Hobbyzone Champ RTF Micro RC Electric Airplane (Beginner) Review – First Flight

First flight of the Hobbyzone Champ RTF micro RC airplane as a first-timer flying RC airplanes.


kingcrimson234 says:

I completely don’t believe this is your first flight. If it really is, you are a damn natural.

alexvpaq says:

Okay, this plane actually goes faster than I thought!  Thinking about maybe getting it as a first plane. Would you still recommend it?

Craig Hughes says:

“I have never flown an RC plane before” – there is no way in the world you are telling the truth.

Raymond Smith says:

Holy cow looks easy! And rtf for $100

bobbymalta73 says:

So its your first plane mate?..its 3 channel?

leo pena says:

yea rite first fly so u will tell first with that little plane . 

MotoAtheist says:

LOL!   He’s only flying for literally 20 seconds and the other guy is all over it… “I want to fly”.   Just goes to show, watching RC is like watching paint dry.  If you aren’t participating and actually doing the flying or driving, then it’s the most boring thing ever!  I can’t watch long, I watch enough to check out new vehicles or possibly training videos that explain stuff.  But just watching somebody use their vehicle… snoooze!

Tech Kings says:

I played around with it indoors to get a feel for the throttle, but other than that, the first time it met virgin wind outside.

Jez Smith says:

Love it – just know my one will fly like a rock with me behind the stick….dad being a pilot sure isn’t going to help me either lol every time i’ve been in the sim with him …I crash…destined to be an engineer with my feet on the ground…looks like mad fun anyway 

Tech Kings says:

But because it is foam makes it really easy to repair. All you need is a little packaging tape.

Tech Kings says:

I’ll take that as a compliment, but for real, other than tinkering in my living room, this was the first time it saw daylight.

Pearl B1P1N says:

why are rc planes so expensive ? all they have are a frame a elevator motor rudder gear etc. and this ones 99$!!! stupid shit khanjus [greedy] rc plane manufacturer!!!!!!!!!

charly says:

Is this realy your first flight? Is realy good.

Graham Charlton says:

load of shit never his 1st flight lying get

Dimitri Theophano says:

My first flight went into the sun and I lost sight of the Champ.  I released the throttle to make it sail down but after 1 1/2 hours of searching I never saw it again.

M Dillard540 says:

Great first flight. You’re a natural

Ted Riggs says:

He had flown before this video. Not sure why he feels cool saying he’s never flown before, just to show off? Why don’t you just tell the truth, that you have flown before? No one would have thought less of you, but now people know you’re a liar.

Gregory Evans says:

That went about a zillion times better than my first flight. I put mine in a 40 foot tree! It’s still there.

mr0 monopoly says:

Nice Santa costume. XD



Pearl B1P1N says:

someone seriously!!! tell me a planes name that is 30$ and flies properly!

caden gilcrease says:


Tech Kings says:

It is, thanks! Trust me, I’ve pulled plenty of gnarly crashes since then.

Chris Foote says:

if that really was your first rc plane flight, it was fantastic. 

Pearl B1P1N says:

i wish rc planes werent shitty expensive!

kevin hudson says:

is this McCullin Park in Everett? 

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