First Person View (FPV) RC JET RIDE (RunCam2 FPV docking station): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST [4K]

First Person View (FPV) RC JET RIDE (RunCam2 FPV docking station): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST [4K]
What better model to try out the new RunCam2 FPV docking station on than the 12S EDF powered HSD SuperViper. First flights to check out signal range and picture quality through the Quanum Cyclops goggles with my buddy John sitting in the chair (to ensure he didn’t fall over!).
RunCam2 (silver):
RunCam2 (high viz orange):
Docking station:
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Michael Gause says:

I didn’t know the runcam 2 was 4k?

Blade FPV says:

I wanted to do this with my parkzone habu 2

Cthulhu FPV says:

For optimal video link quality, use the same antenna on both tx and rx. You’re running a circular polarized pagoda -style antenna on the tx, while running a linear antenna on the goggles.

Osymandus says:

As a newbie just wanting to get into the ‘sport’ ~this is the 1st video I have seen of what is poss from the cameras viewpoint.(any ideas on where to begin ?, the comments below are Dutch at the moment)

TheBeatSmith says:

What is the name of that Jet and can you buy it in the states?

Ground Control RC says:

Nice piloting and video. Happy Flying!

Matthew Elyash says:

A suggestion, maybe run a mic either on the pilot or the Observer, Preferably both. The Visuals are great, but hearing the comments clearly and the pilots commentary clearly would be the bee’s knees!!

vizzuleyes says:

Great video, I now fly solo with my jets and propers fpv. The one thing I could not stress the most for anyone that’s going to try it. Until you have A LOT of fpv flights under your belt have a spotter with you. However the most important thing of all is know your flying feild inside and out. I found myself disoriented several times on a feild I have flown on for over 25 years. So if the goggles have to come off due to signal loss or something else and your solo you know right where to look in the event video signal is compromised.

patricio lovato says:

hello . i need all parts of this system can you helpme how many parts need and were buy this parts , thanks

mfpv_detroit says:

love the video I really love the way the drones use fpv as well

Skip-Built, RC. says:

What can I say mate.  Very well done.  I liked it

alt ctrlesc says:

I dont know what cam youre using on the ground when facing you, but i noticed it has i incredible framerate

random269 says:

Cover you mic with a sponge and stop all that wind noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RC toys for big kids. Great..

cedar rapids fpv racing says:

i see a huge mistake you need to use the same antenna for the google’s as you use for the transmitter unit of the camera. so it should be a circular polarity on your goggles also. very nice jet what is it?

Oliver Stocks says:

You look like a fun bunch! Great flying!

Dennis Morris says:

White men have made 94% of the worlds technology…

anthonyelevatorguy says:

That was awesome it brought back memories from my dad, he use to build the BI planes the large Rc models , he would be amazed by this !!!

Andrew Pal says:

I thought you were going to put on the headset and fly it other wise it’s not first person view more like second person view. Spv.

Dennis Morris says:

Interesting u only see white ppl do these type of innovations, yea we’re all equal, right!

Wales Wideman says:

i use a 8 inch monitor i attach to my radio so i can swich from line of sight to fpv that way if i get lost or lose orientation i can look at the plane

Koestel FPV says:

For me it’s no real FPV… This is real ->

Steve Fox says:

thats an EDF plane, not a jet

XxXdeadly sniperXxX 99 says:


2253glen says:

I flew line of sight for 45yrs and am now into drones fpv. Will never go back.

Jason Caughey says:

It would be sweet if you could incorporate flight telemetry into the screen of the headset in realtime, like a heads up display. Is that a thing?

Kian Siong says:

Problem is you can’t move your head

Kootenay RC says:

Awesome flight!

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