Easy Trainer RC Plane // WLToys F949 ✈️👍

This is another very easy to fly RC trainer plane. The receiver on the plane uses the 1st gen Flysky protocol so you can bind and fly this with your hobby grade transmitters if you want.

✈️Cessna 182 // WLToys F949 – http://bit.ly/2OIYEXV

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Steve B says:

Is that a 2.4ghz antenna on your T12?

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Odd. The one I got 2+ years ago has always been slightly nose heavy. (Variations aren’t unknown with these very light planes though) It will loop if you take it up and dive into a loop and the stability is simply the result of the high angle of dihedral. It’s not a bad plane at all in light winds and stall turns neatly once you get the hang of it. Good review of a now older beginner plane but it obviously isn’t out of date as this is the 2nd review I’ve seen of it in the last week 🙂

KiddFpv says:

Wait what area are you in? SoCal?

bert beinaaf says:

Looks like a nice one. What kind of wind speeds can it fly in. The average wind speed where I live is about 10 mph. I guess that is to much for this one?

shenanigan fpv says:

40$ not bad

Kaleem M says:

I have the f949 plane

Assault0137 says:

I have one of these coming in the mail for next weekend, and I’m looking to purchase a few spare batteries. Do you think I should get the same 500mah batteries or, since the flight time is so long, buy more smaller ones and enjoy the weight savings? Do you think it could handle a slightly larger battery as well?

I’m also planning on building some floats so I can operate this off of a small pond, and I have an interesting concept involving running two small batteries in parallel and locating the batteries INSIDE the floats to lower the center of gravity(I have concerns about the aircraft tipping forwards as it lands on the water)

NAT GEO AND STUFF Paul brannan says:

one thing i never flew is a plane albert.used to have a giant heli ones with 2 sets props on top each other and big balance bar.ni backward pitch at all lol.would not go backwards.are these as easy as kwads


Dang it. I didn’t want a plane but now I kinda do. Thanks, Albert

Morning View says:

i fly this plane super high fpv. Power the aio with the same battery. It cannot lift a sq12 hd camera.

Jash440 says:


Jash440 says:

Planes break more than quads in my opinion

Albert Kim says:

✈️Cessna 182 // WLToys F949 – http://bit.ly/2OIYEXV

Kris Akers says:

it was my first plane.

rotatybo says:



Excellent aircraft. I’ve had mine couple years and still flies. Best mod is replace Prop for one from a Syma X5 quadcopter , very cheap. Mine can loop the loop and nearly climb vertical . Fitted FPV but was awkward to fly. These are ace as they’re so light , when they crash they don’t really get damaged. Used to have bigger aircraft but still get the thrills with these. Paint under the wings so can see it easier when against bright clouds. Range is brilliant, 500m maybe

Isaac Lyons says:

This was my first rc plane back in 2016! It’s great!

David Davids says:

thanks for posting. here are some things to consider. if this is an actual ‘maiden’, the Pilot Should Immediately commence establishing correct TRIM. ESPECIALLY, trimming Elevator for a Desired cruising airspeed; at 2/3 throttle, or less. clarification – if the model IS flying with a tail-heavy Distribution of mass, then the model is NOT correctly balanced, at 30 percent of chord. this is the Optimal location of the cg for ANY conventional airframe; such as, this high-wing model. at 3:48, probly ok. ‘just for testin’ purposes’. at 6:44, this model seems to be short on lift. the unscheduled landing would appear to be partly due to a wind gust, making it a downwind turn. at 8:53, the Context of the terms balance and nose/tail-heaviness IS Distribution of Mass (dom). your viewers would have been better served, if you had Included mention of CG location. why. because cg is the thing most affected When Ever a model’s dom is ALTERED; ie, taping a coin on. in other words, the (correct) location of the cg of an airframe is Dependent on the Distribution of Mass. cheers googletranslate

Georgewrigley says:

Cool little plane. Had fun with mine and did manage a few loops with it. Great flight time and easy flyer. But I crashed it too many times and bent the prop shaft. 🙁
Great video and thanks for sharing:)

Steve Gergetz says:

BEST plane-per-dollar you can get. I’ve had mine for about 5 months, have crashed it into the side of a shed, into a soccer goal frame, into trees, the ground, myself… I’ve skipped it across the asphalt with throttle…and I still haven’t done a single repair. Never broke a piece of foam, never shattered a prop, never bent a prop shaft, haven’t burned a motor yet, nothing. I’ve also flown it in gusty 15 mph winds, and while of course it’s a handful, it’s possible, it’s kinda fun, and it’s virtually no risk because it’s so hard to wreck. I also have an XK A600 and an XK A430, both of which I LOVE, both of which are a blast to fly and highly capable planes for a variety of applications…but with those, more often than not, I come home from a flying session with at least one repair needed (sometimes multiple). But back to the F949…flight time is looooong…maybe 12-15 min? I too have eeked a few quazi-loops out of it. And if you keep your eyes open you can grab one for under $40. Sure, being a 3-channel self-correcting just-enough power basic plane, it’s not going to thrill you or challenge you much, but that’s a LOT of robust fun for that little money.

DRONE review man of all drones says:

This is super cool!!! I dnt think i could fly a plane

ImDefinitelyHigh says:

That’s a great plane for transporting weed according to the movie Blow

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