Can the Fortnite plane actually fly??

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The Marshadow trio says:

Harold the helicopter from Thomas and friends


Can you please make fly a boat or a battal ship

AngelaLiving says:


Alejandro Sentíes says:

Just add a BB gun to it and it’s complete.

Osian Saunders says:

Super cool

whythisguy95 says:

I wanna see a viking ship fly, that or hear me out. ” The flying Dutchman”

AKHIL Achu says:


Dario Djelic says:

Can you buy airplanes on Amazon

DarkWolf76 says:

Build the battle bus!!

Burrito Man says:

3:25 is that a nuke???

AKHIL Achu says:

I like

Osian Saunders says:

Pubg is better than fortnite

akara says:

You are freak welldone

Jonathan Booher says:

R.I.P plains

Awesomegamer 1738 says:

Might have got more thrust if you cut vents in the closed area behind the prop

Bctech380 says:

how about building the planes from Crimson Skies.

unspeakable fan says:

Make battle bus

Soren Hays says:

13:30 anyone else wondering if he was wearing the raptor jacket on purpose?

Bestt Unkillable says:

Destroy t

clone permittedcargo3 shipper says:

Make it shoot

AviationDummy SSS says:

Btw Fortnite is dead

Joanna Christiansen says:

put guns on it

Clone Bricks 17 says:

how to get subscribers:.. making things about fortnite

Cole Clements says:

When I saw this video I was like “have I gone to heaven”

Godd CellxX says:


Jack Man says:

Pfity 1 mustang did mustang make that name for a mustang

HackanHacker says:

You Reaally need a runway in this field !!!!

Nick Athan says:

GTA 5 – “P-996 Lazer”!!!

Brent Criddle says:

I hate fortnite but love the bild

Karen E says:

put airsoft guns on the fortnite plane

Sadie G. says:

6:30 airfane

1L1K3TURTL3S1221 says:

sry to tell you but the plane is vaulted…

yesssssssssssssss like if you agree!!!

James W says:

Amazing! I have a suggestion though, invest in a compressor and airbrush, because it’s way easier than painting with rattle cans.

Luca Rc master says:


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