Flite Test : RC Planes for Beginners: How to Choose – Beginner Series – Ep. 1

The Flite Test Beginner Series is brought to you by Horizon Hobby. This is the 1st of a 10 part series that will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in the R/C Flying Hobby!

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Eric Kroeff says:

hey wat are some good simulators

Aidan Bilger says:

should i get a durafly 1100mm trojan as my second plane?

Fludderlumpagoose Thethird says:

Sweet. I still want the freewing f14 and the p38. They get expencive so id love these two.

ElMariachi says:

OK, no WW2+ warplanes. But what about a Fokker DR. I, for beginners? It”s a high wing, a mid wing and a low wing at once and supposedly not too fast.

Michelle landry says:


the craft king #1 says:

Noticed the icon Plane i see them all the time flying around Vacaville do you have a diy build yet for Icon. Anyhow im trying to make a foam version . ill post pics when done

CubNeb says:

I just ordered the HobbyZone Mini Apprentice S And I never flown before is this a good first-time flyer?

Timm Roberg says:

Is it a bad idea to have a highwing with out dihedral?

Edward Lee says:

hi guys, thanks for sharing your experience through your videos, I have been flying fpv quads for a couple of years and wanted to try something a little different, I have just built an fpv ranger 757-4 but now built I think its a bit big for were I can fly, I plan on using the electronics on an fpv wing ?, can these fly in a smaller space ?, is this a good idea ?, the motor is an x2216 1400kv 40A esc, plus fpv system, monster v2 and vtx. and plan to run on 4S, could you recommend a wing perhaps with a wingspan under 1 meter, is there any with a rudder or is it not necessary.

jeff sebastian says:

Can you please teach or tell me more about simulators I believe it would help me big time

jeff sebastian says:

Do you guys ever go to Muncie Indiana to the AMA site my mom’s house is only a mile from there

Chief Bradley says:

It’s better to have a black eye!


I would request if the channel can feature my channel pls I would be grateful if my request is accepted.. I don’t where to contact

sjmunoz says:

i there !
are there any web sites that give you information on compatibility between differnet plane pieces ?
i had the airhogs strorm launcher and cant find a ESC replacement, so im looking for some other compatible ESC.

Michelle landry says:


SriHari Bharadwaj says:

20:23 what’s the name of the plane??
I want to build that…

alan storey says:

cant find the exact model on horizons page, would cessna 1400mm wing span be a good starter?

William Mjema says:

Can you suggest some of the simulators please?

justin snow says:

My first was a 4 channel cub

Thegreatcanadianlumberjack says:

Thank you for all the information. i’m switching from Rancing Drone to RC planes. I got a Naze AT9 controller that i can use. this is a good start. i ordered your SE5 Biplane might try that out first

Whytho? - says:

I like how josh scott keeps saying things and josh biller is like, yea no

jeff sebastian says:

I am looking to get into flying I have a really nice drone the typhoon q500 4k but haven’t ever flown an rc plane today I looked at a DYNAM SKY TRAINER 182 RTF AND A SMALLER PUSHER CANT REMEMBER THE NAME BUT WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE DYNAM AND PUSHERS RTF THE DYNAM HAS A SAFE SWITCH THE PUSHER DOESN’T WITCH ONE DO YOU RECOMMEND

John Mark Tamano says:

Nice, this is a must for newbies like me. What I learned, “Start with the ugly rather than with the sleek (warbird) that will only end up in the trash.”

RockytheKidd 009 says:

Wait what about biplanes

ProjectAir says:

16:05 :’D Josh Scott.

Mathias Brochmann says:

When i learnd to fly, i got help of my uncle! He’s a realy good pilot!( He flies an acro plane) I mastered the FMS Easy Trainer pretty good. But i chrashed it and it took a while to fix it, But i learnd a lot about the airplane itself. So dont get mad if you crash your foam airplane.

Richard says:

Hi, thanks for sharing. just wanted to ask where can i get the plan for simple build airplane? that show at the video? 7:58. anyone got any idea =)

Nathaniel Hennesay says:

so, i have an average wind speed of around 13 miles an hour where i live. foam planes are almost impossible to even get off the ground let alone fly with any technique. the one time i did get one off of the ground it got caught in some wind and eventually flew out of range. do you think the wooden kit sets would be heavy enough to fly in such winds, or am i s.o.l.?

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