Electrifly Seawind RC Plane Review and Flight

This is the electric powered, radio controlled, almost ready to fly
RX-R (Receiver Ready) Great Planes Seawind Seaplane
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.
Park Pilot Program Legal Aircraft

Can perform ROW (Rise Off Water) takeoffs and also hand-launched
and landed on grass.
This version includes motor, ESC and servos.

FEATURES: Construction: Aerocell foam, painted, color scheme is Blue and White
with Black and Orange stripes
Wings: One-piece
Motor: Great Planes ElectriFly Rimfire 28-30-950 Brushless Outrunner,
Electronic Speed Control: Great Planes Silver Series 25A Brushless,
Servos: Three ElectriFly ES50 Nano Servos, GPMM1210
Fuselage: Aerocell foam with plywood servo tray and
pushrods pre-installed
Radio Compartment: Accessible through removable canopy/hatch which is
secured by rare earth magnets
Cowling: Painted plastic
Canopy: Clear molded plastic with two profile pilot figures and
instrument panel detail
Aileron Control: Single servo
Propeller: Great Planes 8×6 Power Flow Slo-Flyer (GPMQ6610)
Spinner: Three, made of foam Blue in color 1.2″ (30mm) diameter
Hardware: Full set included
Building Time: Ready to fly in 2-3 hours
Motor Mount: Constructed of plywood and pre-installed
Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this
kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at
date of purchase.

INCLUDES: ElectriFly by Great Planes Seawind Sport Scale Seaplane, all hardware
photo-illustrated instructions, cradle support stand, 8×6 propeller
prop adapter, brushless outrunner motor, three nano servos,
electronic speed control and decals

REQUIRES: Radio: 4-channel with mini receiver
Servo Extension: One 6″ (150mm) for aileron servo
Battery: 11.1V 910-1500mAh LiPo
Battery Charger: LiPo compatible
Misc. Items: Foam safe CA or epoxy glue and building and field

SPECS: Wingspan: 39.5″ (1005mm)
Wing Area: 234 sq in (15.1 sq dm)
Weight: 24 – 26oz (680 – 735g)
Wing Loading: 14.8 – 16oz sq ft (45 – 49 g/sq dm)
Length: 33.5″ (845mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom
Center of Gravity: 1″ (25.4mm) measured at fuselage when using
balancing stand
Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate
Ailerons: Up & Down ¼” (6.35mm) 7/16″ (11mm)
Rudder: Right & Left 1″ (25.4mm) 1¼” (38mm)
Elevator: Up & Down 3/8″ (9.5mm) 5/8″ (16mm)

This plane can be purchased online from Tower Hobbies at the following link.


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Hannaleena Lehtonen says:


vivek aking says:

+joehandsome99 do u know the best seaplane (with wheels) to fly for begineers?

Radio control show says:

Looks great, Thanks for sharing 

John Martin says:

this kit is wrong as picture the engine does not fit under fire wall as shown the engine go’es in front of fire wall.

runner8 says:


S9999J says:

Good ,Helpful Review

Horacio Monterroso says:

can I install a landing gear ? there is a kit of landing gear

Marcos Little says:

cool stuff

Driving 101 NOT says:

It would be fun to take off of a waterfall. Do you think it would carry a GoPro?

Shebi Shajudeen says:


Jerry Anstey says:

ricky skaggs !!

Thomas Lyth says:

when under $150 I will have one.

Tom Lindemann says:

South crl

Jerry Anstey says:

inverted : turning 180 on x   while flipping180 on y

Dennis M says:

I just bought this plane a few months ago and just put it together. I have a question if you can help. Plane is together went to test the motor and make sure the blade is on correct. When running up the motor and holding the plane in my hand it wants to pull forward but noses down ard. Does not want to just pull forward. But forward and nose down to the ground this seem a bit strange can’t figure out what’s wrong. Any idea? thanks

bettle channel says:

very nice

Raj Kirat says:

दुय!एय्र्व@स्#ग्फ्ग्घ्द्ग्फ्फ्स्व्कव!र्‍द्स्र्स्र्द्र्द्#!्अं,?olkmnugd२±÷÷५°°५•÷५÷••÷०_´×२१~©£¢^®¥_+[]¡ xcv व्ब्न्म्प्य्क्ग्य्य्ह्त्त्द्क्य

Jesse tiger says:

cool. never even thought about stuff like this!! 

Fabiola Vazquez says:



lol at the bye bye part

geo leo says:

I just got one first that motor sucks

Edward Brown says:

You should practice your landings before doing the video. Very sloppy!!! Makes me think the plane will not land smoothly. Is that the case? If so I don’t want to waste my money buying one.

sylvia voort says:

F ffffff F. F. Fffffff

krzysztof samulewicz says:

cześć, ale nie wiem czy to jest to dla nas

Tango 99 says:

Good review video, very educational, enjoyed your review, always.

bavaliya bhuro says:


Flisher Duff says:



Michael Gonzales says:

Cool I love it

CoreOfinSanity says:

can u fly it without water

jorge Nelson felix says:

Feliz 2017

New chanter says:

Flight ?. Seriously?. Thanks for wasting my time , old man

haruna namani says:

i love it

Angelica Amora says:

can i buy that

Слава ленина says:

Damn that’s cool lookin

Jhonnel Ganiolon says:

give me one please 🙂

2EZ G.A.T says:


David Bailey says:


Fuad Phenomenon says:

it could be dangerous while landing on the water because if water splashes the motor, it might be serious damage

Keisha Bennett says:

What is it called

frankenflug says:


niel jhon reyes says:

Iwant a buy a rc plane or rc car

E.B. says:

do you live in Montana?


Who is watching in 2017

Halskitchen says:

Can someone please elaborately explain “Futaba” for me?

dave couche says:

can you attach a go pro hero 3 to it?

Elubia Juarez says:

it is Good

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