C17 Gyro Stabilized RC Airplane Flight Test Review

This very cheap beginner’s C17 airplane includes gyro stabilization to prevent stalls and crashes. Hard to crash (but not impossible). A very nice and cheap flier for beginner pilots. Find it here https://goo.gl/pgEpCC .

– Very easy to fly. Great for beginner fliers. It has three axis gyro stabilization which prevents phugoid oscillations and stalls by quickly adjusting the thrust. It also prevents roll angles from exceeding about thirty degrees. Hard to crash, but I’m sure that some will find a way (especially when trees get in the way ;-).
– Very cool looking scale model of the C17. It actually looks like a C17 in flight when it’s up high.
– Use a very common 3.7V 300mah battery with white Losi connector. You’ll be able to easily to find additional batteries for this.
– It’s cheap! It’s currently the lowest cost RC airplane that I can think of at the moment. It really is impressive what you’re getting for the price. This one’s price is going to go up as it will be popular (supply and demand). So get it now while you can for $23.

– You will need to assemble the plane. It takes about two hours to assemble. You’ll have to provide your own glue as it’s not provided in the package.
– Range is about 80 meters. Alkaline batteries might help improve it (vice the dollar store batteries that I’m using). Fortunately its motors stop and it goes into a straight glide if you exceed range.

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Text Missing says:

It would be cool to take that frame and put hobby grade electronics and add actual ailerons and elevators

Eddie Hickey says:

is it proportional ? throttle and rudder?

4FunRC says:

Ha! :*) Amazingly long flight time for a little plane. Maybe the short range is coz it’s infrared. Thx!

Abu Tayiba RC Videos says:

It is wind resistance or need zero wind conditions?

M Beck says:

Wonder if a range mod would work on that controller. My 9 year old nephew would like that. Flight time?

flughund FPV says:

Wow, seems to fly very good and is easy to steer. Cany you link some matching batteries, Mr. 101, please?

DOLLAR BILL 3450 says:

Please fly it again with a camera on it

bushpilot2001 says:

I thought u said there was a plane?

Georgewrigley says:

nice review

saybrj says:

Just ordered one. looks fun. think it can carry an 808#16?

Harvey Paul says:

To follow up — after doing more research I ordered a 1 ounce tube of Beacon Foam Tac adhesive. I also ordered a C17 airplane.

Ron Thompson says:

I thought it look like .ca.desert thanks.maybe some day I will get to met you ,you are a good ways away ,keep up your great videos they are the best

gartist says:

FYI, the props have a tiny R and L printed on them, as do the wings where the motors glue on. If you look close you shouldn’t get it wrong.

Duck Landes says:

The funniest bird attack I’ve seen was once when a friend brought a micro quad over my place and a few seconds after he launched it a hummingbird attacked it.

Ron Thompson says:

Its a next video and plane,I rather pay five dollars more and have it already assembled that just me ,you did a great job of putting it together.I bet it sells well

Scion XB says:


Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here* on *$23 FLASH SALE* https://goo.gl/pgEpCC

Farrell McGovern says:

Nice plane…if I get one, I will have to redo the decals with Canadian markings!

Rusty Grill says:

holy cow it flies nice, very surprised, nice that it lands if it gets out of range,

Mxrider says:

Great plane and review.

Dronography-Aerial Meditation says:

An antennae mod and an fpv cam that thing would be fun. Nice

Harvey Paul says:

This looks like an airplane that I want. What glue did you use to glue the C17 together? Please provide the brand or a link to a picture of the glue so I know exactly what to buy. Thanks.

Sarge Monday says:

The website for the plane is kinda misleading. It doesn’t say “kit” or “needs assembly”. I wish they would show all the pieces but they only show the plane assembled. They do say you need your own glue. Two hours is a long time. :^(

med4life says:

Great video as always you really help me out when buying drones or other rc models

Jason Jackson says:

Great video 101. A nice little throw around toy for the grandkids. Albeit. And one for me too. LOL.

#EDM KH Mrz Ich says:

Wow how much brothers

Ron Thompson says:

May I ask sir are you near Riverside,ca. If you can tell me ,I not trying to be nosey but a couple of your places looked a little familiar, but a lot of desserts look like that

Ground Control RC says:

It looks like a nice little trainer plane, however, the range doesn’t seem nearly as good as the Flybear Red Baron Biplane. Does it seem that way to you? Happy Flying!

Kyosanym says:

Does the manual say what KV are the motors?

Nic Nolan says:

So much fun for a only $25!

Brathize says:

how long does it last until batteries went down?

cool viver Pinto says:

Where the place do you stay

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