“It will be FINE” they said!! RC PLANE GOES AWOL!! ✈✈✈Tobyrich smartplane review

How hard can it be? Who reads instructions… it will be fine they said… Well it wasn’t. Tobyrich has a new fpv plane that you fly with your phone. We test it out and find out if this is a good entry into fpv and RC plane flying. link – http://bit.ly/TRsmartplane

also the Cal’s scooter I borrowed for the retrieval was the Xiaomi M365 http://bit.ly/XiaomiScooter365

Goggles – Aomway commanders – http://bit.ly/aomwayFPV
Radio – Taranis QX7 – http://bit.ly/FrskyQX7
Props – cyclones 5046C – http://bit.ly/DALcyclone
Charger – SkyRC Q200 – http://bit.ly/Q200charger
Race gates and flags – http://bit.ly/PhaserFPVflags
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 – http://bit.ly/2xs712W

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Contact Maxwell W. for Custom intros (he made this one) Maxwelllwang@gmail.com

Mic used – http://bit.ly/2jAl3Ly
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Carton Machine Review says:

So look into the manual or take the flight school, very important . Lol… Then you would have understood that u need to decrease speed to loose altitude. Tilting the phone up or down will not do anything:)

Rebel Quadron FPV says:


Greg McCracken says:

Too Funny!

Narrow Deep says:

That was funny!

TobyRich says:

Hey guys! This is really a fun video and thrilling to watch!! 🙂

Just one tip to avoid loosing control: take the flight school before your maiden flight. It will teach you that you control the altitude by increasing or decreasing the speed (throttle) and not by tilting up or down. Otherwise you really did a great job for your first flight and picked a perfect location. 🙂

Rufus Glyn says:

That had me laughing so much I almost choked on my corn flakes… Great stuff, more of these shanigans…

Wyvern says:

The product produced by people who want to ban FPV models.

Brandtley McMinn says:

When will RC manufacturers learn to program failsafe at the factory?

Rc exp fpv says:

you didn’t even try to sync up the fpv feed with you flying

KrotowX says:

You was hilarious 🙂 Although that scene was quite understandable for any who had flyaway model(s). Good that you get it back. Phone control… phew! They even can’t make gyro hardware right.

Demian Geven says:

No failsafe….

Grant Clarke says:

So much fun… Especially when your voice goes up

cowboy6591 says:

Did you notice the tail rudder and elevator is completely broken off from the servo horn? Flopping around on it’s own free will.

Bruce Alan says:

Damn tree, I’m removing mine, could have a decent strip if I can get them all down.

DILLIGAF fpv says:

Great episode, hilarious!!!!

Lukas Blenk says:

What electric scooter did you use? it llooked impresive riding offroad ^^.

John Bruno says:

Would be great to get it without the goggles as the price point is a bit steep (guessing due to the included googles). Question: will it bind to a transmitter? maybe a V1 Jumper? And maybe give it a try using the joystick control on the app instead of tilt, I’ve never had any luck trying to use phone tilt to control a quad and never tried a plane with a phone app. I’d give this one a try if it would bind to a transmitter and was available without the goggles. Price is just to steep for me and I would never use those box goggles for anything but the “to be rich”. Great job tho Stew as I would never gotten it up (or down lol) with tilt mode.
Love to see you give it another go with stick mode if it won’t bind to a transmitter, I think you could have gotten it to come down by cutting the throttle if you used the stick mode…or just fly it around and around until the battery gave up :p

Flybeard says:

Hilarious!! How did you find that tiny thing?

Greg McCracken says:

Hey Stew, do you have any other “Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215”?
This one had jumped up to $207.00 US.

Bruce Alan says:

Took six months to find mine

Frank Barajas says:

Well, not 3 minutes in and the *”Walk of Shame!”* Perhaps a new record? However, that awesome recovery was worth it. The *Scooter Search and Rescue* was a blast! I want one those, lose the plane and do a video on the scooter!!! Definitely one of my favorite videos, probably because it was fun and so real as to what some of us do with new toys and what happens when we fail to *Read the Destructions*…just saying.

Ayim FPVoneCorner says:

Had such a great laugh! Great episode mate! And that thing is kinda cool. Now IM curious to know how to land that thing hahahah. May just get one for e kicks

Alex Wielinga says:

*bonus **-meme-** content*

Chris Sullivan says:

I don’t think I’ve ever been this hooked to watch a video ending

vondetour says:

hobbyzone champ would have been a better plane.

knowledge and gear channel says:

Pls make a video to review all your drones every single one

Pete Busch says:

Great, now I need an electric scooter.

UAVfutures says:

let me know if you liked this video, thumbs up or leave a comment if you enjoyed the fun in this bonus video, thumbs down if you always read instructions. Link to plane link – http://bit.ly/TRsmartplane and before people ask here is Cal’s scooter I borrowed for the retrieval http://bit.ly/XiaomiScooter365 thanks Cal

phil tribe says:

Lol shit u guys have fun . U got the life 🙂

scott cary says:

Love it, to much fun.

Neil Sheriff says:

Brilliant video, looked like good fun, had me laughing.

Qlimax says:

lol hilarious

Martin Phillips says:

Seems too hard to control! Not at that price. It is an $80 plane if you ask me!

licensetodrive says:

This hobby has the best innuendos: “it’s about this big and black”, “it’s not coming down”

John Barnes says:

you lot are soooo crazy, love it keep up the good work

Neil Cole says:

Good video very entertaining nice one mate

GrumpyMadman says:

Any RC content is GOOD CONTENT in my opinion! Any RC company that builds ANYTHING, with a custom battery where the battery inside the custom case cannot be replaced by the user WILL NEVER SEE A PENNY OF MY MONEY! Modern cell phones have enough transmitting power to reach cell phone towers that may be 20 miles or more away? That is why they slowly COOK YOUR BRAIN! No one is really going to see the effects until later in life, at which time all manufacturers will claim, “we did not know” LOL. Read all the fine print that comes with your next new phone! People are brainwashed to believe they are harmless and the convenience is worth the risk, IT IS NOT! I don’t need to be in constant contact with anyone, and if I were married, THE LAST THING I WOULD WANT WOULD BE FOR MY WIFE TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO ME 24-7 EVERY TIME A NEW THOUGHT POPPED INTO HER HEAD AND SHE FELT THE NEED TO EXPRESS IT IMMEDIATELY AS IT SIMPLY COULD NOT WAIT UNTIL I GOT HOME. You might as well just ask for a police monitoring ankle bracelet, and wear it voluntarily? That dinky little thing is to small to fly most of the time, it won’t handle any real wind, and only the RC ignorant and inexperienced will ever get fooled into buying it, in my opinion.

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