Micro F-16 RC Jet flight video in 4K

Full Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XooZazFzsEY&list=PLQqDGoQRj-oIVZ5ZF_yYzEpP6KmQs8CVF&index=4
Buy the F-16 jet on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Lpyyj3
This Ultra-Micro RC Jet screams across the sky and is a blast to fly. It does require a large field to fly in and a good amount of experience flying 4 channel planes.
The tail fin is thick and can handle tumbling onto it’s back. I’ve had some luck landing in very short grass. About half the time it’ll nose over and land on it’s back which doesn’t hurt this tiny plane.
I did break off one of the elevons in the rear and used super glue on the plastic which worked! Just don’t get super glue on the foam! It’ll dissolve it.
I’ve been lucky with not having servo jitters. Some people have told me that their plane has been having issues with un-controllable jitters.


WhiTeFA1R says:

this little booger screams lol

Visceral says:

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LOSE SIGHT OF WHETHER THE PLANE IS LEFT OR RIGHT OR UP OR DOWN (like after a barrel roll etc.)? You pull the elevator down and you accidentally go down and crash?

Nathan Hernandez says:

that’s so cool,ima buy one

Virgilio carril alvarez says:

brilliant. very good

X-FLIGHT101 says:

Nice flight! You have a great place to fly, I took my brand new umx corsair out for its maiden flight and hit the only tree in the field haha. Happy flying 🙂

Kelly Martin says:

Do you like the habu s or the f-16 micro better?

R A says:

I want one adult where did you buy

brandon charles says:

keep up the good vids man over here these rc toys are so expensive man . i have a small rc helicopter i got for 300. im saving for a drone now i dont even wanna talk about that price lol . anyway ur vid are cool dud keep it up and ill always support u .

yztyzt1 says:

I am not going to use the link to buy. I am not going to buy something with which I will become bored in a very short time. When I was younger, I would fly all day from sun up to sun down, literally. These days, I haven’t flown in 10+ years, and I am not in mind set to fly anything. I used to fly planes and then got into heli. BORING! now. There are moments when I see that it is fun, but I know what would happen if I bought one: Play with it a few times and never touch it again. That is how my older life is these days. Nothing holds my interest because everything is boring. So, I just work a lot and not spend much money. My work is my hobby and my way to pass my time.

The Awesome Aaron Show!!TM says:


Kyle Schieler says:

Was this flying tail heavy? I think I’ll go with the Umx Habu df180, seems to fly better, and has true alirons. And Safe 🙂

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