Maiden Flight – E-Flite P-51 Mustang BNF Basic WWII Warbird RC Plane with AS3X Technology

This is the maiden flight of my new E-Flite P-51 Mustang BNF Basic WWII Warbird RC Plane with AS3X Technology. I have a complete unboxing and review with the maiden coming as well, but simply could not wait to share this video footage with you all.

This is my first park flyer sized P-51 in this E-Flite Mustang and it is the first plane I have every owned that comes complete with flaps and retracts, which was a bit intimidating to say the least.

The video is packed full of scale low passes much like I have tried to do with my Parkzone P-51 Mustang RC Plane videos along with some loops and rolls. This plane much like my Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51, is nicely detailed overall and looks so scale in the air! Not only that, the AS3X technology make it very stable in the air even in fairly swirly wind! That helps keep you from crashing your plane and we all know none of us like to crash our planes….at least those of us that are sane.

This updated E-flite Parkflyer version of the P-51D Mustang is so much fun to fly that I am happy to show you how this WW2 RC airplane flies! Horizon Hobby and E-flite did an amazing job with this RC plane. I am still in awe of how well it flies and how good it looks. It was modeled after the “Dallas Doll” North American P-51 Mustang and this one certainly looks the part.

For those of you who are curious as to what remote control or radio I used for this flight. It is my new DX6. It makes flying my newest World War Two P-51 a breeze. The radio set-up was super easy using the owners manual too.

If you are on the fence about buying this like I was, jump off and get your piece of World War II history today.

In addition, here is what Horizon Hobby has to say about this plane:

“The North American P-51D Mustang used during WWII was a game changer. Its abilities gave pilots a formidable advantage and the inspiration to go beyond mission objectives in addition to fulfilling their “Ace” potential. The new E-flite® P-51D Mustang is an electric-powered model that brings the ultimate warbird experience to your local park. Electric retracts and functional flaps are already installed so you can experience a well-equipped warbird right away. Every angle of the airframe is saturated with extensive detail that’s built upon the most accurate outline possible. Lightweight Z-Foam™ construction is combined with composite reinforcement so that flight performance is as forgiving as it is thrilling. Besides its authentic color scheme, the bounty of features included on this Mustang allow this thoroughbred outrun all others. That’s because every feature has been hand-selected by Horizon Hobby experts whose ultimate priority is to deliver a great flying warbird.”


Twigzywik says:

I got this plane yesterday now it’s time for my maudlin flight wish me luck

Aldo Allende Oliva says:

how do you like the as3x is good or not, how many channels

Kevys Rc & Music says:


cameron olson says:

im going to get me one… 😀

Emmett Luzar says:

Hey I was going to get the e flite apprentice but its pretty expensive. I really want to get in to rc flying. Can you suggest a good beginner plane? (With ailerons preferably)

drewpert0515 says:

Great video! I have five flights on mine. Excellent plane but… I noticed on your short take off it pulled left on the ground. It’s going to be a handful unless you stay on your rudder, and elevator if you land on cement. That’s the only thing that bugs me about this P51 is that mine pulls left as well with no real way of adjusting according to Horizon except by bending your rear strut straight. Because of asx you have to keep trims at zero supposedly so you can’t just trim your wheel straight and adjust your rudder straight by clevis. Anyhow.. let me know how it goes for you if you trim your wheel straight and fly it..

newportoz says:

Nice flying! I just got one and hope to Maiden this weekend. I’ve got her put together but wondering about the CG.  DId you mount the battery in the middle as per the manual or push it forward a bit? 

MrTurboparker says:

Nice flying, GB! And you really nailed the landing! That was a textbook fighter-plane 3-pointer. 🙂

353flyer says:

any tips for the maiden? XD

DeucesWild RC says:

Nice job GB! I bought this bird a few days ago and am waiting to maiden her, I’m using the new DX6, what TX are you using? And is it possible to slow the flap servo speed down with the new DX6 ?

hanyoukimura says:

I noticed on takeoff the plane banked left as it took off, did you use rudder or ailerons to compensate?

Hilton Lee-anne says:

love this plane!!! hope to have mine in a few months!!

Halo Mega bloks says:

This is cool where did you get it from

Poseh L says:

Is this a god plane to begin with flying?

JustCruisinGT says:

Hey man I have a question, I have the micro version of the P51 from park zone. It flies great but it’s unbelievably fragile, I landed it today on its belly on smooth grass, unknown to me the tail wheel was snagged on a piece of grass and I ripped the bottom of the rudder off. No big deal tape and glue fixed the issue, but later that day I flew the plane and it cut out on me suddenly as if it lost signal. It nose dived and of course the entire nose section was torn apart. Now I know you’re not supposed to crash planes obviously but if it were to happen how durable do you think this plane would be? I really don’t like anything micro Rc from cars to boats to planes, but I didn’t wanna go from my champ to a full size p51 God forbid I crashed a 250$ plane

DeucesWild RC says:

Thanks GB! I maidened her today and WOW!! She lands with grace and elegance, very easy to land her, knife edges well and inverted well,

Canada Arrow says:

do you think this is good for someone’s second rc plane because I thinking of getting it but I only fly my super cub if its not you got any good next step planes

44avalanche says:

I really like the P-51. Nice video!

That1BlueBullitt says:

Nice landing!

Saif Khan says:

Is it safe for a 10 year old to fly it. Please answer

TinkerManRC says:

Very nice I just picked one of these up.. big thumbs up..Tim

Cory Reeves says:


Sai Abhignan says:

Awesome.. I like all your vids

The_EP_Nerd says:

Does the Eflite P-51 tip stall?

Gamer Troy says:

I have a question, right now I am flying the umx Carbon Cub SS (with crashing), should I be able to fly this one without any problems?

Fox Gaming says:

how long is the flytime?

Vinny117 says:

So i just got mine. I have flown warbirds before but never with flaps. What tips can you give me when it comes to flaps? At how much do you lower them? Do I lower them at the approach to land or do I lower them prior to the approach and give a last go aroubd with them down before banking in for the approach?

David Barral says:

I have one of these

Albert The Scientist says:

Beautiful plane, beautiful landing! I bought this exact plane with the retracts today I can’t wait to fly it!! P51 D mustang is one of he greatest fighter planes to have! 🙂

Oscar Rothwell says:

How do I get one

jerry486dx4 says:

Nice! I did hear some wind there, how does she do when the wind kicks in?

Gabriel Tacker says:

Is this a good plane to fly with?I’m looking for one.

Adam Hampton says:

Nice! It’s good to finally see a video out there on her. How are the retracts, Solid?

Focus Cardona says:

Hi did u mess with expo

Twigzywik says:

In 2 days*

Sam P. says:

mine is locked in storage screaming to be rescued!!!!!!!!

TripleThreatRC says:

A great maiden, nice flight and landing!

Twigzywik says:


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