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We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Flyzone Calypso Glider, which is why we had to pick up and feature the NEW Micro Flyzone Calypso! This is small enough to fit in any vehicle, maybe even a backpack. With a small price tag to fit it’s size, we’re very hopeful that Abby will be able to take this on as her next plane! Let’s take a closer look at the Flyzone Micro Calypso!

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Sang Tran says:

Hello Nat and Abby is the flyzone calypso glider sold in Australia?

Don Adams says:

I would suggest checking the balance point before flying and adjusting if necessary.   Since it is a glider, next I would suggest some test gliding without power to see how the trim and balance checks out and again adjust as needed.   For the first powered launch, don’t launch with full throttle, apply somewhere around 1/2 to 2/3 throttle and up the power when you have it under control.    This should give you a fighting chance of surviving a first flight.   You might have noticed the first flight of this airplane was a little wild until he got it properly trimmed.

What_is_my name says:

How you get Abby to fly RC? can’t get my wife to do anything rc 🙁

Paul Randall Hicks says:

Beautiful review. Please do more reviews on planes and boats…and maybe some RC tanks. But, please….cut back on the many RC drones and quads you have been doing. Boring drones are only a passing fade. However, planes….trains…boats…and autos….will always be recycling generation after generation. :0) (You two are so cute to watch. Where is Popeye????))))

Mark Spohrleder says:

try a power-off launch. it is so peaceful. gliders don’t really need throttle right away.

Gary Regier says:

Hey, Gliders typically have a lot of up thrust. The point is that you climb up high and cut the motor and glide down, or catch a thermals. The other options is to take it to a hill with a up hill wind and slope soar.

RCHeliJet says:

Point landing…. Lady, nice thumb up

Don Wood says:

Abby, excellent job!

James Rodgers says:


loweredtalon says:

I have both the Calypso and the micro Calypso. Does the prop on your micro keep spinning when the power is off? Because mine won’t stop spinning when I’m trying to glide.

SnapPunch Robert says:

Cool little plane and nice piloting skills Abby 🙂

Darrell Williams says:

Hi Nate and Abby from the UK, I really like your reviews – watched most of them!It’s nice to see affordable models being reviewed and also nice to see that you do an honest review including the bad points.The only thing from my point of view (as I fly Mode 1) is that it would be very useful to know if Mode 1 or Mode switching is available on the models; that would make great reviews perfect :)Great to see Abby feeling her feet with fixed wing, well done you!!! I must admit I really like gliders, mainly from the point of view of flight times, my favourite at the moment is my AXN Floater Jet, great little plane for its cost – might be a good one for Abby to review in the future!!!Heres a video of me flying it with a 808#16 keyfob cam mounted just in front of the motor. you like it 🙂

Kevin Mann says:

Yikes…stalls on stalls on stalls

David Davids says:

thanks for posting. too bad the flying was so erratic. this is a self-launching glider.
the idea is to get a little altitude, then throttle off. note that if elevator is trimmed for gliding, flying with throttle on will result in climb. one purpose of the spring-loaded prop is to ensure the prop does not turn when the plane is gliding. cheers

Fire Drake says:

You guys are awesome. I watched this video twice and went out and bought this little gem. It is 100% worth every penny. Very nice little plane. I haven’t flown anything in 2 years and before that it was all helicopters. I built this tonight and was out flying before sunset. It is extremely easy to fly and a wonderful intro to park flyers and sailplanes. I can’t wait for tomorrow to go out again. Thanks for the great video and glimpse into this suburb little bird. Keep up the great videos you two!!!!

Michael Sanders says:

You did great Abby.  I am looking for a good glider that can carry a 600mW FPV rig.  The Flite Test guys did rig this Calypso with a combo camera.  It’s a maybe on that.  I need to build some mad skill like Nate.

Mark Romero says:

So which is better for a beginner: Micro Calypso, or the Micro Radian???

Peter Schmitt says:

Could you explain trimming sometime? You talk about with all the RC’s that you’ve played with.

Al B says:

0:56 Life’s strange even away from Arcadia Bay 🙂

diabolicaldarkness1 says:

HAHAHAHA! not 1 but 2 random dogs just running across the field lol. both running the same speed. i wonder what they were running from, or running to!? late for dinner? lol, that cracked me up

B5guy says:

This was one of my 1st RC planes, it’s a great flyer because you can fly high and turn off the motor and just glide, I know I have flown this plane for 15min or longer.

Victor Daher says:

What song is this you guys? (around 4min) its real nice n mellow!

SilverStar Heggisist says:

a friend unexpectedly sent me one… a friend who was at my house said I looked like a 5 year old… lol I’m 26.

twistedwired says:

Nice chill, thanks.

Steve Cooke says:

Love your videos! Keep up the great work! have ordered the TXR versions of both the Micro B-25 and this Calypso. The B-25 comes with a 250mah battery. Just curious if this battery will fit the Micro Calypso and maybe a tiny bit more weight using the B-25 battery in the Calypso will help with the “porpoising”?? Just a thought…

Paul Randall Hicks says:

:0) For my store….and other RC store’s benefit…..could you do some “battle tank” videos……and how and who is the quality products on the market???????????????????????????????????????????????????/// ( :0) Just asking) Sincerely & Respectfully…..Adventures in Radio Control….. Owned/Operated by: Paul Randal-Randy Hicks (facebook).

James Rodgers says:

Man I like the way the props spring back ‘ so that should it crash U dont break the prop

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

i learned to fly on a UMX Radian.
i have a problem with the little 1S battery connectors though. They tend to wear out. So i moved to 2S planes.

The UMX Radian was a fantastic training tool, however. prolly dont want much more than 5mph winds, but boy does it float with proper setup 🙂

Steve Fox says:

the nice smile on her face in the thumbnail made me click this lol
i want a wife thats into my hobbies too, you got a touch there mate!

Ice Wolf says:


Kaan Yıldırım says:

hey man, wiff very beatufull

SkyEye MCCIX says:

When I saw him crash it at insane speed and NOTHING happened to it; I _knew_ I was sold on this thing.

Suresh Patel says:

can you do for with this glider

momof 3 says:

I love drones

Manikandan N says:

which is the best drone under 50$??

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