Hobby People – Micro Super Cub – Review and Flight

Link to purchase from HobbyPeople.com:
RTF ($50) – http://www.hobbypeople.net/index.php/hobby-people-super-cub-micro-front-yard-flyer-rtr-2-4ghz.html

They call this the “Front Yard Flyer”, and it truly is small and nimble enough to be flown in such small areas. It is only 3ch, but has fully-proportional magnetic actuator control surfaces.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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jonnekjonneksson says:

Louis Ck, is that you?

Foam Test says:

Is there anywhere that I can buy this today? The link in the description doesn’t work anymore and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

dave broadbent says:

down elevator

Doug Leach says:

Looks like its CG is a bit too far back. Did you try a bit of nose weight?

alostchromosome y says:

Unfortunately this R/C airplane is no longer available. Hobby People has closed all of their hobby shops. This is very sad. Also they were the importers of Airtronics radios too. It looks like Airtronics radio control systems are also gone. Maybe these radios will come back under the Sanwa name? I still have one of these planes new in the box.

Doug says:

Looks like the cg may be a bit to far back.

Carl Braund says:

Awesome demo! really enjoyed! Also, thanks for the last go-around! You were reading your audience’s mind! lol

Steven Simmons says:

They are all very nice, I have a mini, and I mean mini.. helicopter and drone. I use them to upset my cats. Do you have little gopros?

SFF Central says:

Link on Amazon?

John Orabone says:

sorry, move CG back a bit

กร ประตู says:


Michael Gray says:

Hey, Flyin Ryan, I don’t know if you remember me from my previous posts, but I trust you. You have always been 100% upfront and honest with your viewers, after battling false advertising from a “drone company”. I have 40.00 dollars left in my drone fund. I am looking for an FPV mini or micro drone. What is your recommendation? Your faithful viewer Mike.

Justin Johnson says:

Where can I buy this plane??

Haris Musthafa says:

How much it cost bro

Saher Assaf says:

I find the same like this
It’s price is 40$
So do u think I must buy it or not?

John Orabone says:

the plane is tail heavy. change CG forward a bit for smoother and more scale flight.

Tamaryn Scholtz says:


bio hazard says:

too slow

eclipser2004 says:

Looks like it needs a bit of down thrust on the prop. Too bad the little battery can’t be farther forward for some nose weight, maybe.

Lukas says:

Add a bit of weight in the nose instead of trimming it. It’ll be much better.



Evan Day says:

alsome plane

Xplor Fever says:

I just joined your channel. Nice flying.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Doesnt look kid safe to me. It would last about a week ( mabe ) around kids. Air hoggs puts out some somewhat fun stuff but yeah. I would have to go with a flite test build before investing in that.


Muito top seu canal adoro ver brinquedos RC gostei likeee

Peter Brown says:

No wonder it likes to climb! It’s tail heavy! Move the CG forward a bit and enjoy your flight rather than fighting the tail all the time!

JoeOvercoat says:

you make it look easy.

Bob Bailey says:


Michael Feasel says:

I have this little cub and its cool. To bad hobby people went out of business. I have a heli from them and its my best flying heli and now i cant get parts.

Muskoka Mike says:

I’d be checking the COG it definitely looks tail heavy….

Doggeslife says:

Looks like it needs a slightly larger battery to hold the nose down.
With all that down elevator fed in, I say it’s currently a bit tail-heavy.

Nice flyin, Ryan. 🙂 The link is dead though: http://www.hobbypeople.net

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

$50 everything needed not bad. I have seen prices of others north of $50 and some round $10 cheaper. For $50 awesome entry level price or for the city dweller perhaps someone that can not run to a park and wants(needs therapy) flight time. Nice find thanks for cluing me in.

Savage Killer 456 says:


nemo skull says:

404 not found. lol

Foam Test says:

Once you know all of the tendencies of these little planes it’s almost more fun to fly them in 5mph winds, I did that with my inum in my front yard and had a blast!



gianni moscotto rc. says:


Engineer Ahmed says:

Honestly this is the best indoor plane ….Night vapor looks like insect & just doesn’t give u the plane feeling ……………… For outdoor, high speed low alpha flying u can make it a bit nose heavy by pushing battery more towards front of plane.

Travis Bauder says:

So if it climbs with throttle, just slowly bring throttle back till level. the lift for the speed is so high with higher airspeed

suislidesullivan says:

Anyone know what 2.4ghz protocol these use? I would be interested in buying one if I could bind it to my Taranis with a Multiprotocol module in its bay.

panayiotis konstantos says:

Very cool and cute plane.

никита тв says:

А как он далеко летает?

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