Hobbyzone Champ RTF RC Airplane Unboxing & First Review

One of the best RC airplanes for a first time flyer out there.
With a cost well below $100 bucks, we get asked all the time, whats
the best remote controlled airplane for a first time flyer, this is
certainly in the running. A great electric rc plane to learn with
From the team at Hobbyzone, the Champ is just fun all around

• Everything you need to Teach Yourself to Fly in one box- even the batteries
• Completely assembled and flight-ready
• 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM® technology
• Scale wing rib detail and steerable tail wheel
• 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery and DC Li-Po charger included
• Detailed instruction manual with flying tips included

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it’s just much easier to manage, and there are more people there to answer questions

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Biraj Khanal says:

well take a look at your stablizer and the landing gear! see if you rudder is well aligned to the stablizer.

Michael Taylor says:

Hi Brandon, if you had to upgrade the battery so to receive longer flight times, what would be the best battery to go for? Thank you Mike

40stryder03 says:

6-8 min

clavern adams says:

Is this a good beginners plane

Sean Eman says:

subscribe plzzzzz

mikedrz says:

I didn’t even get to fly this before the elevator broke.  I had it on the roof of my car while plugging in the battery, grabbed my Dx6i and the slightest breeze caused it to roll down the windsheild tail first.

After I reattached the servo linkage and tried to fly it, the plane would only stall and dive repeatedly.

Does anybody know what angle the elevator should be at when neutral (midstick)?

Also the servo’s stopped working from one landing in the snow.

nic de graaf says:

I have flown this plane the flight is around 7-10 minutes depending on what you are doing with the plane this is around the time you would get out of a micro flyer

hamster ruler says:

Will the plane be able to fly in manchester in England because it is always windy? Or will it be really hard to fly (it will be my first rc plane)!

Fatal Elements says:

this plane works great but breaks alot

RC Thunder says:

After flying multiple times this is amazing but it’s so sensitive to any wind I’m taking off of cardboard but you know that’s fine and it can take off of dirt and short grass

unsalted salt says:

To keep the questions from coming THIS IS A BEGINNER PLANE

_Rc_Drift_86 says:

Nacho Diaz it takes 15 min

Nathan Moeller says:

I really need your help. My champ crashed and the wing snapped extremely close to the body of the plane. should I glue it, or what. please answer

theboarman says:

can you please tell me the easyiest beginner plane that i would still enjoy after i become better

snowy511 says:

FTLOSM yes the motor does point downward, very normal. Also youll notice that most motors are of set to the right, think it h as something to do with the rotation but not sure, happy learning and dont forget, keep it high so you have plenty of room for errors.

RC Crazy says:

40 mins the battery takes to charge i have the champ 

snowy511 says:

Clavern, if you want to learn how to fly rc this is a great starting point. I started with this and its very forgiving, tough and fun. If you are thinking of getting into the hobby this is a great starter and it wont break the bank if you decide its not for you. Highly recommended

RC Thunder says:

I’m 11 years old and I want a trainer for under $150 and my parents say I should get something smaller well just not a huge plane but easy to fly and this came up would you also recommend getting a new battery or no

longboard4life40 says:

I am flying this plane and I am a beginner and I am noticing that it is always pulling right I have already full adjusted the trim as much as I can and I have adjusted that plastic tab and rod as far out as I can. This not only produces an issue in flight but also while I’m taxiing and getting ready to take off it will pull right. Any suggestions to fix this?

raul trejo says:

hello i have a question i went to my local hobbytown store and asked wich plane its better to start with between this champ and the ares gamma 370 and was told that the 370 was my best option because im a beginner and i like to know if someone can agree with that please help thank u in advance

Tommy Bragg says:

I just got this plane. It does break. But its easy to fix

Nacho Diaz says:

how long does it take the battery to charge?

xGladiator582x says:

Could you or someone please tell me the flight time ??

David Shevchuk says:

I want to get a Champ, but I can’t seem to find the flight time. How long does this fly on a single charge?

nic de graaf says:


Simmzi [Inaktiv kanal!!] says:

Battery time?

erricko says:

lol camera angle made me scroll up a couple times…

LegoMadProductions says:

i got this plane today but it came with a mini USB charger instead of E-FLITE CHARGER 1-CELL 3.7V 0.3A DC LI-PO is this normal and how long does it take to charge it from usb

Jacob Barzilla says:

10 to 15 money’s

Nirvan Karki says:

What’s its flight time?

snowy511 says:

Guys order online, get yourself some scotch double sided tape and ca glue. Parts are dead cheap, I’ve had my champ for 3 months and its still looking good

snowy511 says:

David, my champ will easily do 10-15mins on a battery if I’m not to throttle happy. I’ve learnt to fly on one and would recommend to anyone.

clavern adams says:

Is this a good beginners plane

Allen Gassaway says:

ale its pronounced alerlons

Steve POV says:

how long does the battery last and also how long does it take to charge

Sequoia Jacobson says:

love the intro music 🙂

Sky Soldier says:

Great video thanks but you didnt mention flight time on this plane. Im wondering what everyone else is getting out of it? Thnx again will check out website as im new to RC flying

bassin with Cam says:

how do you conect a 2.4 ghs dsss remot to the champ

kevin brooks says:

no! you are supposed to be a plane guy you should try to pronounce airplane related words correctly!

Droopy says:

how long does the battery last per flight?

Allen Gassaway says:

not airlons

Thuribles says:

The champ was my very first. Great plane. Liked and subscribed.

Jasonhayz42 says:

The torque of the motor spinning to the right will cause it to drift right. Nothing you can do

zack welch says:

I got one of these and liked it but the rudder in the back is paper thin and easily broken it is hard to repair with normal tape as the rudder is mainly held on with tape and a few foam connections but overall good plane

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