Beginners RC Electric Trainer Plane VolantexRC TrainStar Exchange

If you want to learn to fly RC Airplanes, you will need a cheap and a tough RC Electric Airplane. Preferably you want to go with a 3 Channel plane that is cheap and easy to fly. But when your skills are improved, you will have to move on and buy a neat 4 Channel RC Trainer airplane to fly with your newly acquired skills and learn to do some aerobatics. But sometimes, you just do not have enough cash to buy a new plane. That’s where VolantexRC TrainStar Exchange comes in.

VolantexRC TrainStar Exchange is a unique and very easy to fly RC Trainer Airplane designed for beginners that is convertible from 3 channel to 4 channels instantly right on the field. TrainStar Exchange comes fully ready to fly with everything. It needs a simple quick glue free assembly. And you are ready to fly in no time at all. It comes with two wings in the box. A Wing that has no ailerons so you can start flying TrainStar as 3 channel plane and as your skills improve, you can use the other wing with servos and ailerons and instantly turn your TrainStar into a 4 Channel Trainer plane. No need to buy a new plane once your skills improve.

Not only this, but TrainStar Exchange in its both 3 Channel and 4 channel modes is a rough and tough, Super stable and very easy to fly RC Trainer Airplane. You will simply love the plane for its flight performance and for its durability due to PVC Tough Fuselage.

Enjoy the full flight review with both 3 channel and 4 channel performance flight review in one video.

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Edmundo Andres says:

+alishanmao  HEY DUDE PLEASE REVIEW THE Dji phantom 3 and 3DR Solo! love your videos! keep them up!

SnapPunch Robert says:

where do I buy this plane. Been looking for long time. You had a plane like this years ago too, but never could find it.VolantexRC TrainStar

Akrash Ali says:

I am really new to r/c planes and I really want one, so the question is this easy to fly for a no experience beginner like me? This plane is actually really cheap in Canada so I really want this plane.

Derrick Windsor says:

I flew Electric RC 20 years ago when only the brave ventured into this “fledgeling” hobby, when a good electric set up would cost a $1000 – balance chargers were $800 a pop, motors and gear boxes $120, or $250 with Samarian-Cobalt magnets, NiCd battery packs were close to $100 each and a good beginners’ plane still weighed in at 40 ounces. Electric flight only attracted the super keen builders and best flyers because of the skill-sets required, so when I read of the performance parameters of todays RTF planes, I am tempted to get back in!

Fadi Salah says:

can I buy in hobbyking website ?

Chris Gribbin says:

Hi Ali
I lowered the servo rail and added a second platform for the APM2,5, pitot in the wing, GPS on fuz behind wing, 433mHz ground radio mounted with through hole in rear Fuz and a 2200 mA up front.
Still flies like a trainer but carries out autonomous flights (the take offs are pure scale to watch) this is a great plane ! End of season maintenance was a nip up of ALL the control horns in the foam but this is after many, many flights. This is so, so practical a model, I am flying the standard motor and servos provided. I am so happy with this model I bought a spare.

waddac2 says:

Cool plane mate ;o))))

mowermanone1621 says:

Ali, that looks like a very good plane for anyone, beginner or not. Thanks for the review.

bobbymalta73 says:

Alishanmao thanks for sharing,please from were i can buy one,i really need this plane cause im a begginer and like you sad once you learn with 3 channel you need to buy a 4 channel,this model has both 3 and 4 channel!

The Aeronautics Guy says:

The three channel mode reminds me of my MEN trainer.

jonathan kelly says:

P.S. it needs to be RTF

mohamed mafas says:

w salam masha allah you fined right way which is islam keep it up for good job

RattleCan Bro says:

I found you but were can I get this for a good price

Matt Wild says:

How long does the stock battery last?


i checked in ebay, a seller sell thia kit for 60 dollar.

ronald miller says:

you don’t have to change the controls,  leave the rudder where it belongs and control it normally,  rudder and throttle on the left, elevator by itself on the right ok        ron

Leonel Rodriguezcano says:

How much does it cost?

Fredrick Marquez says:

I have t get one YA

Robson Anielo says:

where did you buy? It comes with radio and batteries?

Chris Gribbin says:

Forgot to mention ! !
I bought this following your review, for both the excellent handling qualities and the additional room in the Fuz provided by the PVC as opposed to foam. The rubber bands in my kits were rubbish and that is the only negative I have with this plane. I have modified the motor shaft and added a adapter as I experiment with props to raise the efficiency, for my type of flying.

teampullmyfinger says:

Tail heavy

RCBound says:

Very nice maiden flight!

Steve Fox says:

great video and i love all your demos but one thing you suggested in this i have to disagree, you said to swap the channels over to have the rudder on the right stick when in 3ch mode, learning one way and then having to re think your actions when your in 4 ch because the rudder is not on the same stick anymore will be confusing and disorienting, my advice to people would be to leave the rudder on the left stick in all modes, start as you intend to carry on!

darshan chikhalekar says:

plzzzz upload video of making rc plane

InterWebGuy99 says:

Nice flights and review as always, Ali! I bought my Voluntex P-51 after watching your review of it with Arish on the very colorful, “Tutti Frutti” version of the plane. ha! Keep up the good work. I’m sending a link of this video to my son. He’s looking for a trainer plane with a nice big wingspan like the Trainstar.

jonathan kelly says:

I am a child, living in Ireland (so weather is a bit dodge) and I am looking for an RC plane for Christmas. I don’t want a glider, and I have looked at the Super Cub LP but it was to big. What plane should I get, if I think I won’t get another one?? I like the look of the Mini Cessna 3 channel. Also I live by the park.

Paerguzati Kahaer says:


Believe in HARAMBE says:

Where you can keep it

sheasy2002 says:

Great video! I just bought this plane, can’t wait to fly it.

Fadi Salah says:

I need rc plane working with joystaick like filght simulator how can I buy rc with joystaick not rc or ineed rc plane contact with joystaick ?

world of tanks uk says:

i have this plane my self and im in love with it and for the price you cant go wrong with the price

DrZeeebra says:

a reserve wing comes in handy for all who like me like to try it with ailerons first ;=)

you only need to re-install the ailerons after the first major crash..

sputniksam says:

I learnt to fly with the 1400mm Trainstar Tough Trainer and now use it to teach others to fly. It also makes a nice long endurance FPV platform with a 4000mAh 10C battery. I have quite a few VolantexRC planes including the Phoenix2000, FPV Raptor, and the ASW28, they’re all excellent value for money. I’d really like the 1400mm Super Decathlon but unfortunately it’s not available in the UK and it’s not economical to import it directly from VolantexRC or HobbyKing’s International Warehouse. I’m sure Arish will master the Trainstar Exchange in no time.

smith41978 says:

Hey, what’s the largest battery that plane can handle comfortably?

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