and one more question I can’t seem to able move the the left wing like when I move the throttle on the left side up it won’t work I’m thinking why? can u please help

whojr1963 says:

Kewl to seeya get it in the air the first time out, I DOUBT I will be that good but cant wait to try and I too will post it..

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Is that the stock motor? I just wanted to buy the cheapest plane to start with because I knew I would crash it. LOL My buddy got the $200 RC flight sim with the controller and it helped a lot to practice. (And you can fly it when it is raining out!)

SanDiegoHotRod says:

The MUSIC is from my friend Jeff Rising. I added it to make the video a little more interesting and less boring. It is so hard using mainstream commercial music without getting flagged from youtube for “copyright infringement” so I use stuff from my friends. I also like to cross promote so everyone gets exposure.
Check out Jeff Rising on iTunes and let me know which song I should use for the next video. He has a wide range of songs from slow acoustic to hard rock.
Thanks guys.

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Let me know when you get video of your Mustang up. I love watching videos of RC planes by people who can actually fly them! I guess I should upload a short video of my model rocket I turned into a working replica of the Budweiser rocket car….

mcguiretime says:

right rudder on take-off to counteract that torque and then when you have enough speed lift off!

Kevin B says:

What kind of prop did you get??? I broke both of my stock ones. And have no idea where to get a replacement. Harbor Freight has now replied. Thanks.

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Agreed. A P51 is an acrobatic plane with a low mounted wing that is meant to fly the same inverted. Harbor Freight also has a Cessna and a couple other cheap planes but the Mustang just looks cooler hanging in your garage after you have crashed it a coupe times and moved onto a better model! LOL

gtdrummerdude says:

NOT underpowered yet it stall on takeoff at full throttle. Lol. There is one of these on CL for 50 bucks used. Thinking of buying it because I have a spare 40amp brushless ESC laying around. A park 480 and a ~1300mah 3S lipo would make that thing fast. My concern is the radio range being that its not 2.4ghz.

SanDiegoHotRod says:

Always bet on the ground! LOL

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