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The Dromida Voyager is one of Three NEW RC Planes to hit the Dromida Line Up, all of which are designed to be beginner friendly and fairly durable! The Twin Explorer is probably the best suited as a first of these three, followed by the pusher prop Sky Cruiser 2, and then followed by this beautifully designed, scale Voyager! The Voyager flies much like you would expect and want a small park flier to do so, as it soars through the sky you might fool people into thinking it’s a full scale plane! It is capable of performing loops, and Nate even attempts to pull off some inverted flight in this Full Review of the NEW Dromida Voyager!

Buy the Voyager Here – https://goo.gl/lW2YDQ


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Luvtoflyhelis says:

Nice job guys, little dude flies a long time on the battery, take care

Copterdude says:

This vid is totally one of my favorites because I’ve been thinkin about purchasing this plane and hearing you guys talk about it and really share your opinions just convinced me that, yeah, I’ve totally gotta get one. In the way you guys film your experiences of its the product and how you compose your videos you really convey the sense that your totally just having fun with the plane. I love that. It’s really one of the biggest aspects of what makes your content somunique. This video stood out to me because it really captured that real-life, real-experience vibe and I just found it so great to hear you guys talking about a plane I’m considering getting. Great vid!

Alan Savage says:

Great flying Nate & Abby!! 🙂

Steve RC says:

Looks like a sweet little entry-level plane.
Sorry, I don’t recall from the unboxing if it stores well in the box. but as you have emphasized many times, Dromida makes fun toys to go in the trunk that go anywhere for some quick RC action and fun.
Thx guys and thumb’s up!

Mark West says:

I subscribed to you I’m so happy because I can see your new videos and I can talk to you guys

Michael Sanders says:

Excellent video. I have been looking at this one at the hobby store.

Mark West says:

I want that car and want to know how much it costs

TupolevPilot says:

Is that faster than the champ?

4thGloryMonday says:


mst3kpimp says:

dont buy this, it will break quickly.

Devin Schieck says:

I’ve never flown a plane before would this be a good intro

Paul Hicks says:

Wow! This seems to be a great plane. Thank you all for the review. :0) Keep the reviews coming…..our Arkansas club loves you two and your family style of presenting the RC hobby.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Good flying plane,reminds me of the Champ. I tryed inverted on the Champ.lol. Not designed for that! got to do a roll out,yeah I know I have done that myself,oops! Not a good way to come out of one.

Mark West says:

Hi I’m such a big fan I love you guys!

Justwantahover says:

2:09 I found that if you bend the wingtips up very slightly, it acts like a polyhedral and makes the plane recover by it’self in both spiraling directions (if the wing is trimmed for “ailerons” properly). But my planes are different to that one. But I think a lot of free-flight planes have polyhedrals cos they can’t use the RC to get out of it and it does seem to be a reason why they have the cranked wing on so many free-flighters.

tino ortiga says:

The wltoys f949 is WAY better! I Just got voyager today and its crap! Flimsy, i got it for 49 and its not worth it. The f949 $30 and its a real epo plane. This dromida voyager is a gimmick!this and micro calypso are absolute garbage..they crumble! NEVER would have bought if i had seen them first.made to break,,garbage dromida n flyzone, wltoys is way better durability.

Dan Nguyen says:

Have you guys ever done a negative review? lol.

H K says:

It looks cool to fly, but I’m going to buy the hobbyzone Sport Cub S. It has a functional rudder and ailerons. And I like the idea of the safe mode as it will be my first plane. cheers!

Zeissler Music says:

ups, they will not ship it to Denmark.

mediamaker2000 says:

Good job ya’ll!

Michael Thompson says:

Nice flight nice flyer nice flying!

RCLegion says:

ok time to order one thanks guys 😉

Jeremy says:

Can you put a slightly larger battery in this …like venoms 180mah or a 200?

Mark West says:

When I saw it my mind was blown I was like whhhhhaaaaattttt that’s so cool I need it so bad plz tell me the price lol

Don Fish Jr. says:

Great flight review. A really nice little, affordable, entry level aircraft. 😉

mazpr2025 says:

The airplane is nice, not sure if its a weight distribution issue, but its always looking for altitude. Does not seem to cruise/glide like other airplanes.

Mark West says:

Read my comments below this on and plz answer them

rc zone says:

Hi nice review.
Can you let me know the prop size ? Reply please

Roy Thorward says:

sorry Nate 3 channel no rolling out with that. way to commit to the crash

Bengal Tiger says:

I love this video!!! That’s because it is about an rc plane, and I love planes. I also like it because it is a good plane, and it is cheap. I hope you post more videos on planes! That is why this is my favorite video.

Stumpykid The Real says:

can you give me you’re mobilnumber

Erwin 1965 says:

That looks sweet

Zeissler Music says:

Nice video and fun to watch <3

Mark West says:

I love that one car he buggy car that has those pink goggles. You know the one that went all the way down the street and saw the dog

Mark West says:

My name is shane

Aaron Mosler says:

Wow! That plane would be great for me to get into planes. Thanks a lot Rc Saylors for your honest opinions and flight.

Tim Menard says:

I have two questions. First when you talk about “trimming the plane”, how would you do it? Second can this controller be used on other planes/manufacturer?

Zunaid Illahi says:

Help!!! I CRASHED INTO A GATE PROPELLER FIRST AND THE PROPELLER CAME OFF! its a bit smashed from the front too. i am really upset with this, how can i put the propeller back on?

Roy Thorward says:

come on Nate roll out don’t pull out. good flight Abby cool plane

Edward Agni says:

Time to order this

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