Dynam Smart 1500MM Trainer RC Airplane Review

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RTF – http://www.nitroplanes.com/60a-dy8962-smart-rtf-24g.html
ARF – http://www.nitroplanes.com/60a-dy8962-smart-arf.html

The Dynam Smart trainer was designed from the ground up with the intention of creating a plane with forgiving flight manners while providing a pilot with prominent trainer airborne characteristics. Dynam focused on a design following the principle of form following function and the end result is a funky good looking plane. The entire plane is constructed from EPO foam for durability and light weight. A semi symmetrical fuselage inspired from pattern ships make this plane agile and responsive. Semi symmetrical wings with anti stall aids designed into the wing tips inspire confidence when performing slow maneuvers. This plane is a real pleasure to fly with its delightful and forgiving traits.

The tricycle undercarriage and steering nose wheel make taxing and landing merciful and enjoyable. An ample sized battery compartment will easily accommodate a wide range of 4S batteries providing greater flexibility and flight duration. Mini sized 17gram servos delegate the control surfaces with authority. For its stretched wing span of almost 60″ and a 51″ fuselage length, the plane is surprisingly lightweight for its size. The powerful Detrum 600Kv Brushless Outrunner motor provides enough power to do vertical climbs and bail you out of a sketchy or failed maneuver. If you should want to stand out from the crowd and truly progress and hone your flying skills the Dynam Smart Trainer is definitely the ticket.

This almost ready to fly Dynam Smart Trainer comes with the essential electronics installed. The motor, esc, and servos are pre-installed from the factory. A minimum 4 channel radio system is required for flight. A 4 cell battery and Li-Po charger is required to power the plane. Minimum assembly of the plane is also required along with trim and control surface adjustments to ready the plane for flight.


Vignesh Waran says:

wat is the weight of ur aircraft

rebelyell22 says:

those are called wing gates

covercalls88 says:

Differential throw was used years before the computer radios. It was not just to counter adverse yaw on ailerons, but I also used it on the elevator in trainers. Computer radios just made it a heck lot easier to implement. In the old days we would relocate the control arm/horn on the servo or moving surface. Back in the early 70’s and I built a scale Stuka. I messed up and did not put enough wash out in one wing. I had to put in a little differential throw to smooth out the landings.

Luke Clifton says:

will this plane bind with a DX6i transmitter???????????

covercalls88 says:

Leading edge cuffs were called droop concept or “drooped leading edge (DLE)”, or “modified outboard leading edge” in technical reports on stall/spin resistance. On Nasa reports on the same object, “leading edge cuff” expression was not used. Hanger 9 used these DLEs in their early P-51s and F-22. Upside of the DLE was to create lift, the downside was the creation of drag, but in RC trainer it not much of an issue. Can not really have something for nothing.

Rick Cerveny says:

I would want that more than anything cause nitroplanes is the best rc place ever

usagentcyclone says:

very quiet aircraft rc. I’m impressed

love_to_fly says:

Good beginner’s air plane

covercalls88 says:

Years ago before side force generators were given that name. They were smaller and called tip plates. The basic design of tip plates or SFG whatever their shape, was mainly to prevent air flow from going over the tips of the planes, better maintaining lift and control. SFG got larger to give the flier more control in the knife edge. Differential throw is basically a control surface moving more in one direction than the other given the sane throw on the sticks. What was said is correct.

BigMeanyVids says:

Oooh, don’t recommend this as a beginners FPV plane at all. It’s not going to be self correcting at all meaning if you point it down in a spin it’s going down in a spin until you tell it otherwise. Certainly this would be a good second plane as it’s fairly gentle but for fpv you are better off looking at something like the Bixler until you gain some good experience.

jauchiu says:

Very nice plane. Great flying.

Pablo Diaz says:

Whats the weight of the ARF box?

Kanari Mentos says:

this airplane only $140 from china

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I love the Dynam planes. How does it compare to the Apprentice? I am ready to move up and into something else. I can fly inverted,rolls, pretty much anything even though it fights me on invert. I got a Dynam Waco Biplane but that flys like a lumbering bus. Plenty of power but it really is heavy and far from graceful. It looks great in the air but can stall in a heartbeat. what plane would you suggest for a low wing?

Giovanni Masi says:

No disrespect….I ask this question because I’m 42 and I kind of feel guilty and depressed a bit when I play my playstation 3, twice a year on my couch….but after 30 min when your alone in the park flying that RC, do you take a step back and say “WTF am I doing?, I’m 55 years old flying a toy. Is this the end of life for me?” I could be at the beach or at the tiki bar trying to get laid picking up cougars.

Lucas Carlson says:

Go away

covercalls88 says:

Ultra Sport, now that brings back memories of long ago. Now that is a plane I have not seen in a long time. I think your right about it being the basic format for the Smart plane.

BOKI797 says:

Rolan; Really nice Plane & you also did some real nice Flying ! Who ever took the Video did a Nice job also! I’m at the point of buying something like that also! Thanks for the Video!

The_flyer says:

sorry i had to. now it’s out of my system and i will never do it again haha.


So this ISN’T ok for a newbie?… I DO have “limited skills” – as in I own a small push prop plane at the moment – I was also looking for a decent sized plane like this for FPV use.
Do you guys really think that its a “transitional” plane ONLY? – or with some experience and a MANY hours of practice already on Aerosim, its worth a go?

Tyler Nelson says:

Whittier Narrows?


THanks mate ! your a champion….guess its a Bixler after all. – cheers!

Straightsix76 says:

Hi, I’ve had no experience of flying a real model plane but I have put a lot of time in on a sim and I can fly most types of planes pretty well. Would this plane be suitable as a starter or would I be better to go one down like a hawksky?

Tassaduq Ali says:

How much it’s cost

Gig540 says:

I been flying since the early 80’s. When I seen this plane i right away thought of the Ultra Sport back in the day. I haven’t flown this but looks like everything was tweaked to be beginner friendly. I’m impressed with the plane even though I am not a beginner. I feel non 3D advanced planes are necessary to achieve better skills in flying


This is a fast plane. He did not do a stall to see how it recovered nor did he so a high speed pass

Walter Kobluk says:

minutes 14.8V 2600mAh flight?

Mushfiq Khalid says:

I fly at that field!

Jonas Ben says:


Reefer says:

When you do the vids, the planes are always trimmed up already, I would like to see the maidens and how you, being experienced, handle the maiden cos that is the most challenging thing with any model, being the maiden. I like your vids, thanks for sharing

หนุ่ม ซีบีอาร์ says:

Very good.

MrCubcrazy says:

Differential is when you mix[transmitter program, and to a lesser extent mechanically] your ailerons so that they defect “up” more than they do “down”. This is to counteract adverse yaw. I know this plane is for beginners, but lets not throw incorrect terms around. Doing an actual [programmed] aileron-elevator mix is not a good idea, but I think that Roland was referring to “mixing” it in by just moving one’s thumbs…so that’s ok 🙂

Ralph Flyer says:

Yeah, it IS an advanced trainer. Definitely not meant for a beginner. In fact you might even have called it a “Pattern Trainer”.


Side Force Generators, and Leading Edge Cusp enhancement or STOL?? Is that what you mean Roland?

LWJCarroll says:

Very nice looking design….Thanks…Laurie

leiff kjølby says:

Nice presentation, absolutely my type.

The_flyer says:


jasmine2501 says:

I really don’t understand how you guys can advertise this as “3D” and still face yourself in the mirror. You have got to stop the false advertising. It is really getting old. You are hurting consumers with your lies, stop it.

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