Cessna 182 Skylane RTF! Super SCALE with Lights! FLIGHT REVIEW in HD!

Thank you for viewing this Cessna 182 Flight Review in BHHD! I sure do have a love for Cessna’s! This is such a nice model! She is ready to go with all the bells and whistles! Superb performance! Durable EPO Foam construction with full parts support at Banana Hobby! The LED Flight Lights are so super bright! I will be making a dusk time video just to show the lights! Enjoy the flight review! ~ Pete


Steven kiel says:

Zoom out man, makes it look like it’s doing 100mph when it clearly isn’t

CCN3645 says:

im looking to get a trainer since its my first time to get a rc plane so can anyone tell me if they know that this will be easy for me to fly for my first time

Marshal Palmer says:

I just want to say that yes this is a great plane but the one that I just received and flown it is surely over rated. The plane looks great in the air and yes it looks very scale, However, the decals were poorly applied, the main gear mounting screws never seated into anything solid and would not tighten up to prevent the main gear from wobbling. Had to end up epoxying them in place,,, And in light of all of that, the motor mount fell off on the first taxi before flight. This is clearly NOT RTF but ARF since you have to complete the construction of this plane before you can safely attempt to fly. With the current battery and proper placement, it is still quite tail heavy. balance is almost 40-45% from LE and should be around max 30%. With all of that said, once everything is corrected, then it is as described, Very stable and realistic looking plane. Especially at dusk dark with the Nav Lights on it is hard to tell it is a model. Great Looking Great flying!!!

Kandi Klover says:

I’d love to adapt that with fpv and a better battery. Flying around a field all day has gotten boring.

Zena RC and FPV says:

Lobed the review! New Subscriber here!

Superb Media Content Creator says:

No ZZZZZZZs in Cessna pal. It’s like Sesame or “Ses” but no ZZZZZZZs!

Roger Tycholiz says:

Pete is great. He knows everything airplanes.

Eoin Mcpolin says:

Just bought one

Lucifer says:

Ulul!  Wag ako! Tang ina mo!

Julio Correa Luna says:

Hi, can you tell me the scale of the airplane? It’s 1/18?, or which? And, can you repeat me the rc’s model? please. Thanks and regards.

MartyMartin87 says:


RakinBill says:

Red one is sold out, and the Blue one is discontinued.

Michael Silva says:

how long u can fly this ?

Michael Silva says:

how long u can fly this ?

pandora77711 says:

lol this dude looks like chow from movie hangover and he also sounds like him too.

Marcos Rocha says:

I definitely would buy one, but it costs one’s soul in fucking Brazil. That aircraft costs 1.5k here.

Ignazio Calabria says:

Anyone know where I can find this plane? Its discontinued on the banana hobby website 🙁

Louis says:

I have this exact RC Aircraft and to be completely honest, I’m scared to fly it most of the time… 😛

charlie snell says:


FootballHD20 says:

Is this a good plane for beginners?

James R. Hellmsly says:

Could This Be a Riccs Made Plane From Europe?

Ty says:

foam planes suck, & u didn’t ‘build’ it, you assembled it

Ali Ahmad says:

what is its cost

James R. Hellmsly says:

Dont Buy From Banana Hobby! Had a Problem and THEY NEVER REPLY BACK…..Tried to Contact Them Over 3 Times and Nothing!

Nicolas Hernandez says:


uwillrememberthis says:

The dang plane is discontinued!

L HE44 says:

Is this ok as a trainer plane for a fresh beginner?

James R. Hellmsly says:

Battery Bomb bay Door about to be Jettisoned there Buddy!

wfredrick says:

Can this plane glide?

Pedro Morales says:

I want to know how much for the beautiful plane ✈️ and where can I get suggestions please….

Lou howard says:

Please dont say SAYSNA, It is CESSNA. S sound not Z.

Raul Rodriguez says:

Love your reviews. Well done and nice flying.

Richard Batchelder says:

Great review for this model, best I’ve seen.. ordered it from Amazon yesterday, can’t wait !!Hope to eventually put floats on it, we spend a lot of time at the Lake where it’s cool and quiet.GREAT flying demo !!! THANKS.

Brian Wong says:

LOL!  All these nublets joining bandwagon mocking this guy in how he pronounces “Cessna”.  I don’t see the problem with how he pronounces it.   Many people pronounce it like that.  

K V says:

Love your reviews. Well done and nice flying.

주성준 says:

very good

Bus_Pilot_320 says:

Hey dude, nice video! i just wanted to ask, what speed control does it have? e.g 3 ect.. or is it where if you push the throttle up by the slightest amount, the motor would actually respond to it and increase power by a small amount aswell? i would really like to know, thanks 🙂 

Kaimi Lambert says:

What’s the coat of this aircraft??

Bevan Clark says:

I want one!!!!!!!!

The RCG Crew says:


loon2u4fun says:

an rtf version of this plane on the web says it uses a 7.4 v 1300 mah battery. Is that right? Sounds like it would be waaay under powered, fro the size i’d expect at least a 3 cell.

Chris Schuler says:

Does it have ailerons?

Pratip Polley says:

how much flight time can be done with the stock battery?? what is the distance range of the stock transmitter??

Martin Whitehurst says:

Hey is it possible to land this plane on a grass field??

Thomas1980 says:

Very nice

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