F22 Raptor Smart Fighter RC plane from Foxtech FPV

This is an incredibly capable ready to fly RC plane which allows even the complete beginner to have a lot of fun for a pretty small amount of money. It has gyros and accelerometers to provide incredible stability and easy flying characteristics but it’s amazingly maneuverable.

With a flying weight of just 1 ounce (about 28g) it is also an amazingly safe plane that can be flown almost anywhere.

I love it.

No music copyrights were infringed in the creation of this video 🙂

Disclosure: This product was provided for review by Foxtech FPV

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KaffiFlight says:

ROOOFL XD – Hilarious!

Juan Catalan says:

hahahah Bruce you are amazing!! that beat box made my day!

David White says:

I hope your full review is coming soon, I’ve just ordered one of these on the basis of this video! P.S IF I ever win the lotto I’m moving to NZ and joining you guys! 🙂

Joe W says:

this looks like a good plane for a bad day at the office! just keep it in the car and pop it out at lunch!

Anthony van Hamond says:

omg im at 5:00 and i want to kill that TX

DumbThumbsFPV says:

Better manual than the one that comes with the Yuneec H… Actually looks like a nice product.. shocking

Michael Sanders says:

Your review was hilarious! Thank you.

wolf11 says:

Could you just sell me one battery please for the Macfree 2.4G 6CH DSM2 Brushless MCF2201 Micro F-22 Warbird RTF I bought this from somewhere else like a fool and there was no battery and after all the hassles they said just keep the plane
So now I need a battery so please please someone just sell me one of these I know these come with two I would pay 15.00 just for the battery I am located in the usa and I hope someone can please help me tx u I tried other batteries and no luck at allI tried the one on banggood but it would nt fit the charger so I have no clue if it would work or nt trust me I learned my lesson but at least they let me keep the plane and give me my money back

ray gearing says:

Will this bind to a spectrum tx

Linktw0 says:

just to be clear, so there are various versions, colors, brushed and brushless, all that stuff. but the FPV abbreviation, mentioned quite prominently, that has very little to do with the coincidentally identical FPV abbreviation that the rc community might have previously heard of.. is that a correct assumption?

Juan Lara says:


jae rick says:

This is cool I like to see it on bigger scale

Timmy Gray says:

My mate and I each got one of these, they are great fun!! especially when flying together

Bob Firth says:

Wondering how it knows where to circle over, if it hasn’t got GPS. Does it assume nil wind conditions? The HobbyZone Champ S+ has GPS and also you must tell it wind direction at pre-flight, so it knows how subsequently to plan a landing circuit and where to aim for, despite up to 10MPH wind….

Kenny Bohey says:

Thanks Mate…I’m Just A Big Kid 2…I Will Be Ordering 1…!!!

Hardcore Gaming - Heroes of Newerth says:

Have you considered starting a Patreon page so people can send you money to support your channel?

VideoPlus says:

Be very careful of FOXTECH as ordered a diversity monitor from them. Once received found the unit was used, the screen was all scratch up. Sent them an email and they asked for a picture. Sent a picture and they replied to have me send it back for a replacement. They wanted me the pay for shipping! This all took over a month just to get to that point. Gave them a bad review and they deleted it. A very dishonest Chinese company, stay away indeed!

antsadventures 13 says:

nice beat boxing

Nubyrc says:

Wow it takes off itself, it flies itself and it lands itself.

Why even learn to fly. Why even stand there and fly RC, all you got to do now is stand there, and when the hardware fails and crashes into someone you get to take the rap for it.

Aden Thie says:

4:48 is THE SHIT!!!

Richard Starling says:

you are so goofy that why i love u guy

ephraime ikotela says:

have a give way

glenby2u says:

way funny. thanks.
dsm2…. programmable controller. 130 miniquad….. ultra portable if there is a bind option…
does it have multiple models bruce?

I want to see one of those controllers as the next world drone comp…

Elite Alien says:

fire mixtape m8

hereandthe says:

4:50 Can the transmitter sound turn off? And what’s the flight time?

Tam forsyth says:

hi guys anyone on this post any thoughts or experience with the XK A600 brushless plane

Umesh Burnwal says:

ketna damage ga

xuyen phamthe says:

How muck is it ?

Calvin Goring says:

Thanks Bruce, now I have to buy one of these too 😛

ed Greene says:

Your awesome ha ha

Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv says:

I would love to know if it can hold one of the tiny 25mw fpv camera systems

David Chase says:

Wow! Can I get one of those controls to use for my wife? Never mind, I would end up making her beatbox.
Oh thats a pun I didn’t expect…I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Ten Minute How To says:

Hi Bruce. Can we look forward to seeing part 2 of the UHF COMPARISON?

Linktw0 says:

this intro is hilarious, im excited to see the rest of it.

spykez spykez says:

F$/& Bruce, I didn’t know you were musical? Thumbs up!

stewjw says:

It reminds me of one of RCPowers designs. You should build a foam plane Bruce. Also I just had to sell my D4R-IIs due to changes in the EU firmware to include the LBT protocol. I suppose I could have just stayed with a non-EU version. I’m not sure if Frsky has plans to region lock their receivers now but all receivers now sold in the EU have to have the LBT firmware?! It would be interesting if someone could do a performance comparison between both types of firmware.

Fabio Fabius says:

what a fantastic rc beatbox. cant loose any of our great review 😉

SighKick says:

Did you repair the right hand throttle sticking stick and how did you do it? I have figured out that Gearbest offer the best price by about $3.50 because they only offer ONE battery.

Rickey White says:

HAHAHAHA! I am so glad i watched this damn video

Mark Mc says:

Man, never thought I would have so many laughs watching one of Bruce’s reviews. I have tears in my eyes from laughing.. Ok, I’m easily amused. I’m about the same age as Bruce. love it. Your best review so far and I am only at 4:55!!


it whas at this video that he knew he liked djing better than rc’s hahahah 😀

Scott Allen says:

looks like a laugh.

Ryuuken24 says:

A hundred bucks, geez. You can’t even see the bugger.

t3llos says:

hello, what kind of 1s battery is it using? same as the Hubsan x4?

MG BOY says:

hahahahahah nice

Miss Bach says:

I have the predator not raptor

Siddharth Chauhan says:

what is the propeller size used in the aircraft? any spare props that I can buy?

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