Dynam Cessna 182 Sky Trainer Brushless RC Plane Review

In our latest adventures, we decided head down to Cable Airport with Antonio. We were in for a surprise as we were taken to the skies. Turns out Antonio is a real pilot in a real life, who would of known. Thanks to Jared Tapsfield for the opportunity as well.

The Dynam Cessan SkyTrainer flew nicely with the stock battery, but the skylipo gave it the edge in power and performance.

http://www.nitroplanes.com/60a-dy8938-trainer182-new-rtf-24g.html – Dynam Cessna

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Mygrowbug says:

Do the LED’s work ? and do you think it will be in stock by Feb,?

Mandoka says:

Hi, ;D first awesome video. and one question am i able to buy it from germany?

nitroplanes says:

@ZzkillermalezZ It will come with a balance charger. If you use the balance charger all you need to to do it connect it and it will charge the battery.

cucu says:

Nice video you guys. It was very nice watching you guys fly, both the nice small plane and the nice big plane, guys. Nice guys, nice video guys nice guys nice nice.

MrJulian12341 says:

Im wanting to get into RC plane flying, but I dont know where to start…. I have a few questions. One: How big of an area do I really need, Two: where should I start, like what planes, because I dont want to totally crach one and ruin it, and Three: How expensive are decent starting/trainer planes? Thanks! -Julian Smith

nitroplanes says:

Yes you can use a 11.1v battery with the plane.

riverstrat says:

Anyone know the cg ?

Bryan Bridgeman says:

Anyone notice how many times he says nice?????

Ben Garbacz says:

And don’t say “So let’s get this babe in the air.”

nitroplanes says:

The plane should be coming in on the next shipment, check back early next year and it should be back in stock by then.

Christian Benn says:

Nice plane did he buy it from ebay.

Straightsix76 says:

hi will this plane run 11v lipo?

brianbirc says:

This plane ever coming back?

ib422000 says:

You all need to expand your vocabulary a bit. There are too many ‘You guys’ and ‘Very nice’ sentences in all your videos.

Al GESBREK says:

Nice demo BUD

hurleyrcplane says:

Nice video, NP

Hayden Leonard says:

would this plane carry a gopro?

General 2018 says:

how long does the included battery last in flight?

Luis Leon says:

lo acababa de comprar y lo estrelle se amolo la punta del motor

halleffect1 says:


MrTrickBike says:

got it today built it. how do i program this plane the instructions dont make sense

nitroplanes says:

We do ship to Germany, you can place the order on our website and we’ll ship the plane to you.

Leeroy173 says:

I think i will buy this but i dont know where to fly, do you think i can take off and land on grass?

ib422000 says:

PLEASE, write some new script without ‘guys’ and Nice’ every two seconds!!

Diogo Lopes says:

when is this plane going back to stock?

Nemanja Medic says:

ahhahhahha, great comment

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