DIY Foam Board Water Plane (The FT Sea Duck) | Flite Test

Introducing the FT Sea Duck, inspired by Tale Spin!
More details:

FT Sea Duck Speed Build Kit available here:

Link to the flight simulator featuring FT speed build kit airplanes available here:



jodysin7 says:


Neito Kradavish says:

Fantastic design & very true to the “original”. It looks like it flies great and seems to have the power to make it a lot of fun. What are the three channels you mentioned? Would this make a good short range FPV plane? Seems like it has all the cargo space necessary & I want one I can fly off water. Great video. Thanks for all you guys do to help us noobs get in and stay in the hobby.

calvin huddleston says:

Where are the plans for it?

Ian McLellan says:

FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!! I used to love Talespin as a kid, awesome build. Try chopping a pineapple through the propeller HAHAHAHAHA

Xartim says:


RC IT ALL says:

oh the memories this bought back, Tail spin !!! OOOEEEOOO

Green Fuel Boy says:

I have an Ace Seamaster and the water rudder make is power slide while going fast in the water. It’s super fun to fly and easy too.

Jason LeVick says:

Just happened to stumble upon this beautiful plane.

Christopher Adams says:

Screw the dislikes, only a true fan of the show will love this.

Bobby Shenberger says:

Tail spin

Marie BCFHS says:

lol Duckfight

Tom Kazutara says:

So it is possible that a plane in that shape CAN fly, so …


Mars Salvador says:

The cameran suck

calvin huddleston says:

Please peters tripod or the guy who paints the next plane please do some metallic drybrushing

G P says:

I loved that show!!! This is so cool!

Tom Gianopoulos says:

Now you need to make Don carnage’s triplanes to go with the seaduck.

Lotus Hypercar says:

Why does the chicken cross the road

Read more

Jason Morris says:

Please build more and sell thel on ebay i want one of those

Cedrick Walker says:

You guys are awesome! I’d rather watch your video’s than the NBA playoffs! Food for the brain…

Саша Галич says:


WOW OP says:

Here’s something I am able to watch the tailspin on YouTube and 2 min in I addicted to it

Brian Christiansen says:

How about a T-38 Talon or SR -71 Blackbird? So awesome!

tom smith says:

I LOVED that show too!!!!!!

File's Flyin' says:

Can you fly this off of a 3 cell when flying off water? or do you need a 4 cell?

tab dougherty says:

Love this Plane !!


You should add a retractable under carriage ! Then that would be soooo cool

Wow I’m a Meme says:


Dylanfoxay gameh says:

at the beginning there was a clip of 2 panes colliding recorded on go pro but I never saw the clip 😛 this was awesome ive never seen the tv show tailspin but now I’m gonna go watch it :3

william white says:

You should make a short Sunderland .

nilesh gaikwad says:

You guys getting back to me my childhood memories………
You can sale me same model

ThePixel1983 says:

Now please make it FPV.

BattleGoat says:

i keep comming back to this video… i have never flown a rc plane, only watched one. this one episode made me subscribe and want a RC plane (by one i mean to build one of these hahaha)

Danny Hampton says:

I haven’t watched the video but I already liked because Tales Spin. Great job on design and paint I recognized it from the thumb nail image.

Wyatt Remegio says:

can u guys try the DuckTales Launchpad sometime

Carter Hawthorne says:

You guys should make the bat man plane THE BAT

Dylon jenkins says:

I remember that show even though I’m 12

David Braun says:

I have designs for my uncle 1929 waco taperwing. I would love for you guy to build one. I will send you a picture of his plane. he was one of the greatest areobatic flyer of all time. Bob Lyjak you can look him up on youtube. let me know what you find

Brianna Michelle says:

Any plans on making any of the other planes from the same show? 🙂

twoeightythreez says:

I really miss this show and wish disney would have rebooted it instead of Jungle Book.
Maybe they can still do one but from a different angle, such as a Kit Cloudkicker story (a decade later, perhaps just after WW2) with flashbacks to Baloo and the higher for higher gang.

Ok about the model…fN awesome! I am amazed that a plane which was randomly thought by amimators on a tight production schedule flies so well and has such an inherently flightworthy design!

Daniel Campos Ramos says:

Hey guys, what about Swat Kats fighter??

the Jack 180 Channel says:

I’ve seen all of your videos I’ve watched sine I was 5

Caelyn Nagle says:

For me it wasn’t talespin that made me love seaplanes. I did watch it a bit, but I was already an adult by the time of it’s first release. No for me, seaplanes were the focus of the 1982 live action tv series called Tales of the Gold Monkey, in which the show’s hero flies a Grumman Goose called “Cutter’s Goose””, but most often just called “The Goose” in the show. Being so invested as you are in aeronautics, I would hope you’ve heard of this show. It takes place before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on a fictional South Pacific island called Bora Gora. This show was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and I still love it today, even though I see how bad some of it’s episodes are. The series is available on DVD. I still haven’t bitten the bullet and tried RC aircraft, beyond a Steampunk RC Dirigible I built a few years ago, which didn’t fly well at all. 🙂 But watching your channel is making me want to dive in to the hobby.

Bry Pie says:

Tail spin aww memories

Bradley Fortner says:

I love this. I already have two hobbies (fishkeeping and gaming), so I can’t take on a third. But man, this plane sure makes me want to.


nice work i want 1 for myself

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