GD-006 Diamond DA62 Cheap RC Airplane Review ✈️

The GD-006 DIY Airplane is really cheap, has a gyro for stabilization and seems to fly well. My sample seems to have one weaker motor which made left turns difficult. Also, this micro plane isn’t able to fly well in strong winds. Lights winds are OK but it gets squirrely in strong winds. Made of EPP, this thing can take a lot of abuse. 😀

✈️GD-001 Diamond DA62 RC Airplane –

This toy model is a replica of the Diamond DA62
More into here –

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dudu du76 says:

My F949 seems better…it can carry FPV mod

Isaac Lyons says:

Looks like a good cheap plane!

ronnie918644 says:

Albert You are awesome my friend. I enjoy how you do and try different things and don’t edit things out. Your true and human !! I started out with toys and im old and it just brings back reality to start learning just on cheap stuff. Im good at building and programming just need a lot more air time to fly what I build. Its nice to see you have fun doing what you do. No worry about fancy cameras and stuff. Its awesome. That’s how I do. I got vids on my channel of my progress if you would like to see.I put myself on a steep learning curve cause I aint getting no younger. You take care my friend and THANK YOU !! You made me smile after a bad day !!

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Probably a stupid question but did you check the trim adjustment on the tx? _I had one of the FX series that had the trim adjuster wrongly positioned and it took me ages to figure it out_
All these light diff thrust steering planes need pretty calm conditions but that seemed to cope pretty well considering the steering problem

Jeff Venable says:

Lol….looked like fun. Faster than i would have thought…not sure about that whole right turn thing….lmao….

Derek Rowe says:

Not as good as the fantastic C-17 then

Temporal Flux says:

Strange… Quadcopter101 said his struggled to turn to the right but, turned left quite easily. Do you know what size motors does it take, maybe they can be replaced with more powerful ones?

Dean Hallal says:

Are the motors counter rotating?

darexg says:

Is it possible to inav it? 😉

CC Cagley says:


garydee71 says: a fix for the wide turning radius

currdog44 says:

Albert, you expressed more “fun” flying that little plane than all of the quad flying videos combined!

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