Flite Test – E-Flite Apprentice S 15e – REVIEW

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We bought the new “teach your self to fly” E-Flite Apprentice S 15e with SAFE technology to put it through its paces. Is it really as good as it sounds? Can a beginner teach him or her self to fly without an instructor?

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Lagger Onesixfour says:

I really love this plane, while yes it is expensive, it is reaaally great! You can teach yourself on it, you can do aerobatics, you can do stupid stuff, hit the panic button and bam all good.

Would I recommend this to someone going into the RC hobby? If they did save up enough money, I would say absolutely yes! You get the whole package of a functional plane great for beginners, a transmitter and all the electronics needed, + a receiver with some unused channel ports, so you can try weird things or modifications!

Gaming Adventures says:

just picked one up today. two flights in and not bad. First time flyer it was a good purchase. I didn’t even have to use panic switch. I have been into r/c for 20 plus years I figured why not try planes. thank you guys for the motivation

Steve T. says:

At 1:10, well, as a soon to be flyer looking for his 1st airplane, the “SAFE” feature is something I’m considering, and, yes I’ve been looking at the Apprentice. I spose as I’m an “ediot” (judging by your remark at about 1:10 when discussing the “SAFE” feature) I will view/follow other YouTube channels for information, and will depart yours with two words for your snobby, short little self: fuck off.

Capt. Bacon says:

would you recommend this or the sport cub s?

Moonchild of Orcamoon says:

I need an OC button :)

Dragonfly's Discoveries says:

You were very close Josh.
The Irish call an idiot an eegit.

bobby hunter says:

What’s the flight time on this 3s battery that comes with it?

Sergio Ramirez says:

good video guys I’m going to get mine on Friday

Fullthrottle Turnnburn says:

Quick question: As a complete beginner, would it be necessary to practice on a flight sim first before attempting to fly the real thing even though it has all those safety features?

Viktor Csabay says:

how many minites can it fly and does it fly out of the box

Shane Cochrane says:

how dose she fly with floats? want to get one to continue learning on that will grow with me

Loren Maendel says:

I just got one too, and it is the most fun plane I have ever owned, I highly recommend it to fresh flyers.

Zachary Farnham says:

can you do the mini apprentice s please

shawn cell says:

i would like to see you fly this plane in a 50 ft lot x 100 ft lot with power wires and land it safely like i can with the small s cub do you add sepet this challenge

Mark Herrick says:

I am 53 and new to flying planes . although I do own a few drones, crawler trucks, and a tricked out brushless erevo rc trucks. And now into planes … This plane is the coolest rc I’ve ever owned I liked it so much I bought two yup in case the 1st one breaks I wont be grounded lmao… I did put bigger wheels on it for the grass in my yard .Other than that it has been a awesome learning platform for the first plane. Oh yea I did have the sportsman S this is a lot easier to fly right out of the box. Two thumbs way up on this unit. but it is not for a small area requires a lot of space for a beginner like me. I use the DX6 with these just flippin awesome.

baja5racer1 says:

hands down this is the best trainer out there its worth every penny you can truly learn to fly all by yourself trust me I know because I did it.I can fly perfectly on expert mode now only after a few flights I give it a 10 out of 10

Peter Ellison says:

When ever my plane with SAFE flies overhead or in the sun, Where I can’t see its orientation, I spam the panic switch until I can see it well

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

one of the ugliest rc planes i have ever seen.
not trying to offend others though.
They could have at least painted it better. its so ….white…. for that price.
I guess you could just paint it yourself hmmm

my first plane was one of those nimh Firebird stick POS planes that used POWER for elevation which simply SUCKED in ANY wind.
I lost that plane and simple lol

You gotta learn somewhere but if it’s gonna be that expensive it should at least look nice, eh?

I learned to fly proper using a UMX Radian and PicaSim. Then a Sport Cub S (little blue one). Then a Noob Tube by Experimental airlines. Then lots of practice.

PicaSim will teach you orientation. An hour a day keeps trees away.

one of the most important things to learn is taking off and landing before you transition to a heavy plane with less training wheels

I still have a ways to go before I am happy with my skills, but I learned to fly in about 3 months.

fun fact you can book a ride in a cessna 172 where I live for $75. You’ll get to see & FEEL what being a bird is like–in a small plane. lots of fun that takeoff and landing was

Riley Ross says:

I have the same plane, SAFE actually stands for Sensory Assistance Flight Envelope.

YoungExplorer says:

I remember my first landing with this plane, perfect wind, perfect glide slope and just the right amount of flare…


Joseph st.germain says:

I like how the music changed when Josh switched to Josh to fit the mood and style of the pilot. I absolutely love their music (not their new music, the original stuff)

Diego A. says:

How much is the battery life?

Detlef Kr says:

Ein Hohdecker kann man gut fliegen

Carl Barnett says:

that was great guys , very reasuring for someone who wants to get flying for first time


Nice plane, I got the mini.

SkyPilot 737 says:

SAFE: Satisfactory Aviation For Eidiots

Ruben Nouta says:

Challenge: race different kind of ft designs, every pilot another ft foam design. Attempt 2

Renegade Llama says:

Welcome to the rice fields.

Travis Haney says:

Love this plane I have been able to teach myself how to fly and have progressed through the modes to now be flying in advanced mode. Flitetest please review the Eflite Commander MpD 1.4!

Crimson Harp says:

I turned of the SAS control and flew it with advanced mode on.

Crimson Harp says:

now whats its top speed? I haven’t calculated it yet cause I don’t have a  speedometer

Crimson Harp says:

i have one and its badass! I turned it on advanced mode and holy shit its sooo narly. my first rc plane I’m a pro. I play airplane games a whole lot and I know a whole lot about airplanes too.

Peter Taylor says:

Fun vid. Great drone shots. Thanks for posting.

Shane Cochrane says:

how dose she fly with floats? want to get one to continue learning on that will grow with me

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