Flite Test : RC Planes for Beginners: Transmitters – Beginner Series – Ep. 8

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The Flite Test Beginner Series is brought to you by Horizon Hobby. This is the 8th of a 10 part series that will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in the R/C Flying Hobby!

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Ishaan Kulkarni says:

so can’t bind an orange t6 transmitter to a frsky recivers??

Questing Guide says:

omg your little arrow board would be great to have for making sure everything is dialed perfectly!

kevin mcmahon says:

U should put expo and dual rates in the title it took me forever to find this

SkyPilot 737 says:

Can transmitters interfere others???

Thomas Lenaerts says:

for the dx6e 6-channel transmitter on your store, how many planes can it hold?

Michiels J. says:


toskana98, Timo says:

Why there can’t be an open source transmit protocol for every brand?
Yeah I know why… ._.

n g says:

Which would you guys pick, the TGY 110 from hobbyking or DX9 from horizon?

D Jaquith says:

Its been years, crystal days, but Futaba was _king of the hill_ so why no mention of them? Just asking .. I noticed a lot of DX9’s.

Charlie Nadeau says:

what is your transmitter type josh bixler? i saw that yours had lots of channels AND a touch screen?

Paul says:

If I buy the most expensive Transmitter and a cheap receive (of same brand) will it work,and show me battery life, distance, etc.?

Rush V says:

hii im new to this. can i know this cheap 4channel transmitter can bnd with kingkong smart 100????????????? pleaseeee reply

Sinjin Perez says:


Steve Fox says:

flysky FS-I6, dirt cheap computer radio with back lit lcd display and pretty much has every feature you NEED just not some fancy stuff you dont need. runs diversity , has 2 way communication with telemetry and is 6 ch out the box but is easily flashed with new firmware to become a 10ch radio, its the perfect radio for beginners and experienced alike

bkbenelli says:

Great video series!! Would love to see a “Tech Update” video each year. A once-per-year video that shows your favorite new tech and the most anticipated upcoming tech.

Champ says:

Will a 4-Channel Receiver work with a 6-Channel Transmitter?

A Happy Potato Big says:

I have a spektrum ar10 receiver and I can first my connecter for my servo into any slot in the receiver. please help me

Bashir Tafida says:

please which is the best transmitter and receiver sets

Graham Renham says:

hi iv been looking into rc and have been looking in to longer range controller and cannot find nothing on the signal going from 1 point to another and then to the RC plane was wondering if you could help

Noor Elahi says:

hi guys I like your channel very much
your videos are awesome
I am not able to get an economical transmitter and receiver and I have to make an RC plane
I have a wireless ps2 dualshock joystick so please can you find a method and upload a video of how to make a transmitter and receiver from a ps2 wire less joystick without using arduino

kingg457 says:

new to RC and this type of hobby, but I bought a RTF with a 4 channel radio. I was wondering what would you recommend if I want just one transmitter for any type of flying i.e. helicopter, multi rotor, airplanes… they said that the transmitter is an investment. I set a budget and Im willing to spend 300$ for one good transmitter. its kinda tough figuring out what to buy

Break 3Step says:

which transmitters do you like best or can you recommend for strong intermediates?? I fly fpv but not hard and I like flying normal airplanes! Is the frsky taranis good enough for me or do I have to buy a graupner mz 24 or spektrum dx 18?? My problem is that the receivers of spektrum and graupner are very expensive!! I would love to hear what you think about that!!

joespeed1952 says:

Why would I want to pay over $1000 for a transmitter? Why would anyone?? Can someone please give me the cheapest 6 channel, and when I can find a sale on horizon hobby website, so I can get an rc plane for cheap for my Birthday…

wardope says:

Watching this in 2017. those Tx are from the old days 😀 10 models Wow just wow 😀

Bashir Tafida says:

please multirotor

Gary Vale says:

can you recommend a good beginner RC helicopter radio….something not too expensive or difficult to bind….I am looking to get a Blade or WL toys BNF model heli…..thanks

Voyhager3 says:

Train your parents

Jack H says:

is the DXe a good remote for a beginner?

Luide Mulumba says:

You forgot to mention DSSS (Direct Sequence)

szaki says:

When I started in this hobby we had AM Rx/Tx radios! LOL!
Even a garage door opener can mass up the plane!

jahair l says:

Very nice explanation of Duel Rate and Expos.

mason stump says:

what can you do with auxiliary channels?

Sal C says:

I just came across your video (which was posted 3 years & 3 months ago) and would like to know if the Spektrum DX-6 can be used on a Protocol FX video quadcopter. Also I would like to know the difference in the DX6 and the rev e, i and other revisions. Thank you for your help with this question

Ralph Kluge says:

great series guys, i missed you mentioning the transmitter output power? are all the same or do they vary between manufacturers? cheers from OZ

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