Flite Test – F-18 Blue Angels EDF – REVIEW

Flite Test – REVIEW
F18 Blue Angels EDF
A Hobby King sponsored segment.

Alas! Josh Scott gets to see this classic jet up close and personal. Plus there is an additional surprise Josh Bixler can’t wait to share with his buddy with the same name.

After the review make sure you check out the our Flite Tip that explains the modification we did…



Ayuub Mohamed says:

use a jet for a sonic boom

Aden Thie says:

Wow! So old!

v hill says:

I feel like josh scott is drunk during this

Robert Gatto says:

Do sport cub s on floats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COLT.45RC says:

do a review on the habu sport jet

The Projectile Gamer says:

Thats what i thought

Mason Persons says:

he had to much meds

WHUFC71 says:

I love the afterburner effect!! AMAZING!

Michael Grossman says:


Jack Sahr says:

Josh the one that flew the blue angel you should have told Joshua to put his hand in the “Fire”

Patrick White says:

This was made 7 YEARS AGO!

holmesteadready says:

High on meth or something.. and not allowed to fly because if it. Jesus

Stanley C says:

did josh ever fly it?

gogogaga says:

Small Joan looks like jessa from breaking bad

Aaron Grubbs says:

Is a 3 or 4 channel plane better for a beginner? Or is that kind of a non-issue factor?

Ryan Langeveldt says:

My question is … did Josh ever fly it?

Kokolope 2 says:

Is josh high?

Joseph Stapp says:

What is the dirt oval for

Oyun CAnavarı says:

Hello i love rc planes very much but i can not get it because it is not money.

DragonSlasher5000 says:

if i could have any of of you planes it would be any that’s not broken

Dan says:

Kids can fly these things and he keeps that guy from flying anything, so condescending.

ANYTHING rcawesom3nes says:

Do a review on the mini switch rc plane pls

John O'Connor says:

Blue angels are my favorite jets

abraham manaoat says:

by the way ho no warthunder

Can Darma says:

And a f18 has one motor

The_Human-Wither says:

I fell like you guys should set up a team of RC jet pilots.

abraham manaoat says:

F-18 is olso from the warthunder

Rafael Torres says:

never let the poor dude fly only promises.

underverser says:

Now build a RC controled MIG-29 replica that can reach 75,000ft! That would be awesome.. 😀

TerminatorGodzilla says:

Joshua Scott’s jet is the F-18 mine was too until I saw the F 22 raptor that thing is awesome it’s my dream jet

Fulland_ _ says:

i went to watch the blue angels in florida

Log Horizon says:

Am I the only one who wants to see a air show with these?

Kaden Eastwood says:

Does anyone know what website I could order the F-18 model from?

Sky Smashers says:

I got he same one yesterday! Can’t seem to assemble it to the remote, any suggestions

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