Dromida Twin Explorer Durable Beginner RC Plane Review and Flight – TheRcSaylors

The Dromida Twin Explorer is a Crazy Durable Beginner RC Plane that comes in at a sweet price tag of just $40! It’s hard to believe you can have this much fun for forty bucks as you almost can’t even eat out for that any more these days! The Twin Explorer has an impressive battery life as well, making for fun afternoons in your yard or at the park! You don’t need much space to fly this little guy, and would be Perfect as anyone’s First RC Plane!

Buy the Dromida Twin Explorer Here – https://goo.gl/luy7yV

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Carl Barnett says:

man that looks like a kool way to get into this hobby , the more of these clips i watch have to get into this

Route 66 Flyer says:

Now that’s a true “Park flyer”. Great job guys.
Having recently discovered your channel getting caught up on all your videos.

*Dance the Skies*

Simon Says says:

Nate, I have a question about why You had to go throttle up the throttle down before you start the flying? Thanks

jack juhasz says:

Great video, I have one too. Love it !

Misha Oulton says:

it looks very cool

goog le says:

be cool to have this in a larger size

Caleb Teague says:

you need nose weight.


If you are interested in rc planes and want to get into them, don’t get something cheap like this… they don’t prepare you for real rc planes. Get something like the Hobbyzone Super Cub S or the EFlite Apprentice, or something with SAFE Technology or AS3X. Those have an auto leveling system built in that levels the plane in its own and some even have boundaries you set and it won’t fly past them, the computer will turn them around. Some even have Auto-Land features, and the ones I mentioned and more have 4-5 foot wingspans. Trust me, It will be well worth your money. Far better than a toy like this for children. Worried about price?? Don’t worry, there not that expensive at all, all trainers are under 1k, and the best one I know is the Super Cub S by hobbyzone. Under $200. Also, get something RTF. This means it has everything you need to fly in one box, and you don’t need to buy

Experienced R/C Plane Pilot

melvin hunt says:

awesome flying guys an cool lil plan

Hanaw Ali says:


pa beader says:

I bought one of these and I have a question for those that bought one. When you look at the wing, from the tail end, do you notice that the right wing is higher then the left? Or is mine damaged in some way?

Jacqueline Moloney says:

how do you laned it

joodh boy says:

Can you unbox jjrc h51

tigerbalm says:

Just carry a charging brick with USB 10k-15k…

foxman362 says:

i bet you can make them fpv flyer…….

Paradox Shakerz says:

Mines going right instead of left

Ron Thompson says:

Payment plan great idea for me I sometime ck all the places for the best prices,it’s hard sometime bang good will carry something,that only sold buy them.but I do shop around.thanks for your input.and your great reviews

TyrannosaurusWrecks says:

now time for dromida to make a mini boat!

mikesr39 says:

watching the grin on Abbys face, you’re going to have to buy another one for yourself Nate !!!

L S D E E. says:

Hey just wanted to say a beginner plane isn’t a dual, it’s better to have a single one.

Lorne Scott-Wilson says:

Reminds me of a Nine-Eagle model I had. Had the same engine power system and indestructability ;-). Enjoy. Nice that you can enjoy the plane together.

Mohammed Elbayouk says:

Thanks for intrerducing it to me it’s great fun like you said

Hadzser Miyang says:

it can perform the loop wohhh amazing dude..

Fun R/C Projects says:


Ron Thompson says:

That was a great video,do you two ever compare prices ,with eBay or bang good,they are almost always much cheaper

T Lee says:


Hanaw Ali says:

thanks for introducing me to this aaaawesome plane.

Steve Fox says:

ha ha, she flew it so much better

Watt Waster says:

Wow, how did you get so lucky to fly on a no wind day? These small, lightweight model RC airplanes need a no wind day. It is interesting they took a popular glider and put RC gear on it, even if the RC gear is really cheap. She has the knack for launching and flying this little powered glider. There are a few other options in this price range and I have good RC gear, so I went with those you need a transmitter for, but are otherwise ready to go, except batteries.

Just Me says:

She looks a little tail heavy to me.

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