Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car Review

Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car from Mattel. This is one of the coolest RC toys we have played with in a long time!

The Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car Sells For About $49 On Amazon –

We have reviewed plenty of RC Cars and tons of RC planes – but an RC Flying Car is pretty awesome. We loved the control and speed of the Flying Car – no real complaints. Here are the details –

As a car, its high speed on the ground is powered by a 2.4GHz transmitter with proportional ground steering control, dual 8mm electric motors and a LiPo 3.7V battery (that can be charged using the transmitter or via a USB cable). As a plane, in addition to flying up to 200+ feet, it has dual propellors that spin over 35K RPMs. That’s true air power!

Boys and Girls can take their racing fun from the streets to the skies and face off with friends! You can pair up to 6 vehicles in one location. Each plane also comes in a reusable and portable package that makes it easy to take the action on the go.

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of the Hot Wheel Street Hawk RC Flying Car


Matt Landsaw says:

Mine broke in two days

Rehana Akther says:

Rc is so cool,the action!

jeff c says:

sir i am a handicaped person so how weasy would be for me i love that thing looks like fun n i need fun in my life

Ducols Fresnel says:

+Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does

Jorge Orlando says:

will be good toy

Omotolani Sanni says:

How amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nigel James says:

It was cresy fast dut it wusent that culer ful.

John Almuhana says:

I unsubsubcriebed

pat14162 says:

Complètement ridicule !! une voiture ça roule, un bateau ça navigue, et un avion ça vole. Voilà le genre d’inventions qui ne sont là que pour ridiculiser l’aéromodélisme; et je ne parle même pas des avions indoor qui font marche arrière, c’est du n’importe quoi maintenant; ça devient de plus en plus absurde. Alors à quand le bateau ou la grue volante, pendant qu’on y est ( si ça n’existe pas déjà d’ailleurs ) ? voilà le meilleur moyen de faire passer les vrais pilotes en aéromodélisme pour des plaisantins. Bref…

Erodan900 in PE says:

a realy good car, sad that you need to charge 40 minutes for only 6 minutes to ride

Joe Badu says:

Wow that is amazing

Wolf Bubbles says:

According to the Walmart page, it can fly up to 150 feet

Simone Florit says:

wow it is a fantastic sheep

blue says:

Alot faster than it was in ROBLOX 😛

Javon Witherspoon says:

OK if the car is in the air how are you going to get it on the ground with out it braking

maidenrulz73 says:

I’ll give ya 10 dollars for it

Solaris Cage says:

Imagine this…but full size. Flying cars, here we come!

Camden Cobb says:

That is fake I had one you photo shop that

Max Thao says:


Jp'sDogMojo says:

Awesome! I want one of those!

Tiffany Whitby says:

by a drone

Alejandro Juarez says:

Where can you buy this

Kathi/Phil/Dani Gross says:

it’s very cool. a Little bit hard to fly, but very funny.

Pierre Pierre Jean says:

5801 11511 Dodgers

Matt McClendon says:

How high can it fly?!?!

carter masters says:

i have it on roblox the game but not in real life but i really want it


I think that if i put larger blades then in midair it will catch on fire and the captain says barb we hit a people meat blade lkjlaejfi9o12o3i4j;k`4

carter masters says:

plus my username is gabe0000007 

Grisel Almazan says:

Solo lo venden en Estados unidos

chazianna04 says:


Michel J says:

Songs Name ? Please tell…

Claudia Ramirez says:

como volar no puedo

Tarcius Vinicius says:

Muito legal!

Leslie Foth says:

I’m lo,o,l

8Jallin says:

I’m here because I couldn’t find the charging cable. thank you.

Dylan carthew says:

How much do they cost. I need one

Jayant Attri says:

what about indians!?

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