Flyzone Sensei RC Plane Review and Flight

This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Brushless Electric Powered
RXR (Receiver Ready) Sensei Foam Trainer Airplane from Flyzone by Hobbico.
This version includes motor, ESC and servos.

FEATURES: Construction: Aero-Cell foam with “drop door” in fuselage to deploy
a parachute or other creative payloads while in flight
Wings: Two piece
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Tail Section: Attaches with one screw and features self-aligning
Motor: Brushless, specs such as kV and RPM not provided by
Electronic Speed Control: 30A brushless compatible
Servos: Five micro
Landing Gear: Main, prebent aluminum 0.098″ (2.5mm) thick
Wheels: Three foam 2.5″ (63.5mm)
Propeller: 10×5 plastic
Spinner: 1.75″ (45mm) diameter black plastic
Warranty: Hobbico guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both
material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty
does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.

INCLUDES: Sensei Foam Trainer Airplane with Motor ESC, five micro Servos, Prop,
Spinner, Landing Gear, Wheels and Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: Transmitter/Receiver: 6-channel, TACJ2600
AA Batteries: Four if using transmitter listed above
LiPo Battery: 2100mAh 11.1V, HCAA6387
Battery Charger: LiPo compatible w/balancing capability, GPMM3155
Pliers and phillips screwdriver

SPECS: Wingspan: 58″ (1475mm)
Wing Area: 566 sq in (36.5 sq dm)
RTF Weight: 3.2lbs (1450g)
Length: 48″ (1220mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom
Configuration: High wing
Center of Gravity: Draw a mark 1/4″ (7mm) back and 1/4″ (7mm) forward
from the front of the aileron servo cover. The plane should
balance between these two marks.
Control Throws:
Elevator, Up/Down: 1/2″ (15mm)
Rudder, Right/Left: 5/8″ (16mm)
Ailerons, Up/Down: 1/2″ (15mm)

This plane can be purchased online from Tower Hobbies at the link below.

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Cesar Correa says:

Is this a good beginner plane

horizonplanes says:

Hey Eric
I’m thinking about buying this rc plane
Can this plane be used by a Spektrum DX5e 5-channel propotional transmitter??????

airplanefreaks says:

What does the stall look like?

Jory Rowe says:

Excellent video Eric….I am buying mine on Thursday this month… Hope I like it!!!

mazpr2025 says:

Thats the problem w this airplane, its a pain to work on.

horizonplanes says:

thank you did you happen to see my F4F Wildcat and Super Cub LP vids
If not here they are:
Super Cub LP
Parkzone F4F Wildcat RC Plane

Jared Bachman says:


Understood. Can I ask you a quick question: I flew so much that I burnt out the engine, and I have to replace it. I had to cut open the front of the fuesalage, and was wondering if you had any tips for me.

C JB says:

Is the battery connector plug inside fuse the same as the Flyzone battery you used?

Robert Timmons says:

The stock Sensei is badly underpowered. It will drag itself into the air only under absolutely perfect conditions, which is a high quality asphalt or concrete surface. The three clubs in my area all have good grass fields but with the tiny motor that comes with the Sensei it cannot get through the drag of even a close cropped field. So, the out-of-the-box performance is disappointing. This power problem is well documented in R/C forums as is the incredible weakness of the stock motor mount.

Jasper Middelbos says:

@rtbreeder Tips for opening the fuselage, or flying, or setup? Please be more specific..

albshore8 says:

It’s Fly Zones ver. of E-Fights Apprentice …i like it ..might get one see which is better…Keep looking up…

Jared Bachman says:

@MrJasperDaniel The part of foam near the frnt of the plane that looks seperate is glued. I had to razor blade it off, so I can remove the engine.

czargb says:

Hmm could that be a CoG problem? battery placement?

joehandsome99 says:

If you use a spektrum receiver in the plane then yes you can.

horizonplanes says:

A Few more questions
Can this work with a parkzone li-po 11.1V 1300mAh (14.43 Wh) 15C Continous Discharge battery
If so, how long could it fly
Thank You
PS: Love the Video and Nice Flying

joehandsome99 says:

Sorry to hear the new pilot did not have a good time with the airplane. As you see in the video I was able to loop, roll, and fly inverted with the Sensei. The drop door was also fun and I have put as many as a dozen ping pong balls in it at one time.



David Gibson says:

I have this plane and love it, I am using the 2200 batteries I already have and get about 7 minutes of flight time.  I wish I had bought this one first!

electricrc68 says:

Hey Eric! Is this plane capable of doing aerobatics? Sorry if it was demonstrated in the video, i dont have time to watch the whole thing right now.

