Flite Test – Beginner Indoor Planes – REVIEW

If you’re new to flying indoors we’ve got some planes and some tips to help out!

FT Flyer: http://shop.flitetest.com/airplane-kits/3-pack-swappable-speed-build-kit/

Parkzone Night Vapor: http://www.parkzone.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=PKZU1180

Hobby Zone Duet: http://secure.hobbyzone.com/rcplanes/rcair_hobbyzone/hbz5300.html

For more Flite Test: http://flitetest.com/authors/FliteTest


sarief fuaddin fuaddin says:

nice i like

Fred Glotz says:

you folks are what america is !!!!!!!

Cj Langy 07 says:

Free flight indoor areas near my location there’s just indoor classes

Luke Rosevear says:

I love all you guys at flitetest, what you do is amazing, trying to introduce RC flying to the community, and the plans you guys have are great, I love anything RC and would love to get into this hobby but no way can I afford it. keep going guys, don’t stop doing what you love!

MrLoudmouthspeaker says:

Hi Flight Teat so you ship gear to Australia

Nicos Eftychiou says:

I’ll be honest… I’m watching in July 2016 and it might just be my favorite flitetest video

Lucas Cristiano says:

tem para vender envia para o BRAZIL

Sergej Nadaždin says:

flying a Guinea Pig in snow…

Shrimp Tails says:

What’s a good starter drone?

nerf guy755 says:

I hate the duet it crashed and it’s elevator was shot after that

Cj Langy 07 says:

In the U.K. There aren’t many

ReEvolve says:

Your right because my friends just turn and crash and I have practiced how to turn and level out

Sherry McCurdy says:

Good job

Trica Wright says:

0:34 never hapend were im at

PTX ! says:

I have had my duet for 3 years and it still flies. I have crashed it 10000000 times and u just fix it with tape or hot glue.

umer khan says:

Very nice

ihaab says:

This is amazing!
I love your videos

grande1899 says:

I have a duet but it crashed and nose down in the wing detached but the ESC wires is what’s keeping it on how should i repair it

asparwhite86 says:

Love your videos.

DeadlyCatCycle205 DeadlyCatCycle205 says:

Josh: What am I up to 30? FT flyer: krapow

umer khan says:

Very nice

brah ket says:

what is the maximum load for each model?


Can you reduce the price of transmitter in your store

Issey Walkenhorst says:

i had a duet but the servos were wired the wrong way thus making it shatter on the ground

Robert Mitchell says:

Ah wha the hell , i think this was flute test,

spoada says:

Night vapor is a timeless great.

Putera Danish Mohd Faizal says:

cant you give me rc plane for free

Michiel Blanken says:

This is probably my favorite video of flite test. i just like the indoor videos.
Yesterday I instantly bought the duet cause it is so cheap and rtf.

sirlordwhitman says:

In Kansas, the summers suck for flying.  VERY HOT and VERY WINDY.  I had more fun flying in the winter than summer.

Preston Peck says:

You guys should really try and build an airplane using the Magnus effect it would me really really cool

Risk nova says:

I wish I get one of theys plans

Trica Wright says:

bruh in 2016 drone drone drone

Shey says:

F e e l T h e V a p o r

Patrick Jackson says:

The duet is amazing. Flying for 8 months

Gav Gove says:

u are awesome

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