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It has been way too long since we’ve featured an RC Plane on our channel, but we so happy to be flying them for you guys again! And what a way to kick it back off, with what we can confidently say is the best beginner RC Plane of 2018, The Horizon Hobby Carbon Cub S+ which comes completely RTF, or optionally BNF if you already have a transmitter and are looking to save some money! Technology like this, not even as good as this acually, just a few short years ago cost nearly double the price! It’s amazing how far the hobby has come in the last few years, and we are so glad to be a part of it. Please, do yourselves a favor and pull the trigger on this, save up for it, or maybe try and get it around the holidays! If you’ve never flown an RC Plane before, you no longer have any reason not to. Happy Flying Friends 🙂

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modelx89 says:

Thank god it’s not a “drone” !!!! I hate that word!

Tj Walker says:

Do ya think the battery is same size as 1300 mah 3s quad battery?

Dave Napier says:

The drone footage is so awesome!!!! Love it. I’m just getting into drones. I still haven’t bought my first serious drone… I want this plane!

FPV Club says:

oh no.. not another hobby i need to invest in!!

Bryan BryanT says:

9:46 I liked the geofence!

texstan100 says:

I don’t do RC planes. I may be interested in them some day, but not now. That said, I think this may be my favorite video you guys have done. I love your enthusiasm, and the nice way you’ve melded your chase video with stationary Abby video. I bought a Xiro Xplorer based on your videos and comments. I hope I don’t buy a Carbon Cub based on this video.

Jonathan Murray says:

I bought one of these for my wife, I haven’t been able to get the geofence to work properly. It will fly behind me when it takes control so I’m afraid to try the auto land. I just disable the geo fence now. But it is very easy to fly.
Also those skirts break off. They are flimsy.

Trevor Cheong says:

I love the video but miss poppy

John Scott says:

Great video and a great plane!!

Jerry Berglund says:

“When its all said and done” aaaaaw…. thinking about an ABBA song now… lol Cool plane…. want that one.

W.A.B mobile entertainment says:

wish i had something like that when i was learning 25 yrs ago

Steve H says:

Very nice plane! I noticed another, smaller plane with auto stabilization for about $124 on Amazon ( XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane ). According to Quadcopter 101 youtuber, that plane flies very well in low to medium winds due to the gyros and accelerometer; but it doesn’t have GPS or autoland (hence the lower price). The XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane does look easy to fly, however I would upgrade to larger wheels for rough surfaces.

Todd Weller says:

Around 10 years ago I started the hobby with the hobby zone super cub. Great beginner airplane but didn’t have all the fancy return to home stuff back then.

SkyView4U Drones says:

Lol. Not! It’s nice but I can build on way smarter for way less.


how high is 3 mistake high

Riley Cook says:

Do another spark vid plz

rc man says:

It really is

G Bro says:

Wow. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nikolaiwww says:

How did you film it in the air?

Dave Napier says:

What drone did you use?


that is a neat plane.

Bene C says:

Oh lovely air to air work and what a great aircraft over the real things and this looks so close thanks for showing stay safe see ya

Richard Moore says:

Nice Save Nate! (NSN) 😉

Shortsircut1 says:

THANK YOU for the airplane review! A very well done review as well, the chase footage was outstanding and added a very valuable point of view! Not to mention an amazing aircraft…WOW have things changed over the years, I started back in the 60’s with free flight, control line and single channel pulse for RC! I might just have to get me one of these, they look like a lot of fun.


I have the Apprentice S 15e with safe. I bought the bind in fly version. with a spektrum DXE RADIO. I am thinking about getting this plane later on too. I am a newbie. but I am hooked on rc airplanes

coryreview says:

what did you use for the chase drone? that was great footage!

Augustinho Neto says:

Oh man is amazing this plane, wish i could buy but it can’t be shipped for my country =///

Rene Duguay says:

excellent video love the quad chasing it!

Kevalino Picks says:

That is impressive – the auto landing is incredible!

Georgewrigley says:

Awesome guys, loved it. Definitely want one. 🙂

Uwe K says:

Great T shirt! And an amazing video!!!


nice !

Michelle Maher says:

The digital boomerang. Cool!

Hyper Joe says:

I have way too many Planes and Quad Copters, what’s one more for My Collection, right?..hahaha, Great Review! 😉

Sgt. Armor says:

Even if a person wasn’t really interested in getting a plane, the video is so good it’s worth watching anyway! You guys did a great job! Problem is, now you got me wanting a plane too! lol

Keith Whisman says:

Can you fly this on a windy day to see how she handles the wind and how well auto land and takeoff work in the wind even in cross winds? That would be awesome. I think this would be the perfect model for my oldest boy, he’s autistic and I think this would really boost his self esteem.

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