Flybear FX 820 SU 35 2 Channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review

This 2 channel RC plane is shaped the SU-35 fighter aircraft. Find it here and use coupon SALE10

– Good looking fighter airplane shape of SU-35.
– Simple two channel controls of throttle for climbing/descending, and yaw for turning right/left. Yaw turns are accomplished through differential thrust of its two motors.
– Common 220mah battery with white Losi connector. Should be able to easily find spare batteries.

– The instruction manual claims gyro stabilization. However, phugoid oscillations and roll over with hard yaw suggests that this may not be not true.
– Calm day flier only. Not for windy days.
– Yaw turning control is only slightly proportional. Best truned with short multiple bumps on the yaw control until the aircraft is flying in the desired direction.

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Quad Damage FPV says:

Hehehe, she looks like a fun little plane, seems to be in high alpha, maybe CG is a bit too far back, can you move it forward a bit?

nickgamer says:


Dj Ferret927 says:

the front is super light. bend rear flaps up and this bad boy will fly stunt circles in a 10 foot box, bend flaps down for speed. I run a 500 mah battery (its a tight fit), but it flies for darn near 45 minutes for real, and didn’t burn out my motors. Some models have a steel ball bearing under that nose for weight. I removed it during battery swap. amazing flyer.

Huckaberry FpV says:

Aced the landing:)

Philip Krzysko says:


Icantdrive55 says:


砂糖ぐみぐみ says:


Purvang Shah says:


Quadcopter 101 says:

Advance to 2:32 (thank me later :). And *find it here*

Cumulonimbus _ says:


Tobi Lang says:



Got mine two days ago. Good call on gluing landing gear , lost mine first time out. Glad I had C17 first, it gave me some idea of what to expect. I thought it was same maker and expected the trans to be the same but it is not. There are no trims. The C17 is easier to fly but both are tricky to turn as you demonstrated. I also snapped off the nose in one of my crashes, caused by the tip stall you showed before I got a handle on the steering. It still flies without nose and front wheel and handles much better at half throttle or less. As per instructions I had to bend rudders a bit to trim out major right turn. I’m going to miss the landing gear though , I like ground take off and landing.

Canadian Drone Network says:

never first

Dank UniTato says:

nice vid

kenstogie says:

Unless you want to do a conversion with some elevons this is a definate pass……

Steve Carpenter says:

It’s a jet, it what’s to climb! LOL No too bad for a inexpensive 2 channel.

RC-Fan NL says:

Is it me or is this one slower than the C-17 Transport plane? It’s so slow that anyone seems to be able to land it safely, which is nice.

Cam C. says:


Waleed Hayat says:


Master Shake says:

What is the best, relatively inexpensive drone you can think of? I don’t have the time to go back and rewatch your videos… I’m looking for quality, something that won’t break easily but isn’t too expensive. I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

Gaming drawing and more says:

I used to love your videos about a year ago. And I’ve been inspired. Now I love to fligh them and there just great fun things to use.

Timoffie says:


SKULL 66 says:

Why don’t you do the JJRC H66

Teka Sherwood says:

I need to find a place to fly like this, near Regina.

Drone 658 says:

Hello I am a big fan

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