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The HobbyKing Bix3 or Bixler 3 Review is Here with Camera Mounted Flight Footage! Designed to be a sort of all-in-one type of RC plane, from the ground up as a trainer, all the way to being able to fly with flaps, do loops and rolls, as well as a very versatile camera mounting platform allowing for some great shots from an action camera or even flying FPV! The Bixler 3 is very welcome here in our collection. Abby even gets her hands on the controls of this plane!

Buy the Bix 3 here – Buy the Bix 3 Here – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__56544__HobbyKing_8482_Bix3_Trainer_FPV_EPO_1550mm_PNF_.html

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Nicolas Torres says:

Hello 🙂 Can you please give me the characteristics of your battery? My CG isn’t good :/
Great video 🙂 !

blairo15 says:

Awesome plane guys! I love my bix 3 They are the workhorse of the sky!

Mark Hinchcliffe says:

great to hear,so the measurement for the centre of gravity was pretty good then.just that im doing a build myself and see a lot of different opinions on where it should be,what exact figure did you use.

Matthew says:

cool plane i cant wait to see it fpv flying bring it to flite fest

Matthew says:

what hotel are you guys staying at im staying at the spring hill suites akron

Joshua C. says:

You can also glide it.
I’m looking to get this plane’s immediate competitor, the AXN Clouds Fly Floater-Jet.
They’re very similar. The AXN does not have ground landing gear or included camera mounts though, but it’s also rather inexpensive – $65 ARF, $85 receiver-ready. Xjet’s flight clan LOVES the things, everyone in the group has one.

Michael Thompson says:

Wow those loops are as smooth on board as they look from afar!
I had to watch this in a high noise environment so I didn’t hear the commentary.
It seems like the plane flew even better with the camera on board.
Oh I have my eye on this one.
You guys have a great time and as always THANK YOU for all of your hard work.

bush pilot says:

got the RTF Version today ———– its rubbish
wingtube can not be put into the right wing……………Transmitter housing is “open” at the handle…………………one wheel is turning real hard…………..

HK one order one claim

curtmowslawns says:

I really enjoyed watching this video!

Keith Jenkin says:

Take her up high, cut the throttle, and just glide around.
Also good on the slope.

ron laisle says:

I just got my Bix 2 and there is just a tiny bit of difference between the two. This is my first R/C plane and I’m looking forward to the build and fly.Be doing sim flying until I’m sick to death of it. Wish me luck on this new R/C adventure. I’ve raced on and off road cars and trucks for 20 years and I want to try something different Oh, by the way, the camera work and production values of your videos are hands down some of the finest I have ever seen on youtube. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming.

mediamaker2000 says:

Nice plane. What type of controller did you use to fly it?

ErictheRed RC says:

I really liked this video a lot! To see how, out of the box, you take off, immediately work on the trim….and fly! Camera footage was very cool also. I will be getting something like this soon!

dave1135 says:

check your linkage, Nate from the buzzing, sounds like you have a servo binding. i try to eliminate buzz if I can, it puts extra load on the servo and battery, and can burn out the servo.

Matthew says:

14.30 you got so close to the power line

peach halfling says:

can you do an unboxing video of the bsd ramasoon plz?

jeff steeve says:

Is the prop on backwards?

Matthew says:

flite fest tomarrow what time are you guys leaving i leave for it at 10 am it takes seven hours together so ill be there tommarow at dinner time and all day friday and all day saturday and moring on sunday

Glen D. Spicer says:

Great video. The footage from the plane was awesome.

StarFyter1 says:

Spinning Loop! 10 Bonus Points!!!

Chris Duncan says:

I have an incredibly stupid question. how
How do I connect the rudder? Do I have to glue one of the connectors to it? Everything else I was able to figure out despite the poor instruction booklet.

Asneakypenguin says:

How does the bix3 handle wind? I went out during some 25 mph+ winds and it seemed almost uncontrollable. Is that normal or should it be able to handle that? Also it seems like I needed quite a bit more power to get off the ground and it seemed very very twitchy. Is that normal or did I screw something up? It’s the RTF model with no flaps.

SZretired says:


Glows in Dark says:

camera on the plane.. nice you 2.. did it make any difference on the plane as far as weight? looks like a good plane to fly , even for a beginner’s.

peach halfling says:

can you do an unboxing video of the bsd ramasoon plz?

Megaglow Z says:

you should get Josh bixler to sign it at flight fest!

Anthony Chambers says:

Very Nice plane and what gun you carrying there? And yes I’m very pro gun and carry everyday, not being a troll lol.

RC-SkunkWorX says:

Another Amazing video by the RcSaylors… great job guys

John Wedrall says:

yep I watched, she did good ! 🙂

Adam Crolley says:

I don’t live very far away from where Flight Fest is held, maybe 25-30 minutes. it’s going to be very hot, please make sure to prepare for that! High temps and humidity!

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Reminds me of the Apprentice, I head its pretty much the same except you dont need as much throttle to take off. I havent done anything fancy with a camara on my Apprentice. I did build a tower that mounts on top of the wing that brings the camara up above the propeller. It does make the plane squirrely flying,that would explain the no tricks thing. Its been up in the 90’s here also with terrible humidity,so I havent been out flying the apprentice at all. everything else is still grounded until I replace the DX6i. Kinda like starting over really. Nice job on the flying Abby.

Paweł Gogola says:

Nice wideo tkanks a lot !!! I mast have this one 😉

Steven Stern says:

IF you bounce IT IS OK!!! Its only bad when you have to fix it after landing!!!!

John Wedrall says:

super cool flight and video. FUN Fun and FUN ! thanks 🙂

Skydive4ever says:

You may have to do a flaps/elevator mix because as soon as you put flaps on the plane will go upwards, so you need to mix in some down elevator to compensate for the extra lift you will get when you activate the flaps switch.

SZretired says:

Hopefully you will do a video using the flaps for STOL !

LeonardoValente says:

Nice , what transmitter did you used ?

flyingm1 says:

Hey Nate, at first it looked like your prop was on backward. Did you turn it around?

Felix Von der Bank says:


FS Hurricane says:

what would you say for the first flight? i just got my plane and once the wind goes down i hope to fly it! any pionters cos im nervous

Seb Cal says:

Do you guys have any suggestions for a fairly cheap drone that has a good quality camera, and long battery life? Thanks ✌

Sarge Monday says:

Very cool Nate. You’re an awesome pilot. I’m tempted to get one but I don’t think it would fit in my car. My 44″ T-28 barely fits! BTW, great filming Abby!

Todd Simmons says:

hey the rc saylors you are having a fun time flying the bix3 awesome love watching your videos keep up the good work

Milan Karakas says:

I really enjoyed your flights. I wish to back to my airplanes. Right now I am flying quadcopters, but very soon I will back to planes. Thanks for nice video.

Angel Reading says:

We use the Bixler 3 as our standard trainer,prop out of the way so nothing to worry about breakages,these will fly in any wind once trimmed out,the problems I see here are lack of proper instruction and badly trimmed models,if you wait for the wind then you will never get to fly ! but get proper training and someone experienced to check out your model

William Bawden says:

TheRcSaylors could you review the hobby-King hall Cheroke glider with a edf fan I really want to see it fly

Mark Hinchcliffe says:

Did you find that the CoG that came in kit was accurate,and if not what measurement did you go with.

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