FX803 the World’s Cheapest RC Airplane Glider

The FX800 series may be the world’s most inexpensive RTF RC airplanes. The FX803 is a 2.4Ghz update to the popular HL803 Piper Cub. But don’t be fooled by the low price. This little airplane is quite a flier, with good endurance of over 10 minutes flight time. Find the inexpensive FX Fly Bear series here (each one is a cool flier) FX802 http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplanes/pp_300711.html?lkid=10109203
And here are the other excellent Flybear airplanes https://goo.gl/qoNgLA

– Very inexpensive.
– Ready to fly! You just supply 6 AA batteries for the transmitter.
– Reasonably stable flier.
– Good range (at least 80 meters)
– Controller includes a USB port to charge the airplane in the fiels using the controllers batteries for power.

– Built in battery. Can not swap batteries in the field. Although it can be charged in the field with its controller.
– Very lightweight. Would be difficult to fly in the wind.

and here’s my flight with it:

Make Model: Fei Xiong FX803
Material: EPP Foam, Plastic
Wing span: Approx. 32cm/12.48inch
Length: Approx. 25cm/9.75inch
USB Cable Length: Approx. 60cm/23.4inch
Color: Yellow
Weight: 26g
Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.7V 150mAh (built-in)
Charging Time: 30-40mins
Power supply: 3.7V 150mah lithium battery ( Built-in )
Flight Height: About 100 meters
Control Range: About 80 meters
Flight Time: 10-12mins
Transmitter: 2.4 Ghz, 2 channel (throttle, yaw)
Transmitter power supply: 6 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Suitable Age: Aged 7-12
Forward, turn left/right, roll, dive

Package Contents: 1 x Airplane, 1 x Controller, 1 x USB Cable with Light, 1 x Landing Gear, 2 x Spare Propellers

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Capt. Bacon says:

i bought that…got my ass handed to me by birds lol

Mohammed Ahmed says:

lol I want that jet lollololololololol

Nathan Hutsky says:

this plane really is a great flyer for $20! I’m a huge cheap/park flyer rc plane fan and for $20 I think this is the cheapest that performs so well.

gypsychavie says:

if u want a nice rc plane .get a
(tvr bigcock…)……. nice plane 46 pounds amazing

Avian Flu says:

*deep throats Logitech mic*
disliking for audio quality.

joe woodchuck says:

The word “glider” is in the title why, exactly? It’s bad enough that people are calling everything that looks like a glider, a glider, even if it’s powered, but this plane doesn’t even pretend to be one!

EatTheMeatBalz_7 says:

this is horrible it doesnt even have elevators

Alberto Guadiana says:

were you got it

ACID INK says:

I swear you call everything a quad copter lol

Pete C says:

There’s no such thing as too much trim!

sr ripster says:

up close the ground looks like a penut butter brownie

Sandra Lampariello says:

very nice

Igor Loncar says:

Thank you for a great video and review presented in the interesting and “casual” way. All of this made me to buy one from Ebay for 15,99$. And I did not never regret it so far. I just wonder if it is possible to charge it from a different source, PC for example (just guessing 🙂 ). And what is your experience with a batteries in controler, how long do they last during multiple chargings. I have bought Duracel rechargable batteries 1950mAh, and after only one “play time” LED on controler started to flicker (low level power) and I had to charge them. This is a bit awkward but they might be too long in the store and power “evaporated”. Thak you for any help! Greetings from Croatia!

Dan Johnston says:

cool vid that plane looks really fun to fly 🙂

Jude May says:

how much is it?

lilsammywasapunkrock says:

I bought my kid something like this about 5 years ago for about $25.

gajanan Harikant says:


Charlie McEnery says:

Thermals and ridge lift, well I did modify the battery.

Luke Hannigan says:

I have this it is awesome at my park

Ian Mangham says:

these fly perfect in zero wind speed

T Mill says:

Your video shows the flight time at 8 minutes 30 seconds (3:20-11:50), did you cut the flight video somewhere?
How did you get 10 minutes 10 seconds?

Bastian Højer says:

it costs 29 dollers but still.

Motorsheep says:

I’m surprised how well it seams to fly

Jack Frost says:

The middle prop would be windmilling – causing a lot of drag. If it was replaced with a weight, maybe it would increase the flying time because less throttle is used.

mariop187 says:

This is fake this airplane only fly with modification

Jeffrey Salgado says:

da hora primo

TomWookieeD says:

can you fly two at the same time?

anisotropies says:

Your cheerful laugh made my day!

Charlie McEnery says:

I once flew it for an hour and 30 minutes

Noah Gerard says:

Could this carry a miniature camera?

Modified Cars says:

which will be the cheapest and better RC HELICOPTER or any RC QUADCOPTER?

CyberCheese says:

Insane that this video has 200k views!

Josh Hansen says:

101k subs xD

takiparilimpossivel says:

The price skyrocketed unfortunately :/

JDog Vlogs says:

Is it balanced

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