Best Beginner RC Planes

I discuss a couple beginner rc planes. The Hobbyzone SuperCub LP and the E-flite Apprentice


zacman2419 says:

I have I few questions for you since you seem to be an expert at this stuff. I have the apprentice as well and I have experienced a few minor problems that I thought you might be able to help me with. First, I’ve experienced that the clevis the move all of the control surfaces seem to be very weak and break easily and I was wondering if you know a stronger clevis set I could replace the stock with. Also, during my first flight, I had a slight prop strike on a landing and ever since the motor has been clicking and has lost about 20% of its power. I was wondering if you knew the problem. Thanks!!

RideRedRacer says:

wow you just made this look so easy. I really want to try rc flying and this plane looks perfect. I just don’t have a lake to practice on like that lol

Tek Orbis says:

thanks nice video says:

I want to test the Hobbyzone with the floats :p!

jorge Nelson felix says:


Chub Rock Rock says:

I flew back in the 90s just got back in and the super cub s is by far the best 1st plane out there . with safe tech you really got to work hard to crash it . but best first plane on the market .

Ben Tollerson says:


KymaticaHealth says:

Nice audio..

Pavlichenko says:

I’m getting a 1450mm Zero tomorrow, it is 6ch, and I just wanna know, is it easy to fly?

Ray Harkins says:

thanks for the video. it was great. i tryed rcbplanes but never could get over how control it when you turn it back coming to you. i always went wrong way and it crashed 🙂

OverKill428 says:

The supercub is out of stock and is also discontinued in Canada and in all US websites I’ve checked it says it’s in stock in PMhobby craft in Canada but it’s out of stock online there too the website is messed up 🙁 pls pls help can u tell me where to buy it? reply pls

Chub Rock Rock says:

remember newbies the smaller the plane the more the wind has its way with the plane

Raycefan says:

Which one will suck my penis?

Richie Zarmajian says:

cool video! 🙂

Matt Rody says:

Can the Super Cub or the new Super Cub S hold a gopro and fly? The new Super Cub S seems great and I really want to have an action camera on it. Any info would be great! Love the videos!

flyamil says:

Any plans on getting the newer planes?.. Parkzone Sport Cub or E-flite apprentice S 15e? I haven’t found a video comparing these two. I never landed on water.  The Piper Sport Cub seems more fun and acrobatic with bigger moving surfaces than the apprentice which looks like a Cessna. I wonder what would happen if I attach Super Cub floats to a non high wing plane like the visionaire or Sukhoi. Besides landing on water which would be cool, in the simulator the floats seem to ease knive edge, sort of like wing fences. Did you get that feeling flying with floats?

jonathan kelly says:

If I live besides a park and I want an RC plane more as a toy than a way to get into the hobby, and it can’t be over a metre wide what should I get??

The BBQ Jerk says:

Don’t start with these cheap small foamies. They are not easy to fly, they are highly affected by wind. Start with a .40 trainer like the Alpha 40, Avistar Elite, or something similar. They have tons of dihedral and are super stable, will fly really slow if you want and easy to land. 10 minutes on a simulator and i guarantee you can fly a .40 trainer and not crash it.

These cheap foamies are not east to fly.

Pokemon Knowledge says:

2:15 is that a real passenger plane or a rc plane?

ItzPromo says:

I’m trying to find a plane that’s a bit smaller than the plane you just reviewed, and under $150. Reason being is because once I actually find a plane, it will be my first time flying it, and if it breaks, it will just be a waste of $150. I understand that if I am starting a hobby like this, I will have to invest quite a bit of money. You seem like someone who is an expert at flying planes and might be able to give me some better results than what I’ve found. I was planning to buy a Champ RTF or a Duet RTF but i’m not exactly sure. If you could help me, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

Antreas Cy says:

how much $$ that plane cost ?

FroztiProductions says:

Will it be hard to fly a bottom wing plane like a p51 after learning on a top wing plane like this? The reason I want an rc plane is because I love ww2 planes but i hear learning on one is a stupid idea. But it would be hard for me to spend $150 on a plane that I don’t really want. I already have the body of a Cox classic war bird but I have no idea which parts to get… Could someone tell me all the stuff I would need?

the upper body problem building the lower says:

The thing that really worries me about these planes is how fatal a crash would be. Glider-type pusher planes are much lighter, and thus making crashes less fatal

Luke T says:

We’re do you get the planes and how much are they

Golden 47 says:

You got more then 70 thousand Subs. It’s finally time to actually get an good Mic for your videos. Consider getting one with noise cancellation!

Cupid Stunt says:

How much does it cost

ameer alhelo says:

Good job. What do u think about FMS trainer 182 or called sessna. Can i start with it as first plane? I flew a lot with simulation and couple times with elift apprentice ??

Jackson Lieber says:

Nonononononononononono…… if you’re just getting into it, would you really want to spend more than $100? I recommend hobbyzone champ, duet, or flyzone micro super cub. The champ and micro Cubs are $90, and the duet is $60

Dusa Bence says:

$150? for this price you can build 2 plane easy..

reza7521 says:

The beginner 3 channel plane is out of stock 🙁

Baasil Malik says:

Do you need to build it yourself???

take2give says:

Now that the Hobbyzone SuperCub LP is discontinued, what else do you recommend? Is there a newer version?


Mulligan Knight says:

Where do I go to buy the Super Cub LP rtf when Hobbyzone is sold out and EBay/Amazon has nothing to offer?? Please Help!

judson greig says:

my simulator would not work with windows 7..

Browning870 says:

Will that plane land on grass??

Mike Rainer says:

ive always wanted a rc plane since i was a little kid but no idea where to start.. started lookin online and found a f16 that goes like 100 mph but i dont think i should start with that lol. Do you know a site i can find that will help me understand what is what? i dont know half of the info im looking at online like what kinda remote to get the 4 ch or 3 ch.. etc. and what type of engines are best for what etc

J.D. Saldivar says:

Not a complex plane….However….Super fun to fly!!!!!!!

Tokr Mc says:

hey I am a beginner in rc planes but I have been playing rc plane simulators for years and I played with really hard control rc plane so does wltoys f939 is a good plane for me as a first rc plane

jonathan kelly says:

Thank you

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