HobbyZone Duet – Unboxing and Action Video

Read more about the Duet here: http://bit.ly/1ytiXsg

Matt unboxes and flies HobbyZone’s latest trainer plane, the Duet. You will see how the Duet is a great way to start your RC flying adventure; its twin motors giving you solid power and steering control.

The HobbyZone Duet is coming soon to Modelflight, so visit our page today to find out more:


Learn how to fly with the HobbyZone Duet RC plane. This beginner’s remote control plane has everything you need included in the box and comes with Virtual Instructor technology to make flying easy.


hweenmask says:

can it loop?

Genetherapy3232 says:

Guy looks like the “rocker dude ” from the tv show Lost.

Modelflight says:

Matt takes the brand new Duet from HobbyZone for a spin at a local park, check out the clip and let us know what you think!

JJ Rousseau says:

Can I mount a keychain camera on this?

TheSniper1918 says:

is the champ better than this one? im a beginner and im debating on getting the champ or duet

Modelflight says:

Thanks for that feedback, Brendan. We are glad to hear the Duet is going well for you.

Seth says:

What are the battery specs?

mustafa kahraman says:

Turkiyeye nasil satis var

Genetherapy3232 says:

Charlie Pace

Modelflight says:

We unbox and fly the latest HobbyZone trainer plane – the Duet. Check out the video below.

GR reviews says:

I recommend getting it. I have it and it is remarkable.

rgv411 says:

I have the Duet. Mine has a problem of stalling; I think I was it also in your video. Stalling is usually cured with more power. But in the case of the Duet, more power makes it stall more.

sniperammow says:

How do I turn the gyros off? I would like to have a little fire freedom.

Nathan Swisshelm says:

Awesome review!Great flying !!Beautiful day!!Thanks!!

Modelflight says:

Hi Charles, at this stage we do not believe so, but if this changes we will should be able to inform you all via our website.

AbsoluteEeo says:


Raptor50aus says:

Looks like the plane being chased by the bird 🙂
Is it only Mode 2?

Jesus Juice says:

Matt is so great at these!

bukster1 says:

Toyworld in New Zealand have a similar model for NZ $200 with a single engine. This one looks better and even costs less.

gaptoofgranny says:

I’ve been flying RC aircraft for a little over a year now, and starting to go into 3D/advanced aerobatics.  BUT!  After seeing a student fly this, I think I’ll get one for myself because it looks so relaxing to fly.

theleabres says:

Can it handle slight winds better than the Champ?

Nat says:

I BOUGHT A CHAMP !  love it . ! 😀

Modelflight says:

Yeah, we had a bit of a run-in with that bird during filming, Raptor50aus! Yes, currently the Duet is only available in Mode 2.

Scott M says:

This aircraft has a few flaws, 1, the battery connection pins are so small they bend very easily and are very difficult to insert into the plane connection and the charger, 2, the Elevator tab that ties to the push rod to the elevator, is a very poor set up. They need to reinforce it a bit. Other wise the plane fly’s as advertised.

Luke K says:


Modelflight says:

Hi Noah, the Champ and Duet are both great planes for beginners. They are very easy to fly. If you did need spare parts for the Champ, please check our website and we should be able to help you. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Modelflight says:

Hi theleabres, we would say they are about equal when it comes to handling wind.

nicholas heckathorn says:

Does the battery only charge off the transmitter or can it be wall charged?

rgv411 says:

It does NOT handle the winds better than the Champ. I can fly my Champ in a good wind. But if I could use all the power available, it might do better. (Morepower makes the Duet stall.)

Modelflight says:

Thanks mendezN14. We know Matt really enjoys doing these videos!

Charles Hook says:

will there be a BNF version?


Ace Gaming says:

I love this lil aircraft. My grandparents got it for me for Christmas and it’s been just amazing. It flies just as good as it looks and has a long flight time.

Alan Hernandez says:

Engine or MOTOR? not the same.

Jaskaran Singh says:

How to charge the plane, its from the transmitter or they give a charger

NLTubers Magdelijns says:

nice nails ! 

Ray Liu says:

This versus the Cox Hobbies Sky Cruiser.  Which is better?

Nick Haupt says:

can this do rolls?

LostMujahid says:

I hate the look of the transmitter but regardless $59.99 is great price.

vandamn jaunclode says:

hi this better than cesna 182 mini

Crash McQueen says:

Can I bind a Specktrum radio on it ?

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