Jasper Middelbos says:

@rtbreeder Stability isn’t a problem to me.. That’s very good, but the point to me is. The CG is approximately at 1/3 of the wing, and if the wheels are behind that, it won’t easily lean backwards, if you know what I mean. It going up much smoother this way.. But if it feels good to you, then you shouldn’t change it 🙂

Sahadi420 says:

I have the Sensei. I think it’s like that (angling forward) so the gear will break out clean if the plane hits real hard. If you look at the gears angle in the vid…and imagine the plane at a slight upward angle coming in hard and smacking the ground, the gear will be straight up, and will put mad stress on the air frame, maybe rip the wings off. If you install like the manual, the gear will be at a greater angle, and break off clean, absorbing impact.
I use the “manual angle” and do fine.

Jared Bachman says:

@MrJasperDaniel Im using the engine it came with, and I know its not the ESC because everything else works fine. I was flying in some rain for a breif peroid of time, so that could be it. Anyway, after school today, Im calling the Hobbico engine department and asking them. Thanks!

Jasper Middelbos says:

@rtbreeder Haven’t had any problems with it yet, but it seems that it has to be cut open if you want to acces it.
But are you sure that you burned the motor, and not the esc? That’s more often the case, so I’ve heared.
What motor is in it actually? What does it say about the Volts/minute, what brand? Haven’t had to open it up yet. 🙂 Best of luck with it.

BOKI797 says:

Nice flying airplane ! But a good pilot flying it!

boomerangfreak says:

@ControlDilemma hope the bay is big enough to fit a egg or some small watterbaloons
maybe there is some way to make it bigger

Flo Modz says:



hi! im from brazil and im cursing the rio grande do sul’s aeroclub in private piot. do you think the sensei is a good plane for initial pilots?

Glen Huff says:

I have a sensei wouldnt recommend for frist time flyers. Parts like the wing are $70.00 go with the super cub lp its easer to fly and parts want bankruped you.

William A. Leyrer says:

I noticed that you installed the landing gear in a swept back position as opposed to the forward position as indicated in the assembly instructions.
In you opinion is there some advantage to favoring the rear is does it matter.

Ross Tinney says:

Can larger wheels be put on for grass fields?

Ross Tinney says:

I thought the landing gear bracket was to be pointed forward not backward as you have it.

Bilal Shah says:


Sahadi420 says:

DONT GET THIS PLANE…………..I love the plane (love landing it) But……….flyzone sucks at keeping parts stocked for it.
Had a mid-air collision (that knocked my SD card out of my gopro….doh) and now they’re saying it will be months before more fuselages are available.
Meanwhile, everybody and their mama has full kits available.
That’s crap.

Jasper Middelbos says:

Hey Eric, here are some of my thoughts about this plane..
You mounted the landinggear the wrong way, I did too the first time.
Landing and starting on grass is nearly impossible with these wheels, too small.
Needed to put 100mm wheels on the back, new axles made for it. Frontwheel 70mm. Bent the landinggear so that the nose comes up more.. Don’t think the drop hatch is that big..
Did you mode those chutes yourself? How, would like to have some too.
The planes features are correct so.. Great vid!

RellyOhBoy says:

I just notice the man gear is on backward. When I first got mine I thought it went that way too.

gingerssuck says:

the apprentice flys better but the sensei’s hobbico aero-cell foam is far more durable than horizons z-foam. want something even better get a fun cub


I got this plane my friend has a apprentice mine has drop door his doesn’t but both are cool I don’t hate on any plane they all have there pros and cons

StndbyHD1 says:

Plane is horrible i bought the eflite apprentice 15e and i can do way more another new joe at the club bought the sensei and was using a dx7I with high rates and no expo we coudlnt even get it to roll without tip stalling it can do a loop but thats about it we had the control horns set to furthest away on ailerons and elevator only 2 notches on control horns so not much difference garbage plane!

David Gibson says:

I have over a 100 flights on mine.  A number of crashes, even had to replace the fuselage once.  it has been recovered from a tree, way up yonder!  I love it, wonderful plane!

Ross Tinney says:

Does it have the Wise Stablization gyro?

WildBobsRC says:

You installed the landing gear backwards,lol~Bob

Slugo's RC says:

I have a question can you fly this plane in light winds? I am a new pilot and have only flow small planes like the duet, champ, and sport cub s, which you can only fly in calm winds I love your videos you and Candy make a great team, thanks rich

Steve Stokes says:

Hey Eric, Been flying on Phoenix sim for a while and ready to buy first plane. Flyzone Switch or Sensei?

S G Mason Knives says:

I picked one of these up on the 4th and got a chance to fly for a little bit today. I had no problems getting into the air, it flew well and the only problems were caused by my own inexperience. I had a bit of a dumb thumb moment and grabbed aileron instead of rudder. Nothing came of it but there was a bit of pucker factor when it rolled over and I wasn’t expecting it to.
All in all I would say its a good plane.

horizonplanes says:

hey thanks for the answer
Have you tried grass landings

Dylan Newell says:

i bent my motor mount and i can’t find any videos on how to take it off and i was wondering if you know how to take it off

MrBillpam91 says:

Yes rtf has everything. But I bought more batteries and a good charger.

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