Brushless UAV RQ-1 Predator Flight Review

UAV – Predator –

Brushless MOTOR –

Battery –

Transmitter/Reciever –


CrackerMcGillicuddy says:

that’s gotta be the ugliest RC plane ever made.

F15Ranger says:

is this a good beginners plane? Looks like its pretty simple. how long does the battery last?

Drone proz says:

@DEEJAYJUSTUS thanks man 😀

89gtu says:

Hey is that of the 60 fwy

Drone proz says:

@rele30 exactly you can easily throw in a 3 cell 2600 and it would balance out perfect.

Ulises Flores says:

how durable are they 

Christian Giorgio says:

Can it Glide?, Is it good for begineers?

bill smith says:

Wow,looks like it would be a lot easier to fly then my park zone p47 warbird.appears like it would be along the lines of a super cub in terms of difficulty.

J Blume says:

Does this come with the steerable nose gear or do we have to mod that ourselves?

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Really liked this video, thumbs up. Cheers from Sint Maarten

Veysel Ak says:

i would really appreciate if you guys can help me, i just need to know what is the total cost of all the pieces with the actual rq1, there are too many videos and too many ads, but none of them gives you an option to just buy, install and enjoy the flight! can someone help me please , just need this plane ready to install and fly i am really sick and tired of looking to all the other sites for each pieces, do you guys do me this favor and provide a total of all the pieces with total price?thanks

RC West Lyon .chris says:

which engine to use on this type of model ? 2200 kv pw 240 50g it’s ok ?

ussprinceton2004 says:

I have the Thunder AC680 battery charger…what type of balance connector does it have?…I would like to purchase LiPo batteries with compatible balance connectors…How do I know if the balance connectors are the align style, or the Thunder Power style, or the PolyQuest/PolyRC, or others? Could you tell me what type of balance connectors come with specific brand LiPo batteries? Please let me know. Your info. would be greatly appreciated.

MrBnowak says:

@SplitHairz but the real one has a prop

Veysel Ak says:

hi dear hobby partz. com, i live in NJ and i have been looking for a rc predator to start with , actually i like the one you guys introuced on the video, my only problem is that i am really not good at picking and selecting the right pieces for the right plane, can you guys do me a favor and message me for some chance about what would be the total if i wanted to buy this model plane with the all pieces hat has been introduced. i can easily install them if you guys can pick and ship it to me?

jcer93705 says:


Thats the problem puffy lipo heats up more then a perfect blue lipo. Order another lipo that isn’t puffy and you should get better performance. My bluelipo never over heats and has alot of power.

SplitHairz says:

I think I would try to put an EDF in here as the prop seems too close to the ground for grass or turf landings.

World War 3 News says:

you should put a fpv camera on it then t will be a real drone.

Jesta747200 says:

I love how smoothly it flys

420choky says:

@DEEJAYJUSTUS u build it yet?

Drone proz says:

@hotblume no i had to do it my self it was very easy though 🙂

joey huston says:

i’m gonna buy thoz partz now.

HobbyPartz says:

Yes it can glide, not really recommend for beginners since this is a kit and you need to pick your own electronics and assembled pretty much the whole plane to have it fly.


It’s nice to see you guy’s do a review on an ARF and not just foam crap RTF I bet if you did more reviews on arf kits of all sizes and makes you would sell more of those larger planes!!!!!

Drone proz says:

@DEEJAYJUSTUS you want a build video for this plane?

Eric Johnson says:

I would love to buy one but you never have any in stock. :/

J Blume says:

So since u added in the steerable nose gear, do u still have to V-tail mixed in? Oh and i love just how this soars in the sky its just so relaxing!

Ryan Allen says:

Is this good for beginners?

Mike Infinger says:

I had that battery in the plane I crashed. Wasn’t the batteries fault, but it flew well until the servos failed. I ordered another, but ya’ll sent the 25C, worked just as good, no crash this time. Just ordered 7 MG servos!!

J Blume says:

@SplitHairz If you put and EDF your gonna have to mod it like crazy because this doesnt have built in airintakes and however u mod it itle look ugly, also you wont get the power you want out of the plane, you might get speed but if you stall on this say bye-bye airplane, and last is you can add a metal skid that goes around the (upsidedown vertical stabalizer? hahaha) and that works fine

xKmotx says:

Nice review.

Seb king says:

where did u get it

